Newsletter – Issue 8


The media continues to manipulate the minds of millions with more and more useless pablum. All of this “information” they’re providing us is nearly 100% useless and meaningless as our world continues to devolve downhill faster and faster.

One reason I don’t even mention some “headline” stories is because they’re not really headlines of any real importance or value. Contrast this:

20 million people were displaced from their homes by climate change last year alone. This is not an insignificant number, especially since there were really 36 million driven from their homes last year from the rapid-onset of natural disasters.

To this:

America will face a new 9/11 terrorist attack if we withdraw from Afghanistan blah blah blah.

The latter isn’t even worthy of a mention (or a link) in cyberspace. It isn’t only another lie from a professional liar, it’s a predicted future event that is purely based upon wild speculation with zero evidence. But 20 million displaced humans caused by climate change is a proven fact.

Humans remain completely dependent upon the environment and the weather. Bad weather and you have a human disaster. Bad environment and you’ve got civilizations collapse. And that is exactly where we’re all headed on this flying train wreck.

Extinction level events are now a fact of life for humans on planet Earth.

“Small island countries need to say that it is tantamount to declaring their extinction, because the consequences of going to a two degree Celsius increase are such that whole nations are to disappear,” UN climate negotiator Yvo de Boer told AFP.

These people and their way of life are already doomed. Absolutely NOTHING can now be done to stop the indunuation of their land by rising sea levels. Their plea is a desperate one, but it comes to the world stage far too late. The notion that we can stop at two degrees Celsius fails to account that there is already that much climate inertia preloaded into the environment right now.

Ancient voices of wisdom warned that civilization would destroy the fabric of life all over the world for thousands of years now, which we chose to ignore at our own peril. Now we are belatedly ‘discovering’ that they were right.

Up to 2 billion climate refugees are expected, and this will included many within the United States as low lying regions and southern areas become uninhabitable. Salt water penetrating coastal acquifiers along with sea level rise, crop failures and further inland, severe drought and temperature increases will impact Americans, Africans and every other nation on Earth. No region on the entire planet will be unaffected.

We’ve all seen these images of drought stricken lands and bleached bones:

But we never connect that this could happen here, or that this could be us.

It’s always somewhere else, brown skinned people of a different nationality, religion or social standing. Those division lines we created in our minds helped us to remain indifferent to their plight. But this is really Pavlov’s conditioning we’ve allowed, where we automatically create connections in our heads with dry lands, desert, drought, brown people and starvation elsewhere. But not here.

We entirely fail to realize that those places were once often lush, verdant forests full of life. Centuries and in many cases, just mere decades of human exploitation and degradation have now reduced these regions to absolute wastelands where hardscrabble living is now considered “normal” in our very limited worldviews.

But that can’t happen here, can it? It already is. North America is experiencing devastating climate impacts and the effects of human habitation and exploitation all over the country.

Trees are dying by the tens of millions from acid rain and pollution, even more are being lost to infestations caused by climate change, acquifers are drying up and being exhausted, monoculture plantations have replaced entire verdant forests and rich bottom lands, swamps and mangroves have been drained and paved over, turned into stripmalls and parking lots, huge cesspools of toxic waste, mining runoff, chemical spills and Superfund pollution sites abound throughout the nation.

And this is being repeated in every single nation of the world, with many much, much worse then what is happening here. But the media and government and politicians and the corporations with their paid lobbyists and talking pundits are all trying very hard to get us to not realize the full extent of how bad it really is.

But what I think is even worse — is we keep swallowing up the swill that they call “news” and ignoring what is now right in front of our faces if but open our eyes and look.

I have been documenting and publishing about these impacts intensely for the past five years. But my own research pales compared to the efforts of others. Collectively, there are voices literally screaming for attention on these issues, none more so then the world’s remaining indigenous peoples, who are being swiftly overrun by irresponsible corporations and politicians on both sides of every ocean. But our Pavlov conditioning reminds us that what doesn’t happen here isn’t really happening.

But what more important NEWS is there then this? That the only place we all call home is in peril, from our own hand, by our own doing? That our way of life is not even remotely sustainable and the effects are staring us right in the face?

The reason I hit on this theme so often is because it is directly related to the cause of human caused global climate change, and it will be the reason our civilization will totally collapse within the next generation.

Many people want to argue the science of these effects — that CO₂ levels won’t hurt us, or be high enough to cause problems, but climate change is much more then greenhouse gas levels.

Humans have recreated the face of the Earth into their own design, devastating and polluting natural ecosystems the world over in the process, creating very serious unbalances. These ecosystems are critical in managing global weather patterns and now that they have been so severely disrupted by human impacts (deforestation for example), the global weather patterns have dramatically changed — effectively forever.

Monoculture has had gigantic impacts upon the Earth, but humans have come to be entirely dependent upon monoculture plantations for their very existence — without which, most of us would die of starvation. This is happening now in the oceans by the way — with the monoculture efforts of fish farming trying to replace the depleted wild stocks of fish (and critical diversity) normally found in the world’s oceans. And it’s not working either, as the world’s oceans continue their sharp decline.

The recent biofuels craze has been our misguided attempt to continue to power civilization by replacing critical forests for even more monoculture plantations, now proven to be an absolute miserable failure with devastating impacts.

As evident as all of this should be — its really not, since the news and media highlights rarely deal with how bad things have become. We’re still being entertained with the mundane and the profane as if any of this other “news” is even remotely important or meaningful.

Sadly, I see no hope at all for change. The up and coming Copenhagen summit will not bring any change either. Civilization remains ever-committed to its present path until collapse forces the hand of world leaders. Since this “decisions” remains theirs, they remain as misinformed and misguided as ever, listening more to economists and lobbyists then their own declining environments and voices of protests.

Prepare NOW

This is why I argue strongly — prepare NOW for what is coming. We have already been warned — there is at least 1,000 years of climate impacts already built into the inertia of the Earth. You will deeply, deeply regret your own failures to prepare yourselves and your family for the coming collapse. Preparation means much more then guns, beans and bullets. It means a lifelong committment to learning to do things you’ve all long taken for granted. All the stuff that has been done for us, while contributing to the ongoing destruction of the planet.

Most of this stuff was unnecessary, so eliminating many of these things from your own life is not only wise, but will ultimately be necessary. Dependence upon oil energy for example is a big one. So is the dependence upon the supermarket, and even the global financial economy.

All of these things have only kept us in chains to various systems that were designed to exploit every natural and human resource on Earth, in “exchange” for what we thought would be a better life. But now we belatedly discover that we have only built a prison for ourselves, where the wardens own it all, control it all and destroy it all, even if the face of clear disaster, while the prisoners remain locked up, working as slaves for fewer and fewer portions.

Cast off your chains! Become self-sufficient and independent as you can, as your path to freedom, and as a necessity for your future survival. You will also be helping to disempower the plantation owners. Like collapse being the “only solution there is” to all of the problems with civilization, so is self-sufficiency the solution to our own personal contribution to this civilization.

The New Tribes

Eventually, tribal living will return to much of the planet. Right now, there is little real interest among humans in the modern world to do this. But this is a proven methodology for more then ten thousand generations of humans. The modern tribe is being tried again with marginal success, but I do expect that once we have finally cast off our chains (and all of our toys and comfortable ways of “living”), it will once again be the preeminent method for “civilization”.

Many of you have written that you are looking for your tribe. I’m afraid I can’t really help you here, as long experience has shown that this is an entirely local issue to your immediate area. But you can certainly start with yourself and where you live. Start by unplugging from this civilization and return to the land as much as you can. Take the many incremental steps towards self-sufficiency and preparedness that you can.

This is a way of life — not an fad or an experiment, and requires you to reorient your thinking, attitudes, awareness, practices and lifestyle entirely around it.

Humanity is at a critical crossroads, one which in my opinion, will last an entire generation or two, as we make the very uncomfortable adjustments necessary for our survival. It is my opinion, that the sooner we begin this process, the better. Delay will (and is) only make things much worse.

Since there is zero world or national leadership on this issue, you will have to begin this transition on your own. It is only a matter of time when others will seek to join you, as their own lives fall apart and the inescapable conclusions you have already reached dawn upon them too.


“Survivalism” is the new vogue now, but much of what is being promoted is seriously misguided. Humans have always sought after self-sufficiency (versus survivalism). Civilization itself is simply an over-extension of self-sufficiency. The entire point to civilization is food production and the survival of the species. Securing a stable food source is why agriculture, farming, ranching and animal husbandry was invented.

Survivalism (beyond disaster survivalism) on the other hand suggests that hordes of humans are going to equip themselves to once again return to nomadic living in the wilderness. This notion is bogus, even tribal indigenous cultures have almost entirely abandoned this methodology. But Westerners think that with enough guns, rabbit snares and magnesium firestarters, they’ll make a go of it and carve out for themselves a new method of living. This isn’t going to work.

After depleting everything that is consumable, they’ll either die out of starvation or disease or infighting. The lack of social structure, cultural adaption, skills, experience and even a sustaining environment will kill most of them off in short order. Winter alone will wipe most of them out. Only the most highly skilled and experienced would survive very long.

I have actually met only a few individuals that have this level of experience (out of thousands). And they did this wilderness adventure entirely alone, for limited time.

Eventually humans will return to such living — when the environment recovers from the damage we have done, but this will take several generations at least. Meanwhile, those that choose this method of living will simply eliminate themselves, or in most cases, they’ll “return”.

Better is to learn and practice self-sufficiency on land that is under your management and care. You can create for yourself a sustainable lifestyle this way that does not rely upon a pristine environment for your existence. Forest gardening is one method (versus simply gleaning whatever is edible over a large area, in competition with every other herbivore and omnivore).

My own approach is to develop an area that provides enough sustenance that anybody could live here (young or old). A limited amount of monoculture will be employed (gardening), while the rest of the area will be planted with natural vegetation and plants that will provide food, fuel, shelter and materials without any care or management by human hands. But I never intend to disappear into the woods unless I am forced to, and if I did, it would be to simply regroup and come back and fight the bastards that kicked me out.

Sustainable Living

Almost nothing humans do is truly sustainable. The term is widely used in all the wrong ways. Anything mined out of the ground, whether materials for a hybrid car or solar panel is not sustainable. Nor is monoculture of any sort that requires mechanization of any type. No biofuel, fish farm or anything that requires an energy input from oil (or any derivative of oil, including things like hydro-electric plants or solar panels) is truly sustainable.

All will eventually fail as they break down, wear out and parts can no longer be produced because there is no more oil left to make it happen. The current vogue of ‘alternative energy’ production will last a very short time, in reality — only as long as the oil lasts. This is because batteries, wire, silicon, metals and all sorts of parts and required hardware can only be mined, refined, processed, machined and fabricated into useful items with the energy input of oil. Even hydro-electric and nuclear power, sun power or wind power cannot be sustained indefinitely on their own energy production.

This means that all things industrial, all things electric, all things metal-mechanized will eventually come to an end on the planet. Only truly sustainable technologies such as sailing ships using wind power, and mechanical wooden objects of all sorts of devices will continue to exist (and be replaceable) in the generations ahead.

Effectively, the world is going to be absolutely forced to return to sustainable living when the energy runs out. Anything that does not directly come from solar energy will eventually fail.

The present point to understanding what this future means is that metal objects, glass, ceramic and even plastics, won’t continue to exist forever, as the energy required for their mining and production will be absent. Hoarding such objects now is actually a pretty good idea for future use, even if they’re not for you.

I’ve got a decent sized collection of now of the most basic tools of all – knives. I’ll be buying more. They’ll be plentiful and available for a long time to come, but metal knives won’t always be here (and they are immensely useful).

Other metal objects of great desirability are anything that won’t / can’t be manufactured anymore but will be imminently useful for living (but not energy depending, like cars for example).

But we’re “not there yet” when such hoarding is really needed. However, we will be within one more generation, and right now is when by their sheer plentiful availability, they are still quite affordable.

Starting now for the collection of useful objects of immediate use is a good idea. This will need to be expanded by the next generation to include even more, but eventually, even this won’t be enough, as none of it is actually sustainable.

I’m not going to list all the useful and even necessary object that I’d recommend for hoarding now as it would be a very long list. Just know that this will be practiced by millions eventually, often times out of necessity.

True sustainability will become vogue once again out of the necessity for survival. But it is just as likely that humans will still overrun their environmental limits once again, given opportunity. Humans have repeatedly done this for many thousands of years, even pre-dating the agriculture age. It’s just a likely we’ll continue to do this still.

This is perhaps the greatest threat of all — depleting our environment and destroying the ecosystems it supports so severely that recovery (human and non-human) will be impossible. Climate change will be a huge factor in this equation, but even more so will be the human-induced environmental degradation. Stopping this destruction is priority #1 right now, and it supersedes all the bogus talk of terror, unnecessary and useless wars, energy exploitation and most everything else humans are doing to each other.

Land stewardship is going to be the driving factor on “what’s left”. Already, these are islands in sea of ongoing destruction, and they are rapidly disappearing. This is where we can each play a part, husbanding a little tiny corner of the planet and preserving the diversity and protecting it.

It should go without saying — this IS the future of this planet and all life on it, and there is nothing more important then this.


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