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Side With The Living – by Derrick Jensen.  Suprising how many humans hate nature.  Uh, not. The vast majority of humans hate nature, which is why we keep right on killing it as fast as we can.  None of which is really surprising.  As I keep saying — if we didn’t hate nature, we’d be living in different world already.  But since we’re not, then it’s pretty obvious what we prefer.

I’m getting really tired of the excuses and even the revelations (even my own) that all seem to claim that we’re going to finally wake up, and do this or that.  I don’t think so.  Nothing is any different now then it was ten, twenty or even thirty years ago.  We’re just closer to the abyss is all.  And we keep fooling ourselves that this time, we’ll do different.  Hah!  I totally doubt this.  That’s such a well-worn rut that the wheels have fallen off.

45% of Doctors Would Consider Quitting — if the govenment health care reform goes through.  Well, we’ve always known where their bread was buttered.

This is creepy — if you get the H1N1 vaccine, you get a your own ID bracelet.

The trial starts this afternoon, when several hundred people are expected to queue up for immunizations at the headquarters of the Boston Public Health Commission. Each of them will get a bracelet printed with a unique identifier code. Information about the vaccine’s recipients, and the shot, will be entered into handheld devices similar to those used by delivery truck drivers.

Bostonians should note, that this is not for you, but to identify all those other people who didn’t get the government shot. Never mind that it doesn’t work, has terrible side effects and has killed a number of people.

“Anything you can do to better pinpoint who’s vaccinated and who’s not, that’s absolutely vital,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy at the University of Minnesota. “I wish more cities were doing this kind of thing.”

I’m sure we can expect more of this kind of thing. The way they keep harping and hyping the swine flu, then making billions of vaccines, then demanding mandatory vaccination and now this.

Speaking of buttered bread and swine flu — here’s how doctors are going to make a lot of money.

GPs will be paid £5.25 for each jab they give. The wrangle over payments has been going on all summer. Doctors represented by the British Medical Association appear to have reduced their demands from an initial level of almost £7 a shot. They are paid £7.50 a patient to give the seasonal flu vaccine.

Although the government has ordered enough vaccine for the entire population, the vaccination programme expected to begin in the autumn – once the vaccine receives a licence – will target the 9 million people most at risk from swine flu, the government said today.

It’s dead obvious to anyone who’s been tracking all this hype, that the swine flu is almost entirely about money, who’s going to make it and how fast.  The bigger the hype, the bigger the profits.  I honestly didn’t pay any attention to the doctor side of the profits, I thought it was just the pharmecutical companies practicing their usual gouge and greed.

It doesn’t mean that this thing won’t turn more virulent, but I’m taking a wait and see approach.  Meanwhile, screw their dangerous vaccine, ID bracelet or not, I’m not submitting myself as a human guinea pig for their misguided efforts.

A “Soldier Claims Authorities Are Training To Intern Americans Who Refuse Swine Flu Shot (youtube video).  I won’t post the link, because there is a lot of disinformation in this video, but you can find it if you want yourself.

Ignoring the b.s. in this video, the mention of a “bracelet” fits in with the Boston program.  However, this video is seriously lacking on facts. I wonder why (other then the fifteen minutes of fame) people bother to put this kind of material out — unless they are part of the disinformation campaigns going on (even without their awareness).

Another doomed to fail mandatory registration of all firearms is being tried.

Israel found guilty of war crimes.  Not really news, especially if you’ve been following any of the blogs dealing with this.  I still like Steven Lendeman’s work, he’s documented these crimes in extensive detail, but now there is a UN report saying the same things.  The Americans used white phosporus too — on Fallujah, with terrifying, horrible results.  This won’t gain any traction either however, nothing Israel does, no matter how heinous ever does.

The biggest and most secretive gathering of ships in maritime history lies at anchor. A huge armada of ships, larger then the US and British Navies — combined.  Shipping is the backbone of global trade, and these ships are empty, idle and rusting.

The Baltic Dry Index still shows a massive loss in global shipping, from over 11,600 to just 2,995. Remember that as they keep trying to tell you the “recession is over”.  Really?

Health Care

The so-called “debate” is still going on, and I’ve published my stance that government has no business getting involved in this issue.  It’s not part of the government charter — those parts that say life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But if you DO want “free” healthcare, and you DO want government involvement, then look no further, I’ve got just the plan for you.  Join up to the world’s largest military machine, they’re still taking warm bodies for more wars.  You may have to sacrifice a few years of your life, or a few limbs, and then be subject to the marginal aspects of the Veterans Administration health care later on, but you’ll have your government health care.

This is what government promises — ill-run, ill-equipped and ill-staffed “healthcare”, which for them is a  very poor idea.  No entity with the gargantuan amount of overhead and ineptness as the US government should even be ALLOWED to dictate something as important as health care, and it is one more reason why I still state — count me out.  I won’t participate, I won’t “contribute” and I won’t tolerate any dictate that demands my participation.  My own pursuit of life and liberty and happiness demands that I refuse.

Plastic Lives

Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t really belong here? In the sense of “fitting in” with the current cultural norms and expectations?

I get a lot of email over the course of a year that basically carries this theme.  Whether from wives, husbands, single persons or even the young, there seems to be a growing number of people who do not feel as if they “fit” in well here at all.

Being well-adjusted to this society is not necessarily a good thing.  In fact, it’s a bad thing from several standpoints.  To be well-adjusted, you have to blithely agree with the premises that competition for food, water, housing, jobs, income, career is perfectly acceptable and “normal”.  Even worse, you’re fully expected to become predatory yourself for every one of these things.  No wonder millions upon millions are taking mind-altering drugs, illicit and prescribed.

In addition to that, you must become well-trained and comfortable to the constant and chronic “war footing” always being promoted, where there is always an enemy, manufactured or real, that must be demonized to the fullest extent (and cost) possible.

You must accept that over 50% of the American productivity and budget is spent on this demonization and the never ending wars, both covert and overt, constantly conducted around the world, day in and day out are really “for your benefit”.  Implicit in this “understanding” demanded of you, is the knowledge that this unending bloodlust is considered all very normal too, and part of your “well adjustment” by your handlers.

As part of your training, you must also accept the cultural pecking order based upon race, creed, religion, wealth, position, address and voting card.  To object to this, or to any of this, singles you out as being awkward, “unlearned” or ill-informed.  You probably did poorly in school.  You’re a misfit, poorly adjusted to “normal” society.  And if you don’t fit in well, then you can be pretty sure that your life is going to be a series of living hell experiences, as authoratative figures and so-called “leaders” make sure that you know who’s in charge and what is expected of you.

But the well adjusted are really bit players in this bizarre comic strip feature we all find ourselves in, complete with plastic food, plastic furniture and a pliable, plastic lives, with healthy doses of pollution, environmental collapse, water contamination, sickening air and electromagnetic radiation tossed in for good measure.  This is as normal as rain failling from the sky, who are you to question any of this?

In this bizarre comic strip, you’re supposed to be the main character, however, you’ve been sidelined to only a bit part player by the script writers. Most of the time, this strip is really about someone else. The artists paint the strip around famous and “important personalities”, the perfect plastic people who have excelled in their designated roles as models for us all to emulate, and the script writers keep the dialogue on track.

Millions and millions of bit players are encouraged to live their lives around these perfect plastic people of artificial pesonality and oh, so important, and by so doing, they are daily encouraged to believe that they have somehow enhanced their lives (through osmosis I guess).  Pandering politicians caught in corruption scandals or Hollywood personalities receiving awards or flaming out — it is their lives that are important, and meaningful is some obscure ways to yours, your bit part is to celebrate or glory in themTheir triumphs and failures are somehow now your triumphs and failures.

But nowhere in any of this are you, or anything really about you really to be found. The only hints of you are the fading reflections cast by your dim shadow against the backdrop of all these others featured day in and day out and what they are doing.

But nothing ever changes, no matter what they do, or even what you might do. The comic strip plays itself out, predictable again and again in scene after scene, because all the artists and script writers involved have this all down to a very fine science.  They’re keeping to the regularily scheduled program, the agenda of infotainment and distraction, misinformation and misdirection, varying only a little to provide the appearance of uniqueness and variety.

This too is considered all very normal, well and good, the comic strip plastic life for millions upon millions of expendable people, relegated by media, business and government to the generaly accepted “consumer” title and ultimate position in life, of which we stupidly still consider a title of privilege and honor.  We’re so grateful for that distinction that we’re quite willing to slave away our entire lives to earn this award.

And then some of you have the gall to wonder why you don’t fit in well….

To fit in this culture, you have to be pliable and willingly molded into something other then what you really are.  You weren’t really born plastic, but your society certainly is.  The pressure of acceptance and cultural conditioning over time pressurized you into being something that is against your inate nature. They have a term for this — it’s called compression molding, and it can shape nearly anything.

It hardly goes without saying that parents, teachers, preachers, doctors — anyone in your life that ever held a position of ‘authority’ helped form this pressure mold.  Even worse, if you dared resisted, even more authority was levied against you to force your compliance.  Enter in cops, lawyers, judges — all those who pretend to actually represent us and the so-called thin line between civilized and ‘uncivilized’, which is really just another way of labeling thinking, learning and concientious living, a marginalization technique widely used to obscure the truth.

This became the standard practice for Western Civilization, with layer after layer of mold-makers making sure that conformity and acceptance was part of their program.  Lined with layers and layers of shock troops and ‘anti-policy’ bomb busters quick to wreak havoc and destruction wheresoever they were ordered to, the mold-makers made mincemeat for thousands of years on the non-compliant, non-conformists humans that dared to live or think even slightly differently.  This was war — and it still is.

But if it has occurred to any of you by now that this is nothing more then a vast brainwashing exercise to churn our reams and reams of thoughtless, clueless walking automons (ATM machines), who would blindly sacrifice their lives on behalf of the mold-makers, then you would indeed be right.

Plastic lives and plastic people are how we do business.  We call it society, civilization, even culture. These are much better words then mass murderers, indoctrination camps, brainwashing techniques, or wasted lives in slavery to Empire.

The next time someone above or even below your pecking order ‘asks’ you to do something, pause for a moment and ponder who’s really being served here.  How much of what we do, willingly or unwillingly, is really for us?  The exchange of money for the sacrifice of our time, our thoughts, our morals or our soul is a prostitutes price.  But we’re all for sale, aren’t we?

Of course we are.  If we weren’t, then we’d all be living in a different place and in a different world.  But change can only happen very slowly it seems, the tides always sweep away our tracks as if we’ve never even been there.  But you’ll drown in their plastic sea if you stay, even if you just try to hang onto the edges (and they’ll stomp your fingers if you do).  Or you’ll wind up so molded and bent out of shape that you remain barely recognizable as a conscientious human being.

So what do you do?  Resist.  All of this happens, keeps happening, because we continue to allow it.  Our complicity is self-evident in nearly everything we do.  So resist. Stop going along with all the thoughtless, brainless, soulless and mindless bullshit they’re shoving down our throats.  Resist.

They’ll think of you as the enemy, but the reality is, they already do, so that’s nothing new. But they won’t like your expansion of thought and intelligence, your rediscovery of true value and meaning.  They’ll try to crush you.  Resist anyway.  You don’t have to go along with their programs.

Book Recommendation

ClubOrlov has a nice writeup on something along the themes I’ve tried to hit on.  Times Up! is a new book out that sounds like an entertaining read.  Collapse definitely ahead, human species extinction probable, solutions zilch, learning and practicing self-sufficiency still the best choice for all.


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