Newsletter – Issue 29

Ukraine Flu Reports – Zero Hedge has a detailed report on the developments in the Ukraine (thanks to YoJen10).

Here are a few Youtube video clips (thanks Randall) on what some are reporting.

There is also a big bump of deaths in Canada, 24 people have died in Ontario in a 72 hour period.

Anger is definitely increasing — the authorities have led a worldwide fear-storm, benefitting who?  Not hard to figure out.  Frankly, I think the anger is good.  It’s about time people wake up.

Sea Levels Rise

If you’ve wondered what sea level rise may mean to your coastal location, check here for a simulation. If you own low-lying land near the oceans, sell it now, move and buy something else, your children will thank you.


In the 7th grade, assigned seating was the norm.  The girl next to me got it into her head that she and I were an “item” since everyone else was (allegedly) talking about it.   She being good looking, I went along with it.  It was then I discovered that she was a member of the People’s Temple Church and it was quite taboo for her to have any friends outside of the chosen circle.  We lasted about five days I think.

A few years later she was dead, part of the Guyana kool-aid massacre.  I didn’t even learn about her death until 2008, and to be quite honest, it brought tears.  She was a nice kid back then and undoubtedly deserved better.

That was my first brush with indoctrination wrapped in religion all those years ago.   Last year, looking at the death and survivor list, more then a few school acquaintences didn’t live past their teens.  There were a few surprises on who managed to escape however, which I was quite glad to see.

Years later (also discovered in 2008), I found out that my former pastor and district presbyter was locked up for 15 years to life for repeated sexual assault (on his own kids no less). I’d long since left the ministry myself, but was once again reminded how dangerous and deluded these people really are.

Like Jones, this man used religion like a club over the head, browbeating his “followers” into submission. I’m told that I scared the hell out of him, because I didn’t conform nor follow his dictates.  I even had the gall before I left to tell him that he was going to lose everything — church, wife, kids, home — all of it, years before, and that it would all be given to someone else. Of course, that didn’t make me popular, but it did mark me.  A lot of those people are still very much afraid of me.

Since then, we’ve all heard of Heavens Gate and other mass suicides by religious cults. It’s more common then we probably have come to expect. I know that this happens fairly often among families, between mothers and fathers, who often “help” their own sons and daughters ‘decide’.  Usually the evidence is clear who did what — a bullet hole in the back of the head or a slashed throat tells the tale.

The danger is obvious. What people have come to expect (based on false evidence), but never receive, sets them up for a total personal ideaological collapse.  Why they never receive is never seriously questioned.  This subject is considered taboo, and because of this, many, many people have died.  This is far from over — and why I’m bothering to write this.

Religion is out of control in many parts of the world, especially within the United States and in fundamentalist groups overseas.  Many dangerous cults have developed that are leading people to their deaths, and some of them are engaged in some pretty heineous practices.

Many, many  people (billions)are being “set up” for a catastrophic failure.  Most believe that the events that are now being widely documented are signs of the end times.  Few of these believers understand that these are all self-inflicted prophecies, and have nothing whatsoever to do with any religious doctrine.  The restitution and restoration that they are all expecting is never going to happen.  And this is going to cause unbelievable levels of personal distress.

Moreover, they are also going to remain easily manipulated, believing and do almost anything . There is already ample of evidence of this now.  Having been brought to the edge of their own despair, they will become willing followers to anyone that claims to know the way.

None of this is any accident by the way — it is a technique that has been followed for centuries.

Causing this is a highly organized mixture of businessmen, global leaders and religious organizations.  They are manipulating each other, each seeking the advantage, and also gain.  All have their profits (pun intended) to champion their causes and agendas.

Caught in this malestorm of lies and deceptions and deceit is the individual, who is left almost entirely clueless to what is fact and what is fiction.   They are the willing victims, having given up personal responsibility and their own sovereign authority, abdicating these to God and everyone else.  Whatever happens is not their fault, the fault if there is one, belongs to God or to someone else, anybody but themselves.  They never question the illogic and nonsense of this response.

This is a warning — because we are heading into a time at breakneck speed where people are going to rend each other to pieces.  Driving much of this will be ideology, which is almost always based upon a gross misunderstanding of history and facts.

It is safe to say that ideology is manipulated history and belief, and if you keep that in mind, you will do well.

My suggestion is to keep your distance so that you do not become polluted.  This is your best defense.  They will hate your for it, because they really do see you as being an “outsider”.  If you are not one of them, then you are considered an enemy.  Ironically, that alone should be ample evidence of the levels of indoctrination they’ve accepted.  I am nobody’s enemy, except to those that have done grevious harm to me or mine.

Grisly Slayings

This is as vile as it gets, slaying people and rendering their fat into perfume.  Video here.

Landless Peasant Party

Deek Jackson of FKNews fame, has launched the Landless Peasant Party in the United Kingdom to challenge the status-quo.  I’ve no doubt at all that Deek would make a far better candidate for political leadership then those “fucks in charge” (here, there or anywhere).  He’s got an open invitation to live here.

Here is his announcement:  Youtube video.

Donations to help are requested and knowing Deek, sincerely appreciated.  Make it happen.

Cop Tases 10 Year Old Girl

This little girl has more guts them most Americans.  Needless to say, the cop has no business tasering her, or threatening to jail her.  Somebody should plant a fist in that cops face and bitch slap the mother too.  I hope when that girl grows up she joins the resistance.


It’s nearly past the time to prep.  To make ready, to get your house and your affairs in order.  To plan ahead now, with what is possible for you to do, and then to follow through and actually do it.

The economic collapse we’re now wallowing in was expected.  Even so, this is definitely not the time to slack off on preparations.  If anything, we must go faster now, while we still can.

To fully appreciate what needs to be done, you must first recognize what is going to happen.  If you understand that, or at least appreciate the possibilties, then no amount of preparation time, effort or money is “too much”.

There will be no financial bail-out, recovery or rescue.  At best, we will see fuel prices fall again as the financial decline impacts everyone (consumption).  But this will not help that much, with a counter prevailing force of rising prices and more and more businesses closing.  Job losses are expected to rise dramatically too, and we already know that the ARM resets will hit again, even harder this time.

That’s the financial side, but we are still dealing with the resource equation and the climate equation and the interconnected collapse of falling dominoes.   Since none of these issues are improving (and simply can’t), then we can know in advance that there is no possibility for their recovery.  We already know that we have plucked ALL of the low-hanging fruit from the resource tree. The entire world is literally living on the dregs of what is left, and this is why environmental collapse is now becoming so severe, we’ve literally eaten it all away.

Therefore, understand that shortages of critical resources will be a daily part of the future.  Some of these we can do without (like plasma TV’s) as rare-earth metals disappear entirely or remain locked away in China, but there are other resources that will remain be essential for life.  You need to secure these now, if at all possible.

Relocate – If you live in the city, move to the country. If you are in a highly densely populated area (burbs), move to a lower densely populated area.  Not just any land is desirable.

Remember these points: water, land, climate, population density, access and natural resources.  Land without any usable resources requires you to import everything in.  Land without water isn’t useful, neither is unaccessible land.

Natural water sources are best, aquifers are depleting all over the world. River basins and natural collecting points will still be better then any other locations where water must be electrically pumped.

Buy land.  Get out of a rental situation as fast as you can and onto some real dirt that you own.  Nothing can prevent the State, county or city from taking this away from you if they so desire, but at least in the meanwhile you can do what you want if your feet are planted on some dirt, and you do have rights that tenants don’t have.  You need this to begin building a safe refuge from the craziness and insanity of this world.

Privacy – Privacy is under severe attack. Be wise about what you are revealing about yourself. Your plans and preparations should be kept quiet.  Posting information on boards, blog, forums or discussions via email is unwise.  This includes your ideology, opinions, preparations, plans and discussions.

Databases operate on information you have freely given out .  Data mining is a fact of life.  Some information is alleged to be “mandatory”, but that does not mean you cannot deliberately mislead (lie).  When filling out forms, only provide the absolutely essential information, the rest can be filled with ‘fluff’. It’s nobody’s business anyway.  Most of what is demanded of you is not needed or necessary and can only be used against you.  Don’t fall for this, refuse.

Finances – Get out of debt and stay that way. Destroy your credit cards, store cards and gas cards. Liquidate whatever assets you must to get debt free.   Debt is like an anchor, weighing you down.  You are easily controlled when you have debt, it’s one reason why “easy credit” was so available.

Living within your means also means “pay cash”.  Debt obligations mean you are living beyond your means and are just digging a hole for yourself.

Supplies – Seeds, hand tools, canning supplies, storable food, guns, ammo, essential gear like water filters, medical supplies. Stock pile the items that will be increasingly expensive and hard to find in the future.  Start riding a bike if you’re not doing this already.

Skills – Always an overlooked area, practical skills are going to be essential.  Attach yourself to whoever, wherever you can and learn.   Books are a great resource, but no substitute for real experience.  A lot of people are glad the help and will show you the ropes.

Resources – Start a garden, learn to can your own food, how to prepare the land.  Dig a root cellar and a  outhouse.  Compost your wastes.  Plant a woodlot.  Plant edible bushes and trees.  Stockpile building materials and hard to get items.

Don’t forget people resources.  Cultivate relationships with knowledgable and skilled people.

Community – Localized communities will play a very important role in the future.  These will revolve around the local economy, skills, resources and people.  There are definitely some communities I would NOT want to be a part of.  Examine yours and determine if it stands a chance of survival, or will implode in infighting, indoctrination and control.

Communities are built.  They’re also cultivated.  Encouraging the right people to become members of a community will go a long ways towards stability and even safety.  I have not yet found any communities that are fully informed on the collapse, with most having a blase attitutude or biased opinions on what they expect.  They need to be educated, but open minds aren’t easily found.  Even so, you’ve got to start somewhere.  Just know that like a brick wall, it can be built one brick at a time, or demolished by a haphazard swing.

I would be the first to caution against claiming or stating too much.  Everyone know what a flash in the pan is? This is where you get a flash of heat (interest) and excitement and enthusiasm.   But it doesn’t last.  We are ALL in this crisis for the long haul — but few seem to realize this.  Therefore, you are looking for sound minds and stable people who can be brought on board for the duration, which literally means “for life”.  Our children are going to inherit this mess, there is absolutely no doubt about that fact.

Pick your community with care.  Reality will hit you very hard upside the head here — your community will either pick you or reject you.  If you are rejected, long term memory seems to suddenly be a strong trait and you will be ostracized and unaccepted for a long time.  It won’t even matter if you turn out to be right, they’ll be too embarassed to admit they were wrong.

Remember, communities and community leaders have a vested interest in the status quo, which is the continued rape and pillage of the earth.  They want global trade, and do not care if it means slavery in other lands, or if fiat money is fake — all they care about is “business”.

These are not the people I would be inviting to my retreat or my homestead.  Community needs to be built with conscientious people who have finally realized that the status quo needs to stop.  That life on this planet is changing if we are going to survive.  And community needs to be built with people who are willing to do what it takes to make sure that happens.  They need to put their money where their mouth is, otherwise, they are full of shit and hot air.  Avoid these people like the plague, because that is what they will be when their world falls apart, and they will drag you down.

The reality is, if they are not already living the life, then they are so far behind the curve that it is pretty unlikely that they can or will catch up.  They’ve already made their choice in other words, and they have chosen the status quo.  Run, do not walk, in the other direction, they will be no help to you at all.

It simply is not possible to educate everyone, and bring everyone on board.  There is already an ample amount of evidence for everyone to be up to speed and learned (educated) on the facts and evidence.  However, most continue to resist, sticking to outdated and false ideologies.  Their vested interest is in the status quo, or more pie for themselves.  They are not willing to change and will resist any efforts of change by anyone else.  We see this everywhere.

In recent Internet debate, is the denialsphere that ignores the solid evidence of climate change.  These people are desperately scared of what this signifies and have gone to great lengths to deny the evidence.  It hardly goes without saying that none of these people will be getting on board, their minds are made up, their confident that you are dead wrong and they will resist anything you try to do.

However, life has an interesting way of leveling the playing field.  By the time they are afflicted with drought, depleted acquifers, food shortages or personal collapse, it will be too late for them to “join up” and repent of their stupidity.

I have no sympathy for these people – nor time.  There is too much work to be done to engage in their foolish debates.  The world is already in triage — we must save what can still be saved.  I’m working non-stop to save my little corner of the world to be uselessly engaging them.

Resist – Start resisting, if you’re not already.  No reason needed — just refuse to go along with all the garbarge being shoved down our throats.   If you need a reason, read this newletter, or the old blog, or just critically examine the “news” being spouted by the main stream media. Plenty of reasons to resist.

Resistance is necessary for two primary reasons — to slow down the onslaught of legislation and garbage they’re promoting; and to educate you in how it’s done and to prepare you for the future.  You will need to be mentally prepared for some pretty horrific stuff and “steeling your mind” to what’s coming will be part of the resistance.

Remember, control is all about controlling your mind.  Your body readily follows what your mind is convinced it has to do.  Start by unconvincing yourself of the lies and garbage.  Read everything you can get your hands on.  Get engaged in what is happening.  Turn off the television set and read alternative news sources (with a critical eye).  Don’t accept just anything, much of it is hogwash.   But there are plenty of sources still available to get you up to speed, if you’re not already.

Also remember — they’re getting away with everything they’re doing because we still refuse to stop it.  How else do you think it keeps happening?  Resistance begins between your two ears first.


My “rich benefactor” admitted to me that he was in fact, playing with me.  Figures.  He joins the ranks of all the others that have failed to keep their word.

One of the reasons I’ve supported Deek for several years now is because he’s trying.  He’s using satire, video and fact to spread the message.

It’s not really his message either that he’s spreading, and it’s not my message that I’m spreading.  What we are doing is spreading their message, without all the lies, pollution and obscurity they wrap around it (the bullshit).

Our world is the way it is because frankly, too many of us have simply stopped trying.  It’s like we don’t think that this is our problem!  But if that is true, then what is?  Do we live here or not?

Support those who are trying.  That’s all I’m asking.  If you can’t get in the trench, then support those who are.



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