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Here’s one reason why I do not like the carbon credits scheme – Everyone in Britain could be given a personal ‘carbon allowance’.  It’s not only Orwellian, it won’t work.

It’s absurd to think we can “buy our way” to a habitable climate!  As long as we continue to treat money like a motivating carrot, we’re doomed.

Money is just a measurement of human labor, which in turn generally represents the production of products.  We even measure brain power expenditures in money and products.

The global plantation owners would love to continue to put a monetary value on all things natural, which are intrinsically priceless and should not have any monetary values assigned to them at all.

How can we determine with human “values” the life of a whale?  Or the “value” of climate?  Such notions are absolutely absurd.  What even gives us the right?

As long as human monetize everything on this planet, we are doomed to fail, because we will continue to remain the willing victims of the “owners” who will continue to merchandise it all for our consumption and use.

Where that is headed is a no-brainer too.

Taking Jesus To the Bank — The Atlantic wrote a story (recommended reading) that reminds me so much of stuff I used to hear (but never preached, let’s just be clear here, ok?).  Wrapping the gospel around greed is very common.

No, Christianity did not cause the crash, as the title says, but warped messages like this one in the story does mislead people into making some really crazy lifestyle choices (and debt).

Absent from the pews and the pulpit is what I call common sense.  God becomes the blame or the blessing, depending on how the loan officer felt that week.

Demographically, the growth of the prosperity gospel tracks fairly closely to the pattern of foreclosure hot spots.

It’s a convienent theology, packing pews and preachers wallets.  I think it’s disgusting.

Just as food for thought, contrast this story of blessing and abundance with the personal carbon expenditures above.   Affluent people are the highest emitters of carbon in the world, but very often do not recognize global warming or their role in it. We’re constantly being told that this is a “conspiracy” all while we keep spewing carbon from our tailpipes.  It just doesn’t add up, or make any sense.

More food for thought — Cannibalism seems to be on the rise.  I’ve seen some pretty horrific pictures which I won’t post here.  It’s a bit more widespread then I even thought.  If you travel, be careful of what you’re eating.

2012 Hysteria – I’m not going to be buying into this, but will go see the movie.  I could do like some others are already doing however, and start fear and panic mongering the sheep to convince you to buy near-useless crap at ridiculous prices.  Get smart (and get real).  The hype surrounding 2012 is exactly that – don’t fall for it.

Newsletter Comments

Over the years, many people have written to me regarding my commentary on the blog, newsletter and old forums. I’m a bit surprised at times to learn that so many have been so moved to do so much.  Entire lives and family situations have been restructured in many parts of the world.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me — I have always found these moving and very interesting.

Some people, perhaps new to this effort, still think I need to tell them what to do, who may be unfamiliar with the past articles. There are a few thousand blog articles still availabe on the blog that exhaustively cover these concerns.  I will write more on these topics in these newsletters, but the newsletter will continue to follow the same themes found on the blog.

A few people have commented on “why I am so angry” and left in disgust (unsubscribed).   I mean no disrespect to anyone, but if you’re not angry, then you’re simply not paying attention (or you are already deadened within).  And if you’re dead, there is nothing I can say or write that is going to help you anyway.

My focus is on the present, past and future and how it relates to the human condition and our survival.  The ethics and morality that surround our behaviour are directly related, and it is these issues that will continue to govern how we respond (or fail).

We need to remain alive in both body and mind to what is actually going on.  And if we are not stirred to emotion — then what the hell are we?

I was going to write about an entirely different subject matter (practical preparations) in this issue (next issue now), but find that I cannot, not this time, because I have been starkly reminded of this:

I wish with all of my heart, body and soul, that we could just learn to finally get along and realize that we are all different, but we are not enemies.  The grief and suffering that we inflict upon each other is truly terrible.

As terrible as this is, I hold no hope that this is going to change anytime soon.  Our world in inhabited by the walking dead, zombies who are indifferent to the terrifying suffering they are inflicting upon those who are weaker then they.

What do we do about this?  Nothing?  Do we continue to endlessly document the suffering with just more video, more pictures, more blog articles and an endless stream of words that accomplish absolutely nothing at all?

Can we honestly keep telling ourselves that any of this is making a difference?  I think not.

The United States remains one of the leading terrorist nations in the world, contending with Israel and England for the #1 spot.  It is a terrifying tragedy happening right now — and we are continuing to support this in a million ways.

One person even wrote that I was “anti-Semetic”.  Somebody should inform my wife.  Any mention of Israel is taboo in the minds of these indoctrinated fools (I have no sympathy for these people at all) who categorically refuse to accept the facts.

View this site the images are truly terrifying and extremely graphic.  If you want to know the truth wake the hell up and open your damned eyes.  And detractors stay the hell away from me, because I am not going to shut up or stop telling the truth.

Nothing excuses these nations from the suffering they are causing.  NOTHING!

If you are not already truly terrified on what this means, then you should be.  The images above and especially on the link above are just a few of those injuries, death and suffering caused by US soldiers, US weapons and “friends of the United States”.  These are injuries and deaths being caused by your neighbors, your sons and your daughters and your friends.

There is enough photographic and documented evidence in the following links to make anyone throw up in absolute horror.

Afghanistan Massacres

Torture By the US Army

More Torture

Invade, kill, destroy, occupy and dominate

If you want to know why I’m angry, it is because of this and so many, many other issues where we are dominating and destroying all hope, all life, all things and all opportunity.  The future is bleak because these bastards are making it that way.  I am not a part of this, very bluntly put, no fucking way.

It is pointless to ask “Why?” this continues to happen.  We already know why.  “Orders”, greed, indifference, indoctrination, desperation, religion and sheer, unbelievable apathy and indifference.

If human life is really this worthless — what does this say about your life?

What does this say about the lives of those who are inflicting this suffering and death?

What does this say about those who are supporting this massacre with their government jobs, contracts and “defense” development?

Is your life actually worth more then those are who are suffering the terrible wages of your participation?

Or is this just an illusion you have in your head, because nobody has bombed the shit out of your home yet?

Good grief people, wake up!  If you are even remotely a part of this — quit your goddamned job and walk away!  Stop being complicit!  Stop supporting this death machine!

It is (past) time to get involved by any and all means necessary to stop this.  The violence these people are supporting, inflicting and funding needs to be destroyed by any and all means necessary.  It is not going to be “peacefully opposed”.  This is a myth.


How many people are aware that the underyling themes I’ve hit on so often are directly related to this?  To become self-sufficient, independent and a refusal to be a part of the System that is destroying us all?

Our incremental contributions are helping make this all possible.  Inversely, our incremental withdrawal inexorably reduces their abilities to use us to further their attrocities.

I’ve no doubt that they will use someone else, by “orders”, by financial destruction, by offers of citizenship and by any other means necessary, but we do indeed need to start someplace.  We benefit ourselves by refusing to go along with this and we also learn how to live without them — an absolutely critical step that will need to happen anyway.

Donations & More

Special thanks to Halley for her donation.

To everyone that has reached out to me — thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart to yours.  You have made a difference.

Over the past three years, I’ve had three different individuals who had “promised” to help with this effort, what they alleged would be serious help (big money) which would finally make some impossible things possible.  One wrote recently that it would be “more then I could imagine” (hah, I doubt it, I can imagine a lot).

All three failed to send a single dime, and I’ve come to realize through this and many other past experiences, that the skeptical approach is best, as in “I’ll believe it when I see it”.  People love to boast, but when the rubber meets the road, their treadless and tractionless and out of gas.

I have given a lot of thought to what I’d do if I had the means.  The “sustainable living and common sense” themes I’ve shared would receive a serious kick in the pants.  I need help and have for years (but so do many, many of you).

Although “survivalism” is vogue again, it’s philisophy and approach remains misguided and shortsighted, it is one of the reasons I do not write about “survivalism” which some have asked for.  This is not the place to find this information.

Community and cooperation on sustainable living practices makes much more sense — and compassion.   Many of us are truly seeking to leave the System and all that it stands for (including stopping it) — but we cannot do this alone, at least for very long, we are all finding this pretty hard.  We need help, and many, many other things.  What we need is to connect.  This is what I would change if I could.

The truth is, our isolation is both a weakness and a strength.  The duality is undivisible at the present time, because we do not have the means and cooperation to change this.  However, in time, this weakness will become our downfall.  Therefore it makes more sense to try and solve this now, if at all possible.  This is what I would change if I could.

Lifeboat habitat communities need to be setup for those interested in changing the future.  I will be the first to admit that long experience has shown the incredible and nearly insurmountable difficulties of doing this.

The underlying reasons were caused by having to straddle both world-views (and expectations, including finances) while the new one was trying to be created and the old one which kept a stranglehold on the participants.  This is a simplistic explanation of a number of complex issue that came up, but will suffice for now.

Irrespective of these admitted difficulties, these communities are still necessary and needed.  They need to be created right now and right where you live.  It would be best if you will have already relocated to a sustainable area (out of the city), but any efforts are still going to be steps in the right direction.

In the next issue, I’ll try to hit on these themes again with practical preparations.


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