Newsletter – Issue 25

This Youtube video on trying to sell a pure 1 oz. gold coin for was hilarious (thanks Vaughn).

NOBODY would buy it.

A perfect example of why buying gold is a waste of time (as an investment).

Everyone thinks they’ll be able to sell their gold at huge profits when it’s crunch time — to who????

Only a (relatively) few places will be able to deal in coins, the rest will be inhabited by walking zombies that won’t understand (anything).

“$50 bucks?”.


“Why not?”

“Cause I don’t need it”.


“I don’t want it”.

Classic.  Couldn’t even sell an ounce of gold for a lousy $20 dollars.

Do you understand what this means?  Not only is gold artificially manipulated on it’s price, it’s basically worthless in a very real sense to the minds of the average citizen.

Safety is NOT in gold — a position I’ve explained time and time again.  We are far and away from the time when it actually was, and it’s going to be position held in the minds of millions of people even in the collapse.

Value is only going to be in the things you need.  Not in glittery things that won’t actually get you anything.  Those that will be selling their gold are going to be working within a small community of informed and awake people — who will STILL have to exchange the gold for (increasingly worthless) dollars to actually buy anything.

I still won’t accept gold or silver for food — and probably never will, as this creates too much difficulty to exchange.  Food may be exchanged in the future for things like slaves, firewood, more slaves and medical supplies, things like that, stuff I actually need.

Right now, if I was sitting on a pile or stash of gold — I would not really have anything.  I’d rather have those things I need to actually live.  I doubt my doctor would even take a coin, maybe I should try this and see what happens and report back.

Pneunomic Plague Update

Dr. Niman states that the Ukrainian “plague outbreak” is bogus — internet rumors.   Despite this, the allegations continue to spread, so take it for whatever it’s worth.  Worthless is what some claim.

Health Care Bill

They passed it, but now it will die in the Senate.

Watch Out For Net Censorship

They’re going after this again (and again and again).  My guess — it’s NEVER work, as the info will still be “there” and someone will find a way to post it on blogs and forums and whatnot, even if it’s illegal.

We’re “stealing their stories”.  They’re hoping to keep you hostage (“loyal readers”) as in the past, all the better to control your minds and what you are allowed to see.

Censorship is HUGE now, Google is widely reported as censoring websites and news stories for example.  4,370,000 “links” to stories on Google censorship alone.  See “how it works“.

Contrary to earlier utopian theories of the Internet, it takes very little effort for governments to cause certain information simply to vanish for a huge number of people.

The American media however, has long practiced some very serious censorship and biased reporting.  Falsely labeling themselves as the last bastion of free speech, the media within the United States is anything but, so pay attention to how this plays out in the future.

Independent websites, newspapers, radio and magazines will play an increasingly important role in REAL news — something which Murdoch is totally clueless about.

The same motives are always present — greed, power and control.


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