Newsletter – Issue 24

Alert Warning

This is a possible alert to what is being reported as fast-spreading plague in the Ukraine (thanks Jay!).  People are calling this the pneunomic plague, which is very deadly.

I have NOT been able to confirm these details, but have notified Recombinomics to see if they can learn more, as this would be exceedingly serious.

This site claims that nearly 900,000 people are infected, with the number having doubled overnight.

This is an official report site here, which does show 871,037 infected.

Another site is here.

This is a blogger site tracking this information here.

37,000 are being reported here.

More reports here (read comments too).

And here and here.  A 9 region area has been quarantined, apparently.

A google search turns up even more — but realize that Google censors their results, especially on certain subjects.

Whatever this all really means (I do not know), my alert sensors are going off.  Joseph Moshe was swiftly arrested and whisked away after previously reporting that the Ukraine would be the site of a bio-weaons release (allegedly).  Whether this is true is still unkown, but these reports now coming from the Ukraine indicate that something is seriously amiss.

Do not panic.  Hopefully you would have already made some proper preparations.  I’d advise everyone to stay home as much as possible.  In these days of international travel, fast moving infectious diseases are not something to be careless about.

I’m going outside and stack some brush.  There is nothing I can do.


This is just an oddity — my food website has almost completely “stopped” with near-zero sale since October 31st.  The decline has been very dramatic — so I’d like to know if people are having any trouble with the site.

It works for me just fine.  If all’s well, then it’s just the economic decline.  If not — somebody let me know.


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