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More on jellyfish — these guys were so big that they capsized the boat!

giant jellyfish

Here’s what the Copenhagen meeting is supposed to do:


Readers by now should realize that this is a “kill shot” for the planet.  At 4°C, about half of all species will die (failing to adapt).  At 8°C, it’s all over.  And Copenhage is already “dead”, so it’s not hard to predict what this means.

We don’t think this is possible, at least that’s what our brains are screaming to tell us.  But it is.  The denialist meme is apparently pretty well documented.  George Monbiot has a writeup on this:

In 1973 the cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker proposed that the fear of death drives us to protect ourselves with “vital lies” or “the armour of character”(10). We defend ourselves from the ultimate terror by engaging in immortality projects, which boost our self-esteem and grant us meaning that extends beyond death. Over 300 studies conducted in 15 countries appear to confirm Becker’s thesis(11). When people are confronted with images or words or questions that remind them of death they respond by shoring up their worldview, rejecting people and ideas that threaten it and increasing their striving for self-esteem(12).

Vital lies — think I’ll use that terminology from time to time, because it is so appropriate for this day and age and culture.

I’ve made the point a few times that this generation has never really seen a pristine forest, or an unpolluted stream.  Well, this concept extends much further through the natural world.

In 1946 Jacques Jacues Cousteau shot (video) in the Mediterranean, recording images full of life such as rock bass, rays, and tuna. He then did the same of the exact same spot in 1977.

“In only three decades, the seafloor has become a desert—bleak as the surface of some barren planet…the rich abundance has vanished,” says the narrator. By juxtaposing footage spanning 30 years, Cousteau aimed to visually combat the problem of shifting baselines—that newer generations are willing to accept a degraded state as natural because they were never exposed to what was pristine.  A Man On The Edge

We don’t even realize what we’ve lost.

Nice article by Dmitry Orlov — Anthropolastic Climate Change.  Just in case your wonder – the spelling is correct.

I do hope everyone listened to Bill Rees in Smart Decline.  Listen at least twice, because he talks fast and we can’t see the slides he was presenting.  But we can hear his data easily enough.  “Cites are live stock feedlots” — that’s classic!

The data continues to prove just how serious we are into overshoot and how much trouble we are in.  Bill’s got it right and his views reflect my own.

The United States remains the largest contributer of CO₂ in the world. On a per capita basis, we EACH produce more CO₂ then India, China, Mexico, Portugual combined.

From Intercontinental Cry – The Prisoners of a White God is a video story of the seemy side of evangelical missionaries overseas exploiting children for slavery and sex.

“It is a picture of hell on earth despite the coming of so-called Good News, and it is enactment

and creation of hell on earth for these tribal people”, comments the Akha Heritage Foundation. “Kidnapped from their villages, children become’ orphans’ though they have families. They become the employees on the Christian Missionary tea plantations. ‘There are no employees,’ says one man,’we have children.’ In one place, 60 children take the role of laborer on the boarding school grounds.”

“Ryska does an excellent job presenting the contrast of hypocricy and wealth of the missionary,

aid, food and clothing, the underworld of child trafficking versus the appearance of cleanliness and holiness, worship done the ‘right’ way, versus the ‘pagan way…’ He uncovers the fear of eternal punishment versus the joys of heaven, fear of death threats for those who dare expose evil that dwells in the fundamentalist Christian missionary centers, corruption versus holiness, forced relocation, illness, depression, malaria, and prison camps in the lowlands for the unfortunate mountain people. It is colonization all over again.”

Ryska himself was eventually forced to leave Thailand, barely escaping “capture and murder at the hands of angry missionaries he deceived.”

You can watch the video here.  It’s pretty interesting, covers the points above, plus the lifestyle lived by these mountain people nnd their destruction by forced relocation.  The last part is how missionaries attempted to kill the man who had recorded this story.

The CIA sent people to be raped with broken bottles and boiling alive.

Fits right in with this: U.S. Needs Hit Squads, ‘Manhunting Agency’.  Murder Inc. is just another name for America.

It’s a hellish future we are facing — one which we can only blame on ourselves.

Arctic Sea Ice continues it’s preciptous decline through 2009.  Please watch this short video — it’s eyepopping evidence of the big melt.

There are plenty of naysayer sites out there  — this isn’t one of them, as the science, facts and evidence are “in”.  No debate here.  Morons like this are still trumpeting their utter bullshit.

“the coming Copenhagen treaty is in fact an attempt to establish a world government on the back of the climate change scare…a problem that isn’t even real.

I am sick to death of fools and idiots, they seem to be breeding like rats in a silo.  It’s just too damned bad that these fools won’t be around when things are truly terrible for humanity.  As Greenman say’s “bonehead conspiracies” are a waste of everyone’s time.

It’s probably true that the worst that they are doing is spreading lies and propaganda, but it does manage to convince millions to stand around with their thumbs up their asses and do nothing but bitch and complain (about all the wrong things).

But who wants to be a propaganda tool?  Wouldn’t it be better to tell the truth?  Who are we to believe?  The propagandists or the scientists?  Who is the better expert in his or her field?  Who has more experience?  Who stands to lose if they’re wrong?  Who doesn’t care?

Who spews forth wild conjecture and conspiracy theories, that if we are to believe as facts, would involve tens of thousands of world class scientists, climatologists and researchers reporting data over decades?

Nahhhhhh, better to shovel by the shitload the propaganda to keep readership up.  Never mind the damned facts — or the science — or the photographic evidence  — they’re obviously not important or meaningful.

Well I hope these fools can sleep at night when the shitstorm lands in their yard (or drought, as the case may be).  Fucking IDIOTS.


Thank you to all who have stepped forward to help out in “my time of need”.  I did get the other bill today, it was another couple thousand dollars for what I’ve already described as very lousy service.

Special thanks to Don, Chris, James, Doug, Ryan and Jared.


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