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Terrorist Alert  — True Story

I met my first American terrorist recently, although I didn’t know that’s what he was at the time.  He looked like you and me, and was definitely an American.

Warning: these guys are very accomplished at what they do and you have probably met more then one of them yourself.  Apparently, they are everywhere, living among us all.

I had sat up all night in a hotel room staunching the flow of blood from my injuries, because being the weekend, weekend hours applied.  Finally on Sunday morning the appointment time drew near and I made it to the office.

They were expecting me, and ushered me into his “office”, which was really just an outpatient clinic.  It only took one quick look at me when he said, “Ok, we’re going to use a general anesthesia and get you fixed up.”  Did I have any questions?  No, not really.

Possibly because of his attire or maybe because of the professional setting of the office, I never realized that the man was an American terrorist.

45 minutes later, the blood had stopped, the stitches were in place and I was still in pain.  Grabbing the prescription sheet, I left the office and finally made it home after nearly 36 hours.

It wasn’t until a week had gone by and the letter came in the mail, did I realize that I had placed my life in the hands of a American terrorist.  I didn’t think they existed, most of the so-called “terrorist” charges the government has leveled against “terrorist” all proved to be false and trumped up, over 99.9% of all cases have been dismissed in this country.  However, this time and this event may prove otherwise.

The terrorist had sent me a bill for the 45 minute procedure I endured, the total for this “service” was $6300.  I about fell out of my chair when I read this, but didn’t dare since I’m still healing up.

This is a true story, and I’ve yet to see the other bills from the others involved, but I suspect that there is a conspiracy at work here, because I’ve done a bit of reading online on how this all works, who is involved and how incredibly extensive this is.

There was also the emergency room visit, where the nurse and physician’s assistant argued over a computer glitch, completely ignoring me and the blood pumping out.  That was almost comical to be honest, seems like their electronic box was more important then the patient, which is probably was.

This theme carried through for the entire “visit”.  I made repeated trips to the nearby bathroom unassisted to wipe up the blood, because that’s where they kept the paper towels.  I couldn’t even find a napkin in the emergency room.

They never did do anything to clean me up, which I later learned, nearly killed me.  I did finally get just two stitches — and was sent on my way, as the emergency room doctor was “afraid to go any further”.  All this did was keep two gaping flaps of skin from flapping open, but it kept bleeding.  They did load my arms and pockets with gauze as they pushed me out the door, all of which was used up in the next 18 hours.  I’m truly afraid to see what that cost me.

Is this what emergency care has come to in this country?

I haven’t gotten the bill for this “service” yet, but will, soon.  I’m better prepared now though, if it will be outrageously ridiculous like the other bill I received, I’m ready for it (which just means I won’t have a heart attack when I see it).

No wonder people are screaming for universal health care.  These doctors and hospitals and technicians are insane.


Not long ago, someone took exception to something I’d written, claiming that they were “justified” to charge their outrageous fees for their services.  I think the guy was a lawyer, but my memory escapes me on the exact details.

His reasoning it seemed, was that because he had incurred all these college educational expenses, and had spent many years in school (by his own choice), he was justified to charge outrageous rates for his services.

I couldn’t disagree more.  It would seem far more reasonable and fair to me, to pay the most experienced people the most money, because this is where both expertise and efficiency is achieved.  You’ve earned it at that point, versus you demand it because of the status of your profession.

Essentially, most of these people want to hit the ground running, charging nearly what highly experienced people make after decades of experience.  This does not seem reasonable or fair to me at all.  A college degree does not really give you much experience — and in many cases, none at all.

I also disagree that the general public should be held responsible (hostages) to people that have expended tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on higher education.  We are NOT responsible for your expenses you incurred in your pursuit.  You are.

If experience were the standard, then I’d be charging a fortune for my services and all that I do.  But our society has been bamboozled into believing that one man’s time is worth more then another.  In a just and fair society, this would not be tolerated, because it simply isn’t true.

Monetary “value” is the standard by which we are brainwashed into believing that some things are worth more then others.  When it comes to health care, or legal representation, we’re quite willing to believe this.  But when it comes to mundane activites like car repair or yard work, we’re not.

The difference here is education and experience.  Not everyone can work to their elbows in blood (or grease either, for that matter).  We pay each accordingly to yet another lopsided viewpoint, and that is motivation.

Money and future promises of lots of it, is the motivation that drive people into serious educational debt.  Expending years of their lives in pursuit of a higher education, there is no doubt that they’ve committed themselves towards this goal.  But why?  For most, it is the promise of high returns.  Therefore, money is their motive, pure and simple.

A lot of people choose careers based only on this factor.  Applying for a better job, a career advancement path or a particular educational degree, it is for most of the promises of more money that drives these decisions.

Nobody really stops and thinks about what this means as a society.  The drive for more money and high returns on one’s time and effort is the driving engine behind everything else.   The more money you have, the higher standard of living you expect (and get), which causes more and more resource depletion and pollution.  It is no wonder at all, that the most affluent country in the world is also the world’s highest in pollution, energy consumption and standard of living (which is just another way of saying resource destruction).

I totally doubt that any of this will make any difference at all. I’ve long said that the last human on Earth will be surrounded by his toys and his technology as he viciously kills off everything else.  To put a finer point on it in context to this discussion, it is our demand for affluence that is killing everything else (and always has).  It was only because of the sheer abundance of natural resources was this even possible.

The Earth however, is not a resource — it is the SOURCE of all life.  It is the being of all things, living and non-living, and it is the ENTIRE realm of our experience for almost all of humanity (there is a greater source then this, but few of us will ever travel into space).  Our unwillingness to recognize this simple and obvious fact is rather tragic.



So, all that being said — I could really use some food sales to help pay these terrorist / extortionists.  I’m not asking for any handouts, and I’m not ungrateful at all for what they’ve done for me, but $140 per minute (just for one of them) is beyond ridiculous.

There are many other food plans here to consider too.  We still have the best selection, best prices and the most products offered of all food companies.  Current shipping times are regularly updated here.

I’ve also updated our price comparison page.  I remain substantially cheaper in cost then the other dealers out there, sometimes shocking so.  There is a LOT of gouging / misrepresentation going on out there.

Our non-hybrid seeds are about 1/3rd – 1/5th the cost of the “seed companies” who are simply gouging the hell out of everybody.  And my food plans are considerably better deals then a lot of the fly-by-night firms who are offering less and charging considerably more.

Frankly, nobody does it like I do — and if you think you found someone that does, let me know.

I’ve negotiated with Mountain House that we are in fact now allowed to beat anybody else’s prices — even if they are running a sale, I just can’t advertise this.  I found someone that did and thought it was a violation of their manufactures selling agreement — and Mountain House agreed with me.  But then they changed their minds when they discovered who was doing it!  Hahaha, so I guess I can now do this too.

Food remains the best investment of all for the uncertain future we all face.  Get yours now while you still can.


In the meanwhile, Zoey sent me this — “I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation” by Catherine Fitts.

I’ve given extensive thought to the public and secret plans of the globalists, and there is no doubt at all that depopulation is one of them.  NO effort at all is being expended to change the probability of collapse, all activities currently engaged in are designed to make things even worse (or just go on ignoring the root causes because this is still the most profitable, despite being the most short-sighted).

The Ukraine outbreak still hasn’t made the news it seems, but then again, quite a lot doesn’t in this country. There are allegations by very questionable persons I should add – that the Ukraine is a bio-weapons release.  Maybe you’ve seen the videos.  But I don’t like linking to certifiable nutcases like Deagle, so I won’t.  However, the story about Joseph Moshe is interesting (read comments too), you can learn a lot from a Google search — just keep your bullshit filter firmly in place.

There is no doubt however, beside the obvious gouging and panic stampeding of the sheeple (they’re having fist fights now over who gets the “shot”) that government / pharacuetical / media manipulators are trying like hell to force the entire herd into one direction.  Be cautious people — be very, very cautious, because this thing could blow up on your faces all too easily.

Check out “4 Degrees And Beyond” podcast at Ecoshock.  Also be sure to check out Smart Decline (thanks Michael!).


A thank you to Mike – he sent in a donation of $50 this week.  This is the first donation I’ve received since January 2009.  Year-to-date totals are only $235 by my calculations.  I know things are bad for everyone, but this is one of the reasons I closed the blog.  This is the other reason here.

I’ve switched to the newsletter format because I can do this on a different schedule (and I’ve found that I wanted to continue to write instead of just giving up).

I do not understand the lack of consideration to be honest.  I have a acquaintence here who fell on hard times.  Last month (October), I heard about this and asked him to come over.  He told me his story and I gave him $1000, no string attached.  No kidding.  He needed it and it fell upon me to help him out.

I did the same for several “homeless” (they sure looked homeless to me) people in Seattle while visiting there (lesser amounts of course).  People need help and it seems like we just keep on ignoring it as long as we can.

I know of many writers / authors who have just tossed in the towel.  It’s just too damned hard to keep going when there are no signs of appreciation.


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