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This is unbelievably pathetic — A woman claims she wins the lottery, rents a stretch Hummer, drives to a Burlington coat store and announces that she will pay for everyone’s purchase.  Over 1,000 people then crowd the aisles and try to get in.  But she doesn’t (and can’t) pay for anything.

Read this about the Michael Jackson ‘movie‘ and then listen to Chris Hedges on Empire of Illusion.  He’s got it right, we’re being distracted by fantasy.

More Hedges audio on American Fascism — my own ministry experience tells me the same things.  Dangerous, deluded and easily persuaded to support unlimited evil.

Carolyn Murphy was convicted of “animal cruelty” in 2004 and when later served with a warrant, uses a stun gun on the trooper (she’s got more balls them most men).  Read that link first, as it sets the “tone” for what follows next.

A websearch on Murphy reveals that she has a blog of her own, and is no stranger to police and political corruption.  But the court alleges she’s a head case (ignoring the claims of animal cruelty for a moment) because she disagrees with government.  READ her blog entries for an idea of what she is about.

On January 28, 2008, (four years after the initial violations and thefts of my property conducted by State of Maine) I was ordered into the Franklin County Superior Court on an issue of fines. With the Void Ab Initio in place, there never was a case and therefore there can be no fines. Yet Judge Michaela Murphy (recently appointed to the bench by Governor Baldacci who is allegedly the head of the Maine Organized Criminal

Racketeering Enterprise) dismissed my demand for the court´s protection via an Injunction/Restraining Order against the racketeers and Judge Murphy stated in open court that she was ignoring the Void!! Judge Murphy then informed me that I would be back in court the end of February to answer to the fines (that under the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court do not exist once the Void with its irrefutable proof of due process violations was filed). By making that ruling, Judge Murphy has violated her Oath of Office, violated my due process rights and has lost her judicial immunity to prosecution.

I asked Judge Murphy if she understood that there had been 5 break ins inside my locked house and barn without warrants (clear U.S. Constitutional violations). She said, “Yes”.

I asked Judge Murphy if she understood that there had been 3 thefts of my property without benefit of warrants. She said, “Yes”.

I asked Judge Murphy if she understood that I could file a Void Ab Initio at any time as there is no time limit to file. She said, “Yes”.

So, there is absolutely no way that a judge who has acknowledged 8 U.S. Constitutional due process violations can be ignorant of her duty. She MUST under her Oath of Office acknowledge the Void Ab Initio and dismiss all charges and fines brought against me by State of Maine. Instead she made a ruling in a case that does not exist where she has no jurisdiction by ruling that I return to court on the issue of the fines. The U.S. Supreme Court has been specific in its rulings that when a judge rules on a case where he/she has no jurisdiction, they have committed treason against their Oath of Office and treason against the U.S. Government.  When Vultures Rule — Eighteen

There is an entire different side to Murphy then what the Sun Journal claims. Whether she is guilty or not of animal cruelty is beside the point here.  In defense of her own life, she shocks the trooper, who having violated the law, attempts to illegally arrest her.

Of course, this did not work and never will. I’ve long argued that you do not show up to a gun fight with a knife. If you’re going to take on the State, you will need to do this with lethal force and then you would forever be a fugitive.  But here is the choice for all of us: fugitive or victim.  We’re all slaves, pawns in the game they control, subject to their abitrary rules and interpretations and self-interest.  It doesn’t matter if you are lawfully or even legally “right” — if they say you’re wrong and that you will be punished, then that is exactly what will happen.

Murphy’s case is somewhat unique, because she joins that rather small handful of others that have resisted unlawful arrests, and she’s a woman. She’s pretty well informed on what’s really going on.

The recent life sentencing in the Ed Brown case is another unlawful “order” and eventually after many months, he and his wife were arrested on bogus charges, they received 35 years in prison.

America IS a police state, through and through.  The arrest of anyone who resist the “rule” of an unlawful and unrestrained government is very very “normal” and happens every day.  The complicit media always paints these people in a negative light (“bad slaves”, very bad slaves who won’t do what they’re told) and quickly points to their ideology or political beliefs as the root reason for their discontent and basis for “resistance”.

The sad truth is, if you go along with the so-called “rule of law” in this country, which is a cloak for misdead and malpractice, you have sided with the evils taking place here.  It takes a lot of courage to resist.  Think about it.  Those that actually resist do so because it is almost always based upon facts, events and actual real life circumstances that have already actually happened to them, which finally pits them against the system, because they’ve had “enough”.  And they’re almost always deeply backed into a corner before they finally fight back.

Notably, their so-called “crimes” are manufactured “offenses” to the State, which is a fictional entity and has no “rights”.  The unspoken truth here is “don’t resist us” or we’ll come after you.

We’re hardly ever told about those facts and events, as ALL resistors are “bad people” and we’re being brainwashed into believing they “should be locked up”.

Murphy’s case is one of millions now in this country, where under the “color of law”, the people are trampled down and consumed by the system.


Nah, the planet isn’t warming!!   Ignore the science!

If you’re wondering what all those red dots mean for the world’s oceans, thats why there are now over 400 dead zones (including runoff pollution) with more then 1,000 expected.  This also reveals why Kenya is in such severe drought and starvation right now, cold patterns in the U.S., Argentina’s drought and many other so-called “anomalies ” happening all over the world.

I’m always amazed at how people can point to a single storm or weather front and claim that this is “proof” that warming has ending.  Charts like the ones above reveal exactly the opposite.

Another prediction comes true — Arctic Sea Ice Will Disappear Within A Decade

Expect conflict in the North as nations around the world vie for the hidden resources under the waves. I am still 100% convinced that humans will manage to destroy everything in a desperate bid to “stay the course” and appease our gluttony and greed.  We’ve already severely depleted the worlds oceans of food and fish, and maxed out our industrial agricultural capacity, no reason at all to think that any of this is going to stop.


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