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Nanny State Stupidity – It’s a crime to watch somebody’s kid for free? What the hell is wrong with America? When I read stupidity like this I want to bitch slap the “regulators” that claim they are doing us all a favor.

The State has absolutely no right, nor privilege to dictate to anyone who watches your kids.

But wait – there’s more!  Apparently, it’s in appropriate to even have you kids walk or ride their bike to school:

The biking debate started last spring, when school district officials told Kaddo Marino that Adam was violating school rules by biking to class. Walking to the school also is not permitted.

Kaddo Marino challenged the policy and asked the school board to change it. The district charged a committee to review the rule, which was instituted in 1994.

At the start of school in September, Kaddo Marino thought that she had a nonverbal agreement with school officials to allow her son to ride his bike until a new policy was resolved. But on the night before classes started, school authorities called parents to say that walking and biking to school would not be tolerated.  Stupid School Policy

Indoctrinated Connedsumers – Now you can even get married at Walmart.  Not very creative, who’d want to be remembered for a Walmart wedding?

The next two decades will see a world living with the daily threat of nuclear war, environmental catastrophe and the decline of America as the dominant global power, according to a frighteningly bleak assessment by the U.S. intelligence community.

“The world of the near future will be subject to an increased likelihood of conflict over resources, including food and water, and will be haunted by the persistence of rogue states and terrorist groups with greater access to nuclear weapons,” said the report by the National Intelligence Council.

From Market Skeptics: *****Governments Lying About Looming Food Crisis***** The USDA is definitely a part of this effort to “keep everyone calm” and “prevent panics”.

As a result of governments covering up about the looming food shortage over the last few months, there has been no stockpiling (which would have help ease the crisis). Worse, with the USDA predicting record crops for everything under the sun, end users have been convinced to shift demand from 2008/09 (when world had a bumper harvest) to 2009/10 (which saw a catastrophic fall in global food production).

It is now too late to do anything. Before year end, shortages of wheat, soybean, sugar, etc will have reached the point where no about of ridiculous spin can hide them. The world will realize it is missing a few months food supply, and the panic will start. Prices of virtually all agricultural commodities will double or triple (which will also trigger a dollar collapse (more on that later)).

I recommend buying agricultural land.

More (bad) news from Market Skeptics here – 2009/10 World Wheat production If you scroll down and read the country by country report, some of these nations are going to be in serious trouble.

We just had a wheat price lowering, but I’m wondering how long that is going to last.

Stacking Up The Dead – Detroit has long had severe economic problems, now their morgues are full with unclaimed bodies and the city cannot afford to bury them themselves.

Codex Alimentarius (World Food Code)

Making food and vitamins illegal.  Anything to keep the population under control. Keeping you weak, fearful and afraid has worked for millenia.

Stephen Lendeman has a good writeup on “Zombie Newspapers” — long since dead newsprint companies, still churning out useless crap and misinformation.

This is about Project Censored, and how we’re being betrayed by the American main stream media “news” sources, who are clearly in league with the government disinformation and propaganda campaigns to keep us all ignorant and misinformed.  A gulliable public is one which is easily persuaded to support war, American terrorism, corruption, theft and even fascism.

The relevant one for consumers is “why the hell should we pay for their misinformation?” In increasing numbers, they’ve stopped, preferring instead to get reliable information from independent print and online sources.

It shows that “while there might not be a future for soulless, zombie monopoly newspapers, there is a future for journalism.” Niman sheds no tears for the corporate kind and hopes that many credible alternatives will replace them.

Top Censored Stories:

(1) US Congress Sells Out to Wall Street

(2) US Schools Are More Segregated Today than in the 1950s

(3) Toxic Waste Behind Somali Pirates

(4) Nuclear Waste Pools in North Carolina

(5) Europe Blocks US Toxic Products

(6) Lobbyists Buy Congress

(7) Obama’s Military Appointments Have Corrupted Pasts

(8) Bailed Out Banks and America’s Wealthiest Cheat IRS Out of Billions

(9) US Arms Used for (Israel’s) War Crimes in Gaza

(10) Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate

There’s that Israel word again — can’t believe how many people still remain categorically clueless of the world’s #1 terrorist state (the US is vying for 1st place, I rate then both for dual honors).

Don’t bother ranting about why Israel is getting “picked on again”, because it’s not even remotely true.  What is true is genocide is being practiced there on a daily basis, organ harvesting has now come out as a really grisly crime, and the terrorist activity that the United States continues to support has GOT TO STOP.

But it won’t, just like it torture won’t stop in America’s secret prisons and detention “facilities”.  Or the war in Afghanistan.  The Obama promises have all fallen dead flat with the sound of flying mud impacting a brick wall.  Nothing is going to change, the people of the Earth are too afraid of their plantation masters and refuse to take up arms to stop them.

I flat out disbelieve anything less then this is going to change anything, the smoke and mirrors campaigns have bamboozled millions upon millions that democracy and change is either still possible or marginally working when it clearly is not.  Overconsumption and materialism and outright unrestricted greed and gluttony has replaced any and all sense of decency, respect, intelligence and compassion.

The world’s people remained deeply enslaved to their corporate masters, the deck chairs continue to be rearranged while the body count goes higher and higher.  Meanwhile, Planet Earth spirals ever downward.  I hope you’re reading the sites and links that I’ve shared, much news on the environmental front and catastrophic declines occurring around the world.

Drought in India

Conflict is coming, on a global scale. Think World War.  The Fascists States of America will be resisted on multiple fronts, even more then it already is.  Our standing with China and Russia will precipitously decline and we’re going to be faced with a multi-theatre conflicts with not-defenseless nations.

At home, it’s going to get uglier, as Americants become fully enraged (FINALLY!) at the incompetence and malfeasance they’ve permitted and even endorsed.  Hungry people will indeed do desperate things.  I’m surprised nobody has held up a supermarket yet, making off with carts and carts of food.  Makes more sense now then stealing our increasingly worthless dollars.


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