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The future for humans on planet Earth will be radically different then the present.  Here is what we already know is going to happen in our near-future (within our lifetimes):

Climate change, a.k.a. “climate collapse” will create unlivable conditions on significant portions of the Earth’s presently inhabited surface.  Specifically, the tropics and sub-tropics will become uninhabitable by humans and other beings (and most plants).  This will have devastating consequences, as mass migration of plants, animals, insects and humans move north and south away from the equator.

Resource collapse of oceans, fisheries, minerals, metals, oil, fertilizers, topsoil, and fresh water.  Resource collapse is caused by two things: overconsumption of resources (renewable and non-renewable), which in turn is caused by overpopulation.  This happens to animals as well as humans.

Resource wars over fresh water, arable land, agricultural land (food), minerals and oil will be actively engaged upon.  Most of this will be obscured by claims of “aggression”, “terrorism”, or some other such nonsense.

Population collapse as all of the effects of the above take their toll upon the world’s population.  Population collapse could also happen due to increased disease vectors, biological warfare / terrorism (including modified Swine flu for increase virulence), starvation, drought, natural and unnatural disasters (war, rioting, civil uprising), oppression, or any number of reasons.

The odds of these events happening (any of them) are quite high.  The odds of all of them happening are equally as high.  In other words, these are all events that will happen, irrespective on anything anyone or any nation might do.

The reasons why this is true are pretty clear now.  Climate change is unstoppable and irreversible now.  The smoke and mirrors that we’re being fed that we can “stop this” is already known to be false.

This will cause dramatic changes in habitat, food production, marine life, rainfall, drought and weather patterns all over the world.  Even if nothing else happens, this will cause resource collapse, population collapse and resource wars.

Resource collapse will happen because we are fast running out of a number of critical resources to support human life.  All of the low hanging, easily obtainable minerals and elements have been nearly mined into exhaustion.  Even worse though, is the so-called “renewable” resources of fish, wildlife, forest, top soil (which takes many thousands of years to develop), and fresh water.

We’ve badly overexploited all of these resources to critical levels.  I see zero possibility that we’ll actually stop doing this, when human life depends on this trajectory of overexploitation.  So even if climate change was not factored in, resource collapse will still happen.

The same is true for population collapse.  Increased temperatures will lead to a global collapse in food production (already happening now), rising sea levels (ruining coastal fresh water acquifers) and weather pattern shifts impacting global food production.

Once again, if climate change was not factored in, population collapse would still occur because of resource collapse.  The modern world does not have an energy replacement for oil or natural gas. Nothing offering the same EROI (energy return on energy invested) exists, nor is it likely to ever exist.  Alternative energy remains a token energy source to this day, despite all the claims to the contrary (remember the rule, if it were true, we would have had it already).

Current populations levels exist because of an abundance of food, which is a hugely reliant upon oil extraction. When the oil / energy runs out, the population will collapse back to pre-oil levels (or slightly above).  This is a dramatic drop from today’s population level.

That’s “when” some of the renewable resources might rebound.  But they may also then be even further exploited by hordes of very hungry humans.  It’s happened before, don’t forget.  And it caused the extinction of many species all over the world.  And we must remember, they did this extinction with very primitve tools.  Nowdays, we’ve got 2,000 yard rifles to kill everything off with (as long as the ammunition lasts).

The future bodes ill for humanity, no matter what.  Global expansion and Empire will come to a screeching halt for a number of reasons.  Economic collapse and / or contraction will precede other events as we are now seeing.  Efforts to stop this economic disaster are in the wings right now. But it is very doubtful anything is really going to work.

But you can bet your bottom dollar – they will sure try, and try like hell, because the survival of Empire is what is really at stake here. Bear in mind that if they are willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder, torture, rendition, coerce, assassinate, threaten and beat up on anyone and everyone NOW to acheive their objectives — what do you suppose will be their FUTURE response as the Empire spirals ever downward?

This will NOT be a peaceful descent.  Prepare accordingly for what you should already know is going to occur.


The United Nations is calling for a new global currency. This would replace the US dollar, and it would have gigantic impacts, consolidating global financial control, taking down a nation.

Please note from the last link above:

Prior to 9/11, the individuals and institutions that collapsed the Soviet economy and robbed the treasury were under investigation by multiple federal agencies for evidence of financial fraud — potentially related to 280,000 metric tons of stolen gold. These investigations were permanently aborted by the complete destruction of all case evidence — stored in the 9/11 targets: World Trade Centers 1 and 2 were pulverized within 10 seconds each; WTC 7 was collapsed within 7 seconds; WTC 6 housing $240 billion in illegal bond certificates was exploded and the Office of Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon was demolished — thereby destroying all evidence against the same individuals who subsequently funded and executed the controlled demolition of the United States. [11]

[11] E.P. Heidner, Part I, “Collateral Damage: US Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001,” June 28, 2008. 

Part I (pdf) can be found here, part II can be found here (pdf).  Both are recommended reading, quite fascinating really, for background and perspective on the demise of the Soviet Union, planning for 9/11 attacks, Project Hammer and the Vulcan group, confiscated gold amounting to trillions of dollars, and how our current financial collapse is absolutely no accident. 

The unbelievable evil machinations of people in power, willing to slaughter their way to even more power is frightening.  This is the type and kind of people we are all really dealing with, if even at a distance (out of mind, out of sight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not really happening).


With the Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones fiasco going on over 9/11 “truth” right now, I highly recommend you read Part I (at least) to understand how long the 9/11 attacks were in the making and a plausible reason as to why they may have actually happened.

China (who holds a huge portion of dollar reserves) expects the US dollar to fall very hard within one to two years.  I suspect that this is a signal of what China intends to do (and other countries).  This means your dollars will soon be worthless.



The Girls Scouts have now been enlised to fight terror in America — watch out!  More brainwashing of the young, no doubt.

They join a very long list of others, including the Boy Scouts, truckers, doctors, dentists, postal workers and many, many others who have been enlisted to “fight terror”.  Somebody should tell these instructors of spin that the terror they claim they’re fighting doesn’t exist in America (unless their behind it).

Previously, I have documented that the United States is the world’s largest weapons dealer.  The figure is actually 68% of all global sales.  I have also shared that in the coming days, this would be the expected course of events.  More war is the only course of action that will be available for many countries of the world, including ours.

China begins mass vaccinations (forced) for H1N1.  It’s now mandatory.

I have kept silent on health care “reform” because first of all, I believe it all to be a crock of shit.  The US government is NOT interested in making sure you or I get proper health care and never has been (ask any vet).  Nor do they care what it now costs us, or will cost us in the future.  All they care about is whether or not they can keep their chronies in pocket (your pocket) and high profits.  Period.  The rest of the hoopla is just smoke and mirrors.

The so-called “threats” that you will be fined as much as $3800 for non-participation are also a crock of shit.  I’d never pay this fine to an extortionists — would you?  This is never going to fly.  As far as I am concerned, it’s a non-issue, just part of the smoke and mirror this government is so famous for.

Frankly, the government has no business getting involved in health care.  Anything the government does only degrades the performance of private providers (again, ask a vet if you don’t believe me).  Anyone that has ever worked in government can also attest to this fact.

Claiming this is a “civil right” is dishonest as hell. Passage of a legislative act does not make this a “right”, it makes it a law, nothing more.  Not all laws are good laws either.

There is a much better way to approach health care reform — and keep government almost entirely out of it.  But Americans are quite accustomed to the free ride and sense of ‘entitlement’ that they feel they deserve.

What comes out of the so-called health care reform remains to be seen, but I’m not going to get excited about it.  Not even.  I’d never accept a mandated plan anyway, nor should you.

We’ll just have to wait and see what comes down the pike — in the meanwhile, I’m not going to waste this space or hold my breath.


A simple and to the point article – Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change

I suspect that this article was ‘attacked’ by the religious right and ill-informed, who deny that there even IS a problem apparently.  But there is, there is a huge and growing problem, and it WILL be dealt with, sooner or later, either by government intervention or by resource constraints as humans continue to voraciously consume their way down the food chain.

My comments:

Current global populations are not even remotely sustainable.  Continuing to rape and pillage the planet to sustain human life is not the meaning of ‘sustainable’.  This is problem #1.

Each human contributes during the course of their lifetime, tons of carbon emissions.  This is problem #2.

More humans = more emissions.

Less humans = less emissions.

Many pregnancies are unwanted, according to this report, 40%.  Problem #3.

Contraception is not abortion. Preventing unwanted pregnancies would help answer problems #1, #2 and #3.

Contraception is VOLUNTARY for those that do not want additional pregnancies, as in their personal choice.  Making contraception’s available permits this choice.  Making them not available denies this choice.

Deny choice = more humans.

More humans = more carbon emissions.

This is not rocket science, it’s simple math and dead obvious common sense.

More humans means more impacts on many other issues too besides carbon emissions. It means fresh water, top soil, forest, minerals, government, social services, overcrowding, food production, energy consumption and many, many more important issues — all of which are straining at the seams now.

Get real people and wake up. Nonsensical arguments only reveal ignorance and bias.

There is always a unlearned segment of the population that screams the loudest when talking about population.  Even voluntary population control (abstinence or contraception) is taboo.  The logic behind this and sheer lack of common sense is appalling.

As usual, what gets lost here in all the senseless noise is the simple truth of the article itself.  Analyst, economists, scientist and government researchers are all scrambling to find cost-effective methods for dealing with the human-caused emissions.  Everything from “green technologies” to scientific wet dreams (umbrellas in space) are being conjured up to combat human contributions to global warming.

But then some bright dude says “it’s the population, stupid” and the world goes apeshit.

In “Collapse of Complex Societies”, Jared Diamond documents that Easter Islanders and many other former civilizations finally realized (far too late) that there were too many people to support. Unfortunately, they had totally denuded the landscape and wiped out all their own food sources like lemmings before they realized this.

They collapsed.  Most died of starvation.  Others died of disease.  The rest, too weak to help themselves, slowly withered and died, but not before turning to cannibalism.  Not in all cases, but enough.  A few managed to migrate elsewhere and start over again.  But in time, this is exactly what happens to civilization after civilization.

The root cause — too many people putting too much demand on resources (renewable and non-renewable resources).

Modern civilization is no different, except that we have the huge problem of building all of it up in the past 100 years based on a supply of energy that is now fast running out. During this time, we bloated up our population to billions and billions.  What to do when the oil runs out?  I hope you like chicken….

This is why I have so little regard for those that express no common sense. It is very easy to connect the dots in a world that is screaming out sign after sign of a century of human folly and abuse.  The picture these pixels paint is very ominous.  Many are trying to sound the warnings now, but religious stupidity, scientific denial and corporate based media brainwashing are working against simple common sense.

How about this?

Human problems = human caused problems

Either humans accept their responsibility for what they are doing, or they can go on in denial and wait for it all to collapse (or magically “go away”).  Pretending “it ain’t happening” only reveals an incredible level of ignorance and disconnect from reality.

But I’m not holding my breath.  The world isn’t awake yet, or even reasonably well-informed.  And there are far too many who simply don’t care and don’t want to either.

I think we are going to collapse, big time.  I have serious misgivings that our civilization will be any different then all of the ones that have gone on before.

I see this ‘event’ of collapse (which is really a long series of events) as totally unavoidable, especially so since we are culturally cemented into denial and disbelief.

And this is why I write / rant / cajole / argue and expend all of my time, energy, money and effort — because I hope to help lay the groundwork for those that would seek to survive our collapse.

My own prepartions and plans are proceeding reasonably well, although I’m working myself into the ground.  But winter is coming and so is the snow, so it’s time to do whatever I can.  This is my suggestion to you also — do what you can now, each day.

Don’t panic, just plod ahead towards your own goals.

Deck Chairs

In case it’s not blatantly obvious, the (s)Election 2008 did nothing more then arrange a few deck chairs on the sinking Titanic.  The ship of State is still plowing ahead despite the gigantic icebergs now filling the ocean.  The promise of change and hope has fizzled as expected.  You’d think American would learn, or at least buy stock in nametag companies as we cycle through round after round of duplicious Presidents and cowardly Congress critters.

I’ve come to realize that it’s all a huge and gigantic waste of time to be much concerned about what these people do (using the term loosely, I doubt very much that most of them even qualify as being human).  My time and probably yours, is much better spent focusing on things that we have a chance of influencing or controlling.

The good news is that all this evil machinations of corrupt government officials and agencies cannot go on forever.  Of course, I’m also talking about corporate enterprises too.

The bad news is they’re sure to destroy most everything before that happens.  Equally bad is the news that you’re still on your own, when they fail, most of you will too, but only because we’ve made the fatal mistake of thinking we actually need these people in order to survive, and have built lives that are dependent upon them, and that’s why most will also fail when they collapse.

There is a way out of this predicament.  Reform is not one of them, as this never works, has been tried and tried for decades and the progression towards self-destruction remains as fatalistic as ever.

The way out is to start to develop a new set of rules for a new people who are embracing a new culture.  The first rule is to stop playing their game.  The second rule is to stop playing by their rules.

We’ve been willing pawns, serfs who have born the brunt of their dirty work for a long, long time, while they’ve amassed to themselves huge fortunes and led protected, pampered lives.

The focus of this culture has been upon money, power, position, prestige and privilege. These practices of  segregation and insulated isolation has created huge chasms within our society.  We all know it to be true, but we’ve been taught to ignore it, even when it stares us right in the face.

This is their game, to get you to play by thier rules (only a few which have been mentioned above), to make you endlessely chase after the golden carrot they dangled on their stick, churning the wheels of progress and profits ever faster for their benefit.

It’s been said before, but it needs to be said again — we made this all possible for them, because we were both complicit and ignorant of their game.  Without us, it would just be them, and they’d have to do the dirty work themselves.  They’re far too lazy and cowardly to do that as history shows, so they recruit the unlearned and the gulliable, using every means possible at their disposal (which is everything).

A people that are self-reliant, self-governing and have no need of money, business, enterprises, capitalism, control or even ownership would be a people that could not be governed.  Nor could they be used as pawns, serfs and cannon fodder for endless wars, or 9-5 slave jobs making mountains of useless trinkets and toys.

Such a people used to inhabit this land, and have been found all over the world.  They were exterminated as fast as humanely possible like so much buffalo before an barrage of flying lead.

An ungovernable people is a dangerous people to those that would force government upon everyone else.  They are useless in the eyes of the plantation owners, neither fit for slaves or serfs, and that’s why there were exterminated.

Therefore, understand what is at stake here.  Compliance is not optional for those that believe you are property of the State.  But then again, neither is liberty for those that truly believe that they are free men.

Free men live differently then those who only claim freedom.  Nobody really talks about this point, but it’s true.  In America, there are almost no free men (or women) alive.  Everyone is a serf, subject or slave to the ever-present System.  But I have met a few free men and women, so I know they exist.

There is a growing movement to replace one set of tyrants for another (revolution) in this country. This would be a terrible and tragic mistake.  Most still believe that we can somehow, finally “reform” the system, making any and all necessary adjustments with blood or bullets, and then we’ll have freedom, liberty, equality and ice cream for all on Sundays.  This is an absolute lie.

This has never worked and is a proven tactical failure.  If it all falls apart (and it will, eventually), don’t rebuild anything.  Rob them (all) of the very means that they have used to control you.  Those that wish to rebuild will only (s)elect to themselves one king for another, and history has shown that this is truly a fools game.

We do NOT have to live like this.  We have a very ethnocentric viewpoint that “this is how humans live” — but it is not even remotely true.  It is only true for a few generations, and it won’t be true for more then one more.

We are going to HAVE to return to a simpler way of living.  So our “job” so to speak, is to not lend ourselves, our time, our money or even our lives, in supporting a “rebuilding” of what is going to collapse anyway.

There is a better way to live — and believe it or not — that’s how we all got here.  If we’re going to rebuild (and we will), let’s do it on something that can actually last and something that will actually work.

Let’s not do this again.


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