News You Won’t See On Television

A deconstruction of the Gaza Flotilla attack video:

It’s already been proven that the Auschwitz claims were fabricated, but there’s the proof, and the other doctored footage.  The “scrub” continues however (hide the evidence), as fast as possible.

I didn’t report this, but the Freedom Flotilla has been thoroughly searched and cleared for passengers, contents and destination.  All the claims about connections to “terrorists” were patently false, as were the purpose of the flotilla.  This was a humanitarian mission — which was not going to be allowed to happen under any circumstances.

This next video is much longer, and shows an inside view of activists and the Israeli attack:

Iran is headed to the blockade as I write this.  This could trigger a much bigger, brutal showdown then anything we’ve seen (and probably will).

Steven Lendman has a historical perspective you may want to read, and the Flotilla Two writeup, and the ongoing collective punishment being dealt out.

We’re probably right on the verge of something rather big in the Middle East, and I can guarantee, it’s not the Second Coming.


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