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News Updates:

Solar Minimum Led To Increased Warming – Scientist Surprised

The solar minimum is supposed to lead to cooling, but it didn’t, which means we haven’t fully understood the contribution of gases to warming.  In other words, it’s worse then we thought (what warming is caused by greenhouse gases).

This is what I’ve expected and mentioned on several occasions.  If we’re still warming year by year (and we are) during the solar minimum, what is this actually going to mean during the solar maximum?  It’s no leap in logic to say it’s going to get mighty hot, mighty fast.  And that’s what is so scary, the effects of what is already happening right now – 2008 through 2010 are bad enough, but humanity has NEVER seen what the future portends to hold.

McDonalds Gains ‘Exemption’ From Health Care Law

Figures — big business once again manages to claim that they’re not subject to the laws us peons must ‘obey’.

Judicial Abuse — Lawyer Jailed For Refusing To Recite The Pledge of Allegience

This story boggles the mind.

Firefighters Stand By and Watch As Family Home Burns To The Ground

Were they out of water?  Nope.  Broken pumper truck?  Nope.  Afraid?  Nope.  Understaffed?  Nope.  At increased risk?  Nope.  Be SURE you watch the video on the link – it’s an eye-opener.

If you want to know what you and your home are “worth” — watch the video.

Is Venezuela the Next Flashpoint for Oil?

Next?  No.  But on the list, yes.

Germany Attacks It’s Own Citizens

Take the time to view the photos.  Children and woman and the well-dressed being viciously attacked at a peaceful protest.  The reason? They didn’t want (or need) a train station replacing their park — but the State has other ideas and resorted to extreme and brutal violence to “get their message across”.

Study: Global warming, energy shortages, food scarcity and recession could cause industrial ‘failure’ in 10 years

In the first peer-reviewed study of its kind, a new report by the Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD) in London warns that abrupt climate change, energy shortages, food scarcities and economic turmoil could plunge industrial societies into chaos after 2020. The study, A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It (Pluto Press/Macmillan, 2010), predicts that converging crises may trigger resource short-falls leading to political and economic failure in the West, while accelerating international conflict including “intercommunal’ warfare in less developed countries.

The study predicts the “terminal depletion‘ of the world’s traditional mineral energy reserves oil, gas, coal, and uranium within the first quarter of the 21st century, and warns of “catastrophic convergence’ between energy, food and water shortages due to abrupt global warming as early as 2018. Developed economies could consequently experience a “collapse’ in public services, while large states such as the US, Russia and China would struggle to maintain territorial integrity, potentially becoming embroiled in geopolitical conflict for land and resources.

They should have just read this blog. The data is “there” for anybody interested enough in following it and piecing it altogether.

The report warns that without drastic change akin to “a post-carbon industrial revolution’ industrial civilization cannot survive by the end of this century. But it also demonstrates the viability of such a transition based on cutting-edge social structures and technologies including new ways of organizing production in “green growth’ economies; exciting models of participatory politics; proven models of distributed renewable energy networks; and high productivity of organic, low-pesticide, small-scale forms of farming. “The real question is, what will the post-carbon world look like?’ said Dr. Ahmed. “It could be extremely negative and regressive, but equally, it could be far more equitable, just and ecologically-sound than any social form we’ve had in the past. This century is a pivotal one for the human race, and indeed the planet. It’s up to us whether we take this opportunity to re-organize our societies for the better, or lose it.’

I’m betting we are in for a century of warfare, destruction, depletion and division. The desire to change (everything, our ways, our expectations, our belief systems, our demands) simply isn’t there.  There is a LOT of kumbaya hand-wringing going on that tries to suggest otherwise, but I’m not buying it.

What I see, what is being done, who is behind it, and where it’s going isn’t that hard to figure out.  Massive and very unpleasant changes are ahead — and I will further posit as I always do — far sooner then anybody expects, especially from the “experts” who are paid to write these reports.

Update: Almost forgot – more murder, mayhem, beatings, abuse, disfigurement, rape and coverup — by the boys in blue.

Holy shit.  You really need to keep abreast of just how utterly out of control law enforcement is in this country.  This is as bad as anything seen anywhere else on the planet — and probably worse then in some countries.

Banks Breaking Into Occupied Homes In Foreclosure To Change Locks

Another massive ecological disaster:

Hungarian toxic sludge reaches Danube river.  The Danube is one of Europe’s biggest rivers.

The suggestion now is to bulldoze the entire village into the ground. This stuff is nasty, radioactive and caustic.  Reports are people are being “burned to the bone” (watch video).


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