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It pays not to cultivate GM crops, survey finds

Let’s hope this spreads.  Monsanto’s stock has taken a major nosedive, another good thing.

Getting Screwed By Phone Companies and Broadband – US ranks as one of the worst when it comes to communications.

People Are Allergic To Facts — I’ve come to understand that our illusions are the only thing holding society together.  I suspect that when they break down sufficiently enough, we’ll become totally ungovernable and unmanageable and swiftly turn on each other is truly horrendous ways.  But that’s not what the link is about, not exactly.  We tend to accept our predisposed beliefs over facts, evidence, scientific research.

Foreclosuregate, Robogate, Take Your Pick – Massive fraud and coverup, incompetence on home mortgages, foreclosure — but SURE to watch the video, it’s absolutely stunning on the scale and size of what is going on.  Total meltdown happening right now, foreclosures have been suspended nationwide.

More here on the Johnny Stewart show (video) – Foreclosure Crisis.  It’s not only Congress that doesn’t read the crap they sign — it’s your lender.  And then when you don’t make your payments, they steal the house back, whether or not they “legally” own it.

95,000 foreclosure just last month alone….

Clearly signs of the complete collapse of the American “economy”.  The root cause is what it always is.

I’m being absolutely swamped here with food orders — so will update this page / site as time permits.  I think absolute panic is now gripping the hearts and minds of the entire country.


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