New York City In The Newz

Here’s a disgusting story: Sodomy By NYPD Cops. The grand jury is still out on this one, but something definitely happened.

More on New York blue gang: NYPD Officer Charged In Robbery Ring. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Just don’t believe the hoopla that “2,000 lives were saved”. Hardly. But those nervous stockbrokers need protection!

A new Terrorism Center is now open in New York City Wall Street area. A cool $100 million dollars are being spent to to fund this and related projects. The goal is protection of lower Manhattan, the ‘elite’ and their workers from “threats”. Which as you should recall, don’t actually exist, but they’ll spend the money (yours) anyway. Apparently, they’re not robbing enough drug dealers to pay for this expansion.

Now contrast this boondoggle with the failure to protect New York homeowners from inordinate taxation. The city wouldn’t have such a huge budget shortfall if it stopped terrorizing its own citizens and investigating its own cops.


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