Network News Faults and Lies

Battered, bruised and jumpy — the whole world is on edge

It’s not a surprise, not to this writer anyway, that the media continues to completely fail to grasp the significance of climate change and how this is driving the majority of issues plaguing the world.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY knows that something is amiss. The world of yesteryear is gone. Some of us recognize that it is gone forever – it’s actually extinct, never to return. The reason is obvious, but you still won’t find it in print on the popular websites and news outlets.

The media continues to fail the public by refusing to do their job and report what is really happening and why many of us are on edge. This is a good example of what I’m talking about: Pew: Americans the least concerned about climate change.

Yet this makes no sense – the disconnect from reality continues. It shouldn’t – but the media continues to ignore the issue and label this for what it really is (climate collapse). Punishing Four-Season Storm Grips U.S. during the Holiday Week, Killing Over 40.

Australia scored lower then the United States, but that’s not a surprise either – Australia has been actively denying climate change and its effects while their countryside and homes burn to the ground while Australia’s carbon emissions are increasing, government report shows.  Up to a million animals may have died in the fires.

The massive influx of refugees pouring out of the Middle East will continue even if peace is attained – because the environmental conditions there are impacting economic activity now in a major way. This is true for many parts of the world now and happening sooner then most estimates.

England is getting the life pounded out of the country (again). That’s how many times this month? Three separate flood events? And it is expected to continue.

Recall that higher temperatures means more evaporation and higher intensity of precipitation? It’s happening and having a terrifying impact upon economic activity. Thousands of temperature records are being shattered.

Internationally, there seems to be lot more awareness of climate effects – these families are really starting to suffer.

More than 100,000 flee El Niño flooding in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

China’s air pollution is now so bad that thousands of people are getting sick every day. Airplanes are grounded, factories shut down, roads are being closed.

Why Is Russia Warming More Than Twice As Fast Than Rest Of World? Climate Change Experts Raise Concerns.

But back at home, in the land of Fee and Home of the Slaves, awareness remains dismal, despite escalating disasters.

Monster storm system spawns tornadoes, blizzards, flooding. Texas seems to be a large target these days, yet Texas politicians continue to pretend that climate is not a factor. It’s a repeat of what happened in Oklahoma and the idiocy spouted by Senator Inhofe.

Mississippi River to reach flood stage, 17 ft, in New Orleans by Jan. 19

There has been a remarkable uptick in the number and severity of extreme events occurring.  But even this hasn’t convinced Americans, so it’s probably going to stay that way for some time.

I blame the media for this disbelief. In particular, I blame the right-wing media, and especially the so-called ‘alternative’ media, which has embraced asinine connedspiracies and anti-science rhetoric. The flat-earthers are totally disconnected from reality, but only represent a minor portion of the population. It is the main stream media that carries the lions share of blame, because they are viewed and heard by hundreds of millions of Americans and have a LOT of influence. And what they’re telling Americans isn’t the whole story, not even close. They’re not doing their job – they’re not connecting any of the dots together like they should.

First off – notice that many of the links regarding climate are not actually U.S. news sources. Why is that? Because the American media is heavily censored and scripted. This is not the land of free speech like some may think. It’s the land of fee speech, which means the rich and powerful control what makes it into print and onto the airwaves.

Each network and each televised broadcast is vetted for content, audience, politics and sensitivity. Some subjects simply won’t be discussed or aired. Climate change is considered sensitive content. Even discussing climate change falls into the category of ‘terrorists activity’ if the discussion wanders off script. Specifically, anything discussion that would hinder economic activity, corporate control and growth is considered ‘taboo’. So it’s really no wonder that the major media outlets water down the climate news and refuse to make the connections that the rest of us can clearly see.

I did see a televised broadcast today at the gym that was unusual. I don’t know the name of the program or even the station, but Micheal Ruppert was being interviewed and he was discussing collapse. Obviously, this is old news (Ruppert’s dead). Ruppert looked quite a bit younger so it had to have been filmed years ago. But now, it’s being trotted out according to the ‘script’ and what is being shared is actually years and years out of date.

That is not what Americans need. Current events are what is relevant to our future and our efforts at going forward. We need to know just how severe things are, right now. We need to know what we should be doing to protect ourselves – right now. We need to know if we are in danger, if our homes, or our families are in peril. We need to know if the food supply will be sufficient. We need to know what we can do to mitigate and adapt to extreme events. But none of these points are being addressed by the media.

I think this is unforgivable. The climate subject may be ‘touchy’ but only for the brain dead idiots that cannot perceive or accept reality. But there is no longer any reason at all to cater to this. We need the truth – and we need it now, broadcast on the world’s major media outlets, reaching into every home. People NEED to be fully informed. How else are we going to prepare in time and at sufficient levels? How else are government going to achieve popular support for climate policies and mitigation efforts? How else will the world achieve the steps necessary to even try to survive what’s now unfolding?

The networks need to change – and change fast, because they are the mouthpieces for the news watched by billions. The problem is especially acute in America, which is why I can’t stand the news. It’s pure garbage, pablum for weak minds, pathetic and pandering to base emotions and desires. It doesn’t ‘inform’, ‘educate’ or even ‘enlighten’, but it does tell Americans what to think, do, eat, buy, wear, believe and obey. But it is certainly not ‘news’, it’s propaganda for monkeys.

I hold no hope for this sea change. Miami may flood but it won’t be connected like it should and what this means for Florida residents. Our civilization is now going through the throws of collapse which are unstoppable now. People need to know what to DO to survive. They need to know where to LIVE to endure. They need to know what investments to make in preparations and they need to know how to STOP contributing to the problems and making them worse. You won’t find any of this in the news, but you should – and that’s why the media is failing us, lying to us about what is unfolding and letting us all down rather badly.

America’s infotainment culture often disguised as ‘news’ is disgusting. We emphasize the famous, the loud, the proud, the insane and the asinine. Many are labeled ‘heroes’ and ‘role-models’ when they’re really nothing more then egotistical self-centered pricks pulling down ridiculous salaries for being outstanding assholes. Who’s to blame here for this celebrity status? The media. And the promoters in Hollywood and the film industry, but it is the media that laps this shit up and shovels it out like the fresh-baked dogshit that it really is.

And yet – Americans lap this stuff up like a dog to vomit. Our culture has become severely polluted with self-centered “me’ism” and indifference to everything of real value and meaning. The inner cities have become jungles of tribal warfare plagued by violence and instant gratification, but it’s not much better in many other places either. All Americans are being programmed by that damned idiot box that promises fame, sex, money and the good life through endless connedsumer consumption. You just need to buy more shit and all will be well…

We just went through another idiotic Christmas ‘season’ of consumer rampage. Beginning every year with the herd stampede on Black Friday in box stores around the country, Americans are visually assaulted for weeks and weeks with their dutiful demands to shop and buy – courtesy of corporate America. They even have the gall to call it ‘gift-giving’ but it’s really indebted slavery masquerading as consumerism.

Who’s behind this conspiracy? (It’s a real conspiracy). The media and corporate enterprises. They’re working hand-in-hand to capture the wallets of every American by promoting endless layers of ‘essential consumerism’ disguised as ‘tradition’ (which is an absolute lie). In exchange for billions in advertising revenue, the complicit media will bombast the public with endless advertisements and idiotic jingles to program your brain into opening your wallet. It’s a good time to stay home.

I have not celebrated Christmas now in over twenty years. I do not miss it. I do not like it. I do not support it. I think it is stupid, childish and I refuse to be complicit to the media lies this entails. I did give away one ‘gift’ to my kid (back in November) – a food dehydrator, but I’d have done it anyway, with or without a reason to the silly ‘season’.

Christ was not born in December, but that’s another article. The media wants you to believe in a story – a carefully crafted and scripted story – their story, and at this time of year, it includes multiple layers of connedsumerism. This isn’t what Americans need right now – but it’s proving truly difficult to break through this propaganda.

So for the most part, except for the few who will read this far, I won’t even try. The sphere of influence that each of us really has is really very small (unlike the media – which is why I do hold them responsible). I get to influence my own family (and none celebrate Christmas either – their choice, not mine). This blog will eventually be read by thousands, but it’s difficult to convey knowledge, philosophy, experience and research into words and especially into each and every article. So I don’t try too hard here either. Those that want to know will learn. They’ll read the links, they’ll check the facts, they’ll research out the topics presented and make up their own minds. That is the best that I can do.

The media however, has a very large audience and is read, watched and listened to by hundreds of millions each and every day. They have a responsibility to STOP pandering to profiteers and corporate enterprises trying to make a buck and START telling Americans what’s really going on. But they won’t do it. They won’t even consider it. They’re beholden to making money just like everyone else is (except me – I’ve decided to choose the poor house). The reality is, only news that ‘sells’ and brings in advertising revenue will be aired. Corporations won’t buy advertising unless they know it will be watched by millions of viewers. And these viewers won’t watch or listen or read to anything other then infotainment.

The media is a business. Journalists write what sells. They tend to ignore what doesn’t because they don’t get paid. Editors print what advertisers like. What you wind up with isn’t reality, it’s packaged, scripted, vetted and approved fantasy deemed fit for connedsumption. The end product is specifically designed to perpetuate the status-quo.

So who’s really to blame here? I’ll say it – YOU are. Every American that refuses to STOP supporting this activity is complicit in its continued promotion. You can help stop this by refusing to go along with it. I am not so naive to believe it will change anything (except you) because this message of being complicit isn’t widely embraced. But if it was …. we would all live in a very different world. In the meanwhile – you CAN change yourself.

Too bad climate change isn’t sexy. Too bad we can’t dress it up in a topless bikini and make it dance across the room. Too bad that Americans have chosen to hand off their future and their very survival to a bunch of corporate profiteers who are hell-bent on destroying the planet. All of this desperately needs to change. The first step is to change yourself. The second step is to change the media. We also need to change our institutions, our culture and our civilization, but we can’t do any of this without changing ourselves and changing the propaganda that passes for news.







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