Net Zero Carbon Lies

Told you so – For years I’ve said that there is no such thing as “net zero”. Companies and corporations love to lie about this bogus metric to promote their claims and awareness of carbon being incessantly added to the atmosphere. The term net zero literally came to mean whatever they said it meant – nobody seemed to be checking that it’s many definitions and claims were simply false and inaccurate. I said net zero is a scam, and that there is no such thing.

Well, I was right. Read: The Dishonest Accounting of Net-Zero Emissions

If you’re not paying attention, the world’s efforts to decarbonize are still miserably failing. We’re still fast-tracking to absolute disaster. Many of the older blog posts found here cover this in extensive detail and I haven’t bothered to write much about this topic again for the past six-plus months because the failures are still as true as ever. Science is still being ignored, deniers are still claiming it’s a hoax, companies are still giving lip-service and even when billionaires like Bill Gates tells the truth about our unwillingness to give up luxuries, everybody just attacks the messengers instead of listening to the message.

So don’t be surprised with this message: A Ton Fossil Carbon Isn’t the Same As A Ton Of Trees and the lies it reveals.

It should come as no surprise that dishonesty is so common among so many: institutions, educators, scientists, corporations, companies and even individuals. It’s just easier to lie then to tell the truth and accept the consequences. Deferment is preferred (or no accountability at all). Refusal to accept responsibility or blame others is normalized. This is so common now that most people don’t even seem to notice that they’re doing it (all of the time) and receiving it from everyone else (also all of the time).

I don’t have any answer to this other then to just be aware and alert. Everyone is lying to you, even within their alleged “good intentions”.



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