Near Term Collapse

Dr. B. Sydney Smith on the near term collapse and the escalating energy shortage – probably one of the best talks I’ve heard on the topic.

There are plenty of credible sources which have been clearly warning those who would listen (the tiny few) that we’re headed for total disaster. Decades later, they’re all still being ignored and the warning signs could not be any clearer. It’s one of the reasons why I continue to say that humanity is going to fail, and fail miserably at avoiding collapse. Collapse is already well-underway right now and will only worsen going forward.


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  • October 28, 2021 at 10:26 am

    TEOTWAWKI -the end of the world as we knew it- has already occurred.

    For indigenous people across the globe, it occurred when Europeans arrived and started slaughtering, enslaving and stealing.

    For people of Europe, it occurred when rapacious factory owners and mine owners wrecked the sustainable systems that were providing a living for most of the populace and forced ordinary folk into factories and mines -the alternative being death by starvation. Rapacious ‘land owners’ added to the misery of the under classes via the Enclosure Acts.

    For a brief period, the conversion of fossil fuels into waste allowed a massive expansion of population in ‘developed’ nations and ‘developing’ nations, along with the provision of various contraptions geared to using ever more energy and resources. No longer able to live natural lives, and in most cases not even knowing they were slaves to the machine, the occupants of the ‘concentration camps’ submitted to all kinds of indignities and losses of freedom. And many even gave up their lives to the slave-masters.

    But that game began founder in the 1950s, when various nations decided they were not prepared to give away precious resources for next-to-nothing, whilst the populations of those nations saw no benefit from the looting and polluting. And now that there is so little left to steal from anywhere the writing is truly on the wall.

    For a while ‘developed nations’ were able to crush most resistance via superior weaponry and money-printing. But now even that game no longer works.

    So now, as the biosphere gets pushed into ever-faster collapse, the behemoth is dependent on money-printing at an ever-faster rate to stagger on a little longer; money-printing, along with desperation measures to extract energy from low-grade deposits, in order to convert the last of the mineral and organic resources into yet more life-threatening waste.

    Petrol in NZ went up another 3 cents per litre yesterday; that is on top of the 40 cents per litre rise that has occurred over the past few months. Needless to say, the government is fully committed to expanding and upgrading the road network. And fully committed to expanding everything else that is totally unsustainable, including money-printing.

    I see sleepy Joe is coming to America’s rescue! He has a plan to defy the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology, centred on wasting yet more energy and resources on boondoggles. And it’s getting banner headlines around the world.

    Good luck with attempting to defy the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology..

    The criminals and clowns that constitute the NZ government and its various offshoots  are attempting the same -to defy the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology- and will generate similar outcomes  -faster economic, social and environmental meltdown.

    Excellent talk by Dr Smith, by the way. Nothing knew for me: I’ve know all that stuff for a long time. But maybe a few others will finally see the light if they watch it.

    Of course the people who most need to watch such presentations never will.



  • October 30, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    Government pledges 50 percent emission reduction by 2030

    Government pledges 50 percent emission reduction by 2030 (

    I guess this Orwellian nonsense has as much validity as the various ‘pledges’ made in 1997 (Kyoto) to reduce emissions to 1991 levels.

    Emissions have risen about 30% since those ‘pledges’.

    On the other hand, with the NZ economy being collapsed as consequence of shockingly bad energy policies (find it, extract it,  and burn it as quickly as possible), there is a distinct possibility NZ emissions WILL be down by 50% in 2030. That’s if we still have an economy in 2030. Otherwise down by 95%.

    • October 30, 2021 at 7:36 pm

      It’s going to turn out to be yet another meaningless meeting, while the snooze reports some ‘minor success’. Going into this was a non-starter, coming out of it will be a(nother) failure. I’m sure.

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