Nature Is The Great Equalizer

Read these headlines (or preferably, the entire articles) first: Climate Change, Faster, Stronger, Sooner

This falls right into my own predictions of how fast and serious this is going to be, except that they still need to update their timeline by several decades. The IPCC’s report (surprise, surprise) has already been found to be pretty far off the mark on how fast climate change is now occurring. Melting ice, rising sea levels and declining world food production are now all critical markers.

Bleak Warning the United Kingdom Faces Fish Extinction. This ties directly into the issues of climate change and overfishing. My own video regarding eating “jellyfish burgers” was not a joke.

“There’s a moral imperative: we simply shouldn’t be living in such a way that drives species to extinction.”

Bluefin Tuna Close To Extinction. Eating our way down the food chain, we find that we have decimated and consumed the ALL of the best fish to the point of extinction in some cases. The article above makes it clear the regulatory restrictions simply don’t work.

As a side note, I spoke with a local fellow the other day, who described the illegal poaching for venison (deer) he had done. Each deer would bring in about $70, making this a highly profitable enterprise. Jacklighting deer at night is absurdly easy, and it would be possible to make thousands in a single night if you had a strong enough back (or a crew, which they did).

In some areas, deer are a major “problem” (but nobody asked the deer) to humans, who have severely encroached upon their natural habitats and destroyed their natural predators. Deer overpopulations and crop destruction is the result.

I wholeheartedly agree, but we’re fighting against deeply entrenched corporate and government interests, which are both being driven by consumer greed (making everyone responsible).

Related, is this story about Alaskan Pollock. 80% of American’s fish is now imported, which proves that we are just as responsible for the destruction of the world’s oceans as anybody. Due to warming oceans and the effects of climate change, pollock are headed north into Russian waters, setting off a race for national food security.

More Britain news, Seals are Disappearing. This is the result of declining food and warming oceans (although some scientist are still strangely hesitant to make such a claim, I suggest we check with their paymasters to see why). A 50% seal decline in just six years in some areas.

Frankly, the “scientific reticence” that I’ve written about before is indeed baffling. It is plainly evident that humans are destroying species at unprecedented rates around the entire world due to over-exploitation, pollution and human-caused climate change effects (a direct result of our industrial activity). The reticence to declare humans as responsible is truly bizarre.

Nature is the great equalizer and will fill every “vacuum” (species destruction and extinction) with something else, provided that something else even exists. This is almost always an invasive species, which takes over the abandoned niche in the environment, destroying the other natural inhabitants. Very often, this is not good for humans or most other life-forms either because it exacerbates the ecological imbalance that permits one species to destroy another.

The root cause is humans in most cases. Nature will balance out predatory species on her own in time. Overpopulation of deer, rats, fish or crustaceans will be rectified within a few seasons at most as other predatory species move in and balance things out. In turn, they themselves become overly abundant and as their food sources die off or are consumed, they will die out, returning the environment into an equilibrium. Over time, a fairly constant steady-state is achieved.

The great exception to this is the carnivorous humans. We will consume everything and then move down the food chain to the next species to eat. And so it goes, literally eating our way down the food chain as our own populations massively expand and bloat (in the literal sense of the word!) to gigantic proportions.

Yet nature is also the great equalizer. The recent movie, “The Happening” takes a spin on this theme. I won’t spoil the plot, but the reality is, nature DOES and always WILL have the absolute and final “say” in our existence on this planet. Because we are entirely subject to the laws of nature and the violations we have caused, we ourselves can simply be removed by the equalizing forces of nature quite easily. None of our technology could possible save us.

Nature always seeks a balance like running water seeking level, something that humans do not seem to understand. Nor do they understand that nature does a much better job at managing nature then humans ever could. “Managing our oceans” or our forests or any other natural thing is really the human way of saying that we intend to continue to exploit these resources for our own good (survival).

Our survival is what is really at stake, but not like you have been told to think. Our survival does not depend upon economics, or industry or any such human invention, it depends upon (a healthy) nature itself.

The root reasons why our environment is so badly devastated remains a bizarre “mystery” to corporate leeches and well-funded scientist who are continually beholden to greed. Since nature can aptly and perfectly take care of itself, then the ONLY other “variable” in this equation of nature in equilibrium is humans and the human caused environmental impacts and destruction.

There are absolutely countless (tens of thousands) of studies on human impacts to the environment. This is more then sufficient evidence to concretely prove (ironically, another human substance) that humans are destroying the planet, faster and faster despite regulatory controls and restrictions, and inadvertently setting off chain reactions within the environment itself.

Humans need environmental resources, just as every other living thing does, but humans do not need to drive these species into extinction. Our actual and real needs are reasonably modest, even with the world’s bloated populations, but our demands are unbelievably excessive. Driving this is the ethic that the planet needs to be conquered (plundered) to create “jobs” or “opportunities” or growth. Humans do not need growth, or even jobs for that matter. Humans only need to exist. It is this issue of existence and how we go about it that is the root source of the problem we have created and one that miserably fails to be addressed by everyone.

But this is an issue which is deeply taboo in our civilization, which viciously destroyed indigenous tribes and their methods of existence on a global scale. Genocidal campaigns were launched (and still are) to destroy all vestiges of “simple existence” on this planet. The tragedy is unbelievably horrific, as brutal and bloody practices were employed to eliminate humans who chose not to live in accordance with greed and destruction as their driving ethic.

As tragic as this is, it is perhaps even more tragic that the world’s populations can never honestly address the reason why we can never get a handle upon our destructive habits. Instead, we are told to simply ignore what we are doing and continue on this same path of devastation and destruction as if it will never come back to harm us. Only fools could believe such a lie, as we destroy one environment and species after another and belatedly discover that we have destroyed ourselves and our entire future heritage for countless millions of generations to come.

Humans are intricately and forever linked to environmental conditions. It is the environment and its resources that drives the human economy. The recent bank failures was the result of insane fiscal policies and practices, but these themselves are just a reflection of the insane environmental practices that made it all possible in the first place. Our “roots” are forever in the Earth itself, but we treat the planet like a garbage dump. Out of sight and out of mind, we bury our excesses from our eyes behind a screen of ignorance and denial. This is the behavior of the clinically insane.

This is why collapse is necessary and overdue for the human populations on this planet. We are so out of balance now with nature and our environment, and having caused so much widespread destruction and devastation, eating our way through one extinction to the other, that the human problem can only be resolved by destroying the pillars of our civilization (collapse). This is inevitable and is yet another human-caused event. Ultimately, it is the only pathway available to us for our very survival.

We might be given the opportunity to survive our folly, but this is actually unknown yet and will be for some time. But meanwhile, every effort to “manage the human impact” on the environment is already doomed as shown by hundreds of years of failed efforts to lessen our footprint. It’s not working, and never will unless we utterly abandon our present paradigm, and that will only happen if we somehow manage to destroy it.


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10 thoughts on “Nature Is The Great Equalizer

  • October 21, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Kunstler’s take on economic paradigm ‘shift’


  • October 21, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Bottom line is that HUMANS are the great predatory invasive species of all time… Nothing will stand in our way for God is on our side…

  • October 21, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Admin: Just a note to let you know that your Alaskan Pollock link is wrong, takes to the seal are disappearing one also…

  • October 21, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    I write environmental impact statements for a living…

    strange how each one always seems to say, ” no significant impacts on [add resource here] will occur with applied mitigation”.

    When I started this career 15 years ago i thought i was actually making a difference.

    NEPA is a joke.

  • October 21, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    roc – I was involved a comprehensive EIS for a major international airport (RDU) – The extreme bias for ‘development’ was so intense that even if we’d proven total ecological armageddon it would have carried no weight at all. Full-throttle ahead no matter what. Make it happen. EISs are disgusting categorical frauds, IMO. No personal offense intended.

  • October 21, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Yeah, I remember reading through an EIS re a proposal to chop up a beautiful national forest into ATV/ORV trails for mindless joyriding. One of the many bizarre statements in this EIS was made in response to the claim that wildlife would/could be upset or compromised by the noise, traffic, etc ., and the USFS response was “the wildlife can go elsewhere”.

    Fortunately the proposal failed miserably and it was only because of the intense and incredible public outrage that led to the district head of the FS resigning, but only after he rescinded the proposal.

    There may be many fine individuals working for the USFS, but it’s totally political at the top and it’s a total illusion that the decisions are carefully pondered, blah, blah, blah. The only way the correct outcome can be had is if the top dogs are so totally embarrassed by public pressure, which isn’t very often.

  • October 24, 2008 at 11:22 am

    All very true. We have a wetland here that the Army Corp of Enginners has authorized a highway across. While originally Indian land, the land was taken by the Methodist Church and handed off to its local college, courtesy of the U.S. government.

    The wetland borders the local Indian college – Haskell (the Methodist college, Baker, that currently claims ownership of the wetland is about 20 miles south of the wetlands). Baker University sold the rights to the wetland and now the only thing standing between the wetland and the roadway is a potential lawsuit – a lawsuit that will directly challenge the EIS based on its flawed mitigation plans and that fact that it traverses a place held sacred by the Indians (and a place which may contain Indian burial grounds). The fight goes on… the highway is not yet approved simply because the State of Kansas has no money for it. While I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to raise political awareness of the wetlands, community support has been limited. Nothing is more amusing to me to hear that people will lay down in front of bulldozers but don’t have the time to hand out petitions to passerbys on the street. No time to volunteer but plenty of time to go to jail? Sad case….

    This wetland is beautiful and is used by flocks of migrating birds as a sanctuary. Here’s a link for anyone interested:

  • October 24, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    It is deeply tragic that we are “forced” to “choose” between nature and another friggin highway. The absurdity of this should be apparent to all. We need less civilization and more nature.

    In the age of peak oil, this makes more then perfect sense, it is the only logical thing to do.

    I’ve yet to see the EIS process as being ethical or honest. It is always biased towards development, which is why the EIS is being “written” (fabricated) anyway. Ostentiously it is to protect wilderness and wild areas, but in reality, it is designed to establish justification for raping the planet a little bit more.

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