National Connedsumer Day Nearly Here

National connedsumer day is nearly here again. I won’t be celebrating, as I never do. I did brave the misery monkey’s briefly, making a mad dash for more victuals for the winter. It was jammed packed. Cashiers always wish me a merry xmas, but I never really know what to say in return. It’s not xmas. It’s not anything, certainly not the birthday of Christ, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. But it is national connedsumer day, which for whatever reason, is widely celebrated.

There has finally been a bit of snow here, so it’s a white birthday for somebody. I opened up the greenhouse to let it freeze up hard, hoping to kill a few of the bugs and spiders in there. They apparently have a natural anti-freeze that helps them survive winter. Not too long ago I found two black widows in there which are not normal for this area. It is too cold here for black widows, usually, but climate change has shown that all species are moving north. Over 976 species have already been found extinct on their southern borders.

So we move north like everything else is doing and waste it even more so. That is indeed what will happen. Although it won’t be easy to grow any food there, which is pretty hard to do on melting permafrost. But we could always bottom-scrape the northern oceans for food stuffs now that the ice is gone. That’ll work – for a while. Until it doesn’t and then we fight over what calories still remain.

I’ve been watching the news on Lake Baikal for a while now, off and on. It is the world’s largest freshwater lake. It is in trouble. Pollution has been an increasing problem and now methane is leaking up from the lake bottom, killing off fresh-water sponges.

So… as any long time reader should suspect, there is always plenty of doom news on environment, climate, economy, politics, governmental malfeasance, the constant beating of the drums of war and so on. The news is simply never good, never edifying, uplifting or even enjoyable. This blog has always been a place to get your doom on… if that’s what floats your boat. But it’s certainly isn’t what life is all about. There are definitely better things to do then just read the depressing news.

But that is what I do. Somebody has to do it. There is so much disinformation now that it is very difficult to find anything that has not been distorted. Or have to wade through ridiculous amounts of hopium and fantasy techno-salvation bullshit. Humans are a hopeless species, clinging to imaginary fantasies to save them from their own stupid selves. Which is what you will find pretty much everywhere else, hopium or fantasy. Not here.

I wish it weren’t so. I wish there really was something to “offer” humanity. But I realized long ago that all the offerings were nothing more then glitzy packages of endless bullshit. There were no solutions, no fixes, no root causes or problems being address, just more of the same in new-fangled packages and buzzwords wrapped up in fantasy sized bites of thought-choking hopium.

Not here. I’m absolutely fed up with the endless levels of bullshit and hopium that passes for human connedmunications. It’s gone far, far beyond ridiculous and thought-choking. Humanity has become voracious connoisseurs of stupid. And it matters, quite a lot, since this is the reason why we are all in this predicament together. But it never, ever stops no matter how hard we try.

I suspect it will only get dramatically worse under the Dumpf Administration. Whatever. As they I say, it’ll just be more of the same, only worse.

NOAA’s 2016 Arctic Report Card: Visual highlights

Get it? The Arctic is TOAST. Nothing new to readers here. It’s going the way of the dodo bird, soon to be an extinct place no longer synonymous with cold and ice. Oh, there will be some life there, until humans rush in and scoop it all up in a desperate bid for calories to consume. But once it’s all gone, it’s gone and so goes the way of humans on planet Earth.

We lose the air-conditioning of the entire fucking PLANET for God’s sake! Or for Christ’s sake! Or how about Santa Clause? Where the fuck is HE going to live now?

This isn’t my day job by the way, documenting the collapse of civilization and the end of humanity. I don’t put enough time into it anymore to qualify for that distinction. In between blog posts, I’m usually tweaking software, cleaning up my land (thinning trees), rebuilding something (just did a motorcycle), exercising or simply dealing with all the pain. I keep busy.

Everyday on Planet Earth is the same. Nothing really changes. There’s hasn’t been (and won’t be) anything worthwhile to really report except more doom news. All the rest is really worthless when you think about it. What we need to know, we already know, but we won’t do anything about it. That is the part that people still don’t seem to grasp. More snooze won’t make any difference. We’ve had decades of that and it changed nothing. More atrocities won’t change human attitudes or human behavior, we’ve had thousands of years of that too. It changed nothing. I think it should be obvious now, when you clear away all the dross, all the distractions, all the false expectations and all the layers of hopium, that nothing is going to change us now. We are far too gone for that to happen.

Something inside of us has already long since died. Our capacity for connection is missing. The lives we live in this techno-fascist bubble of insulation from reality appeals to millions of brain dead morons, but I find it rather horrifying to be honest. Some few other do too apparently, some with the skills and the ability to record their words for us to read. If we dare. I dared and discovered that I was not alone… but in the end, it did not help much other then to reveal something I already suspected. I wasn’t crazy. Or alone. There were others like me, although few in number.

They too found it hopeless to change the course of humanity through hope. They rightly perceived that our trajectory was irreversible now, with some having written their words and thoughts on this hundreds of years ago. They were right of course. What were once words of warning at the time became fulfilled prophecy in time. As will my words. They’re still not widely understood and never will be and neither will I. Humanity has chosen to embrace temporary, transitional things, including its seers from the past. They’re not relevant to the busy, distracted and disinterested people of the modern world. What they said, what they thought and what others like them say and think are simply archaic anachronisms without real meaning. Yet their relevancy couldn’t be more true then ever now.

Meanwhile, the planetary destruction continues, cementing the immutable words of the prophets in the dried blood of the victims. They told us, and they told us again, and yet we still choose to not understand or comprehend.

We don’t want to.

So the destruction is all we can look forward to now. And that is a fact. So you had better get used to it, because that is all there really is ahead. Everything else is a lie. Hopium wrapped up in distorted meanings intending to convey economic and cultural salvation.

It. Is. All. Hogwash.

None of the hopiate are bright enough to advocate for less, not more. None of the indoctrinated can comprehend that we are stupidly trudging down the same path as always, no matter what they choose to call it. None even care about getting it right for that matter. All they care about is being heard. Unlike the prophets which they despise, they’re only interested in their own voices, championing false causes and phony opportunities that always translate into more, more and more.

They will never get it.

Because they don’t want to.

And they don’t intend to.

Because what less advocates is like razor blades flaying their skin.

And they refuse to bleed or suffer or even be inconvenienced for the sake of the world.

Even for their own kin.

They are not even human.

They are something else, something not of this world.

So they go on spreading their lies and their deceptions and shouting their voices so that they might be heard.

But I am not listening to them anymore.

Neither should you.

They are liars, deceivers, destroyers of the world, and they are not my friends or compatriots.

They are the Takers who keep on insisting that they alone are right despite all the evidence that proves that they are wrong and are the primary problem with humanity on this planet.

I am not like them. But I am nearly alone. And I will not be remembered or honored or welcomed, like all those before me who also reminded the world of the path of destruction taken. But I’ll keep doing this as long as I am able. Because it is what I do. There is no other life for me. It’s not my day job anymore, but then again, nothing really is. It’s what I do, because it has to be done. By someone. It may as well be me. But this isn’t about me.

It’s about you.


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3 thoughts on “National Connedsumer Day Nearly Here

    • December 22, 2016 at 3:52 pm

      great giant gobs of Gaia gas! … gag gag gasp gasp gone gone

  • December 23, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Christmas is one of the most bizarre aspects of the present ‘civilisation’.

    1. Movement of the Earth created the illusion that, after the summer solstice, the Sun was slowly sinking below the horizon and that life would come to an end if it failed to ‘resurrect’ after the winter solstice: that led to Sun worship, close observation, and temple building throughout much of the world.

    2. The Roman calendar starting in the spring and being messed with by egocentric emperors resulted in uneven months and the winter solstice occurring on the 21st day of the tenth month, with notable ‘resurrection’ occurring by the 25th day of the tenth month. (Obviously there were not enough egocentric emperors because the designations eighth, ninth and tenth months survived.)

    3. Partial collapse of the Roman Empire resulted in a revamped form of Sun worship being adopted throughout what remained of the empire and the traditional solstice day celebrations being relabeled, as a means of stamping other religions.

    4. People caught up in the revamped Sun cult fervor spend the next 1600 years arguing over which particular beliefs and ceremonies should apply, and persecuting or killing those with different beliefs and ceremonies.

    5. By the middle of the twentieth century various quirky aspects -bringing a tree into the house or using an artificial one, a man in a red suit delivering presents, pretty electric lights etc.- had been incorporated into the Christmas meme. And by the early twenty-first century consumerism had been morphed into government-sponsored consumption insanity, with practically all meaning obscured, forgotten or never even known.

    I now realise that once a society gets on the wrong track it rarely, if ever, makes any effort to get off the wrong track, and tends to magnify its errors as time passes. That is especially true for western-style industrial societies run by banks, corporations and opportunists for the short-term benefit of banks, corporations and opportunists. They have no other model other than meltdown of the planet for the sake of short-term consumerism. And I am not looking to the Trump administration or any other administration to change anything -just to make matters worse faster.

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