NASA’s Journey To Tomorrow

If you have access to Amazon Prime movies, I would recommend everyone watch “Above and Beyond, NASA’s Journey To Tomorrow”.

Covering space exploration, Earth, Mars, Venus and beyond, this documentary shows how far we have come as a space-faring species towards understanding our Solar System, the Earth and beyond.

There is also a good presentation on how by exploring space and the nearby planets, we’ve come to understand the fragility of Earth and how we have changed this irreversibly. But one of the most outstanding segments of the documentary was the incredible enormity of the Universe. Hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, and planets too innumerable to count.

Our planet is incredibly unique and so very, very special. Nothing else like it has been discovered yet (and may never be). Humans have changed the planet in some very scary ways and if we do not reverse these changes somehow – we will extinguish all life on Earth from our carelessness.

Science, exploration, curiosity and the great questions of mankind are presented in an informative and educational way.


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