NASA Warning: Global Climate Change Impact on Crops

Nothing readers here shouldn’t know already, but now NASA is warning about the impact on food crops:

Average global crop yields for maize, or corn, may see a decrease of 24% by late century, with the declines becoming apparent by 2030, with high greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new NASA study. Wheat, in contrast, may see an uptick in crop yields by about 17%. The change in yields is due to the projected increases in temperature, shifts in rainfall patterns and elevated surface carbon dioxide concentrations due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, making it more difficult to grow maize in the tropics and expanding wheat’s growing range. Credit: NASA/Katy Mersmann

Let me be the first to say that the impact is already being felt and experienced by farmers, which includes both droughts, floods, and delayed seasons due to unseasonable temperatures. Corn is expected to drop by 24% – and estimate that I think is woefully too low.

Wheat may increase yields, but at lower nutrition levels due to higher temperatures, so this may be a wash or it may even be worse.

Here’s what’s been happening already:

Everyone must realize that these are clear warning signs about what is still to come – hotter, drier, wetter and more extreme. Higher temperatures mean more evaporation which will eventually transpire into higher levels of rainfall / snow in different regions. Higher temperatures also mean higher soil temperatures which will also directly affect plant life and crops.

I’m expected huge food shortages to develop as a result of deadly climate change – the likes which the world has never, ever seen. Eventually, huge levels of the Earth will be uninhabitable and all the food crops presently grown there will all wither and die out, impacting global crops on a massive scale. And if we run out of energy to run our food processing, transportation and shipments… well, you get the idea. Civilization will collapse.

Enormous changes ahead and there is no good news that you can actually trust and believe in.


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One thought on “NASA Warning: Global Climate Change Impact on Crops

  • November 4, 2021 at 4:38 pm

    As we know, higher temperatures lead to the atmosphere holding more water vapour, which will increase the overheating while in the form of water vapour, and will fall out the sky in ever-greater deluges when warm moist air cools or collides with cold air.

    Since governments are primarily concerned with protecting and promoting financial scams, it naturally follows that they will do nothing to reduce actual emissions of life-threatening gases if doing so impacts on the aforementioned financial scams.

    Thus, we are subjected to a continuous stream of policies that make matters worse.

    6 months from now well be witnessing the effects of 422 ppm atmospheric CO2.


    On the matter of food:

    ‘First we should note that cereals, dairy prices, and especially prices for vegetable oils have driven global food prices to a ten year high. Meat prices were flat. Cereal prices, especially for wheat, are being driven up by constrained supply from Northern Hemisphere producers. Southern Hemisphere producers are in a golden phase where they have higher output with these higher prices. Australia is a major beneficiary.’

    Breakfast briefing; China pushes harder to join the TPP |


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