Narcissistic Assholes

Flipped the blog off to ‘private’ a day or so ago. Going to leave you fucking idiots to your own devices. The idiocy online is staggering. Few of you even know how to read now, and fewer yet will even take the time and even fewer still will comprehend what they’ve read. But that’s not the only problem. This whole game of distraction and deflection from life itself has become a ubiquitous form of mass delusion. Even if you did read quality news (almost unheard of now), relevant information (rare), almost none of it has anything to do with you and your life and the time you’re spending here on Earth as it slowly erodes away to your death. That is to say, you’re seriously wasting your time spending endless hours staring at screens reading useless irrelevant bullshit.

Any perusal of the headlies reveals this truth. NONE of it is relevant. NONE of it actually matters TO YOU. It’s all endless distraction and irrelevant bullshit.

I know I’ve said this before, but I need to remind myself and say it again. After all, I’m the only one here now. I kind of like it that way, as my loathing for the species hasn’t abated. I see nothing redeeming about the human race, everyone is trying to gain control and influence over everyone else. There is no such thing as “equality”, or fairness or justice or even decency now, especially in the online world. I’ve reached a point where it is just pure loathing for the rampant stupidity, false claims, endless lies, distractions and conflations that I read in anything posted for public connedsumption. Everyone is simply LYING and attempted to create a false narrative. They want you to buy into their endless brands of bullshit and bravado. I’m not buying it.

You have to read with a critical eye. You have to weigh every sentence, every claim, every conjecture. The spin stories and false narratives are there to deceive you. Gaining eyes, viewers, readership, “likes” for those stupid fucking idiots that still use non-social media, raking in advertising revenue and their imagined 12 seconds of fame is the goal. It’s not news, it’s not stories, it’s all false narratives now, endless layers of deceptive bullshit and more bullshit. George Carlin had it dead right – IT’S ALL BULLSHIT.

If you want to piss away your life and the time you have on this planet, then by all means, read the bullshit and pretend you are “informed”. Go ahead, nobody is stopping you and you’ll fit right in to a deeply divided and endlessly distracted “society” of zombified, petrified and putrefied individuals with rotting brains who “think” they’re “engaging” with the world, but the reality is very different. Along with wasting countless years of your life, you are engaging with fabricated narratives and stories designed to distract you, anger you, mislead you and extract from you as much time and money as humanely possible – and you are doing virtually NOTHING of importance or matter. If pissing away your life watching stupid screens still entertains you – then go for it. This is definitely the wrong blog for you.

The other dark downside to the online world is how we all are being falsely led to believe in these phony narratives and how we’re being herded into groups, identities and ideologies that suit us best individually, collectively making us feel as if we somehow “belong” to something larger then our own selves. It’s all bullshit of course, nobody gives a flying fuck about you online and you’re just another tiny little utterly irrelevant cog in a machine designed to use you for their own ends. If you don’t know what those ends are, go back a few sentences, I just told you.

Life on Earth should not be “staring at screens”. We should not be connedsumers, supporters, influencers or worried about our “audience” EVER. This is all narcissistic  behavior and we are rewarding this activity which is just wrong. Narcissist have taken over the minds, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behavior, ideology and identity of almost everyone else, YOU have been literally destroyed from within by allowing this type of influence to overtake you. This is why America is so damned fucked up now. Nobody has any self-identity now, everyone is a parrot to the endless shit they’ve digested and connedsumer, buying into the bullshit and falsely making it their own.

It’s a good way to make an army of stupid morons and zombies, you have to admit that it’s worked pretty well. But I don’t want to have anything to do with any of it. So I won’t. Fuck off.


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