My Gift To You

Rolling Stone magazine has a new article featuring James Hansen: Will We Miss Our Last Chance to Save the World From Climate Change?

Hansen is another scientist, who having done a tremendous amount of work informing the world on climate change, does not believe his own data or the conclusion it means.

He does admit that even reforestation and improved agriculture practices won’t work, but at the same time advocates carbon-taxes to be given back to the peasants in a fantasy move of combating climate change and thus lowering individual carbon footprints. As if that would be enough now, or would even work because it certainly won’t.

The disconnect here is astounding.

Advocating more nuclear power plants, while still unable to dispose of their waste is unforgivable in my book. Hansen is a bright mind, but he’s as enamored with Leviathan as anyone.

Meanwhile, we’ve got this to consider:

The global energy imbalance is gigantic and as you might expect, getting worse. It’s really easy to see in the dead of winter.

Rapid population decline among vertebrates began with industrialization barely gives any hint on the future and what it will mean, but common sense is all that is needed.

The biggest threat to the world is still ourselves and always will be, since the Earth before our industrialization was fairly stable, long enough for us to have evolved and survive to this day. But not anymore. Bill McGuire thought we only had 7 years left to fix the problem back in 2013, but Dumbold, whom we are stuck with for at least 4 more years, will establish planet-wrecking policies that will last centuries for certain.

Jason Box reveals scary temperature anomalies in the Arctic.

Why do scientist still not believe their own measurements and data? Like most depressing news found today, there is always some kind of positive uptick of hopium injected into the consciousness like the drug that it is. Scribblers are coagulating like dried blood, congratulating themselves on the silly milestones of ‘renewables’ while truly important and scary facts like the above depict the true folly of our actions and how utterly meaningless everything we’ve done to date really is.

There won’t be any salvation coming from these people. This too should be obvious by now. Their offerings and gifts to us today are distraction, deceit and more disinformation, despite their best efforts and intentions.

Their in good company it seems. Everyone is hoping for a Hail Mary to save us somehow. The only thing I know that might (for a short while) is a massive volcanic eruption, which I don’t rule out as possible. But even this would only allow us to extinguish the remaining life on Earth even faster as we continue to preserve and promote civilization as ‘essential and necessary for all’ which is a lie. Root causes are simply never a consideration.

Desperation will breed desperate acts. There has been much talk and discussion of geo-engineering and how it will be employed with or without our approval. Well, we’ve already done that. Civilization has already geo-engineered the climate and biosphere in dramatic ways, so this isn’t really anything new. But it has not worked. Our interference in natural systems and variability has consequences, and so will climate geo-engineering. I’m not a fan.


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2 thoughts on “My Gift To You

  • December 26, 2016 at 6:37 am

    I suspect that for the majority of scientists who are still employed or are being funded by institutions of the empire there is a considerable gulf between what they actually believe and what they say publicly. For many, continued employment or continued funding of research requires delivery of a message that some kind of tweaking of business-as-usual will save the humanity from the ravages of industrialism and the gross overpopulation that industrialism fostered.

    Another important factor is the fact that many scientists are specialists in particular fields and have not taken the time to examine other aspects or to ‘join the dots’.

    To really understand our predicament one needs to have studied (in no particular order and not exclusively):

    1. The evolution of banks and the establishment of the modern financial-economic system.
    2. The evolution of industrialism and the establishment of modern systems based on extraction of resources and the use of fossil fuels.
    3. The evolution of humans and the establishment of complex societies based on group-think and mind control.
    4. The chemistry of the Earth and the chemistry of industrialism and how they interact, the spectroscopic behaviour of gases in the atmosphere and the natural systems that kept chemical systems in reasonable balance in the past.
    5. Reasonably advanced physics, especially of heat transfer and the physics of phase change.
    6. Geology and how the Earth responded to sudden change in the past.
    7. Biochemistry and ecology.

    Whilst there are plenty of people who have studied one or more of these aspects. very few seem to have studied all of them and made the necessary connexions.

    Even when particular aspects of the extraordinarily complex interconnected system are pointed out to reasonably intelligent people they still do not really understand because there is some essential component missing in the knowledge.

    It has taken me 50 years of enquiring to get to where I am. I have no idea how many thousands of hours have been involved.

    I do know we are swimming in an ocean of lies, misrepresentations and misunderstandings.

    • December 26, 2016 at 7:02 am

      That’s a very good list. I’d add anthropology and history. Always good to know your enemy.

      There used to be good reason to trust the ‘experts’. I’ve got a article here on this topic. Here it is – What we Know and even better, Understanding Truth (methodology section).

      Now we need to caution ourselves on the experts. They don’t always put it all together. They should.

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