Must See: Oil and Ice

Found on Climate Progress, a must-see video on oil and ice, drilling in the Arctic:

Big Oil simply does not care, and is never held adequately responsible for their gigantic messes they leave behind.  Drilling the Arctic is simply a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s certainly not the solution to ‘energy independence’ or weaning Americans off of foreign oil.  More oil simply means more consumption. The more we find, the more we use.

There should be some places on Earth that we simply leave alone. The reasons should be obvious — we NEED to allow other life to exist without our interference and disruption to their habitat.

So far, we haven’t been able to do this, constantly encroaching on critical environmental spaces, causing untold harm.  Species extinctions now exceed 10,000 times the normal rate, all caused by humans. In the not too distant future (just a few decades), it is expected that humans will have wiped out a gigantic portion of the animal life on this planet — including the world’s oceans.  Estimates range as high as 85% — a figure that is so shocking, so disheartening as to boggle the mind.

The Arctic ocean is critical habitat to life on Earth — it needs to be protected, not “consumed” by predatory human industrialized practices.


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