Muslim World Collapses

Bad news for the West is very rapidly escalating in the East as the Muslim world collapses.

Libya Protests – Gaddafi flees Libya.  Libya is going up in flames and down in bullets as I write this.

Libya warplanes bombing Tripoli-resident

Military aircraft fire at Libya crowds

News is scanty, but probably true.
Libyan Tribe Threatens To Cut Oil Exports

Oil Companies Prepare Evacuations

Libya Facing Civil War

Well, there go oil prices. And food prices.  And everything else.

Frankly, I think the title of this blog entry is in error.  It should be called “The Western World Collapses” because there is a growing dissent and unrest in the West too.  Our lifeblood has been oil since as long as any of us alive today can remember.  This is now going to be severely threatened as the oil-producing nations of the East go up (or down) in flames.

Dissent in China is growing (again), Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Morroco, even in Wisconsin.

Governments around the world are desperately trying to figure out ways to crack down on the growing unrest. Violence is of course, always their option as the news has shown. They are also criminalizing bloggers, journalist, free speech advocates, mass protests, and using online surveillance and the so-called “security state” apparatus to track any dissent.

I dare say, this was all expected for a long time.  The problem isn’t just about religion or prices or joblessness, it’s a fundamental issue of human rights and the expectation that all peoples all over the world have in a world of declining resources and habitability.

We have a massive population problem, the giant elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. We also have a massive resource problem, and a total dependence upon foreign energy sources.  Most nations of the world are trying to deal with these issues.  Above and actually “beyond” all this is a hugely growing environmental problem, whereas humankind has grossly overtaxed and over-exploited the natural resources.  Now toss in competition, immigration, capitalism and many other “ism’s” and humanity is already at each others throat.

There is no solution to any of this under the existing paradigm. Battle lines are being drawn on energy, resource, climate, environment, exploitation, economy, entitlement, retirement, religion, racism, respect and on and on.  All things “human” are on the chopping block, both good and bad.

If you have not figured this out yet, they’re going to make mincemeat of these issues, chopping them and dicing them up as finely as they can, distributing the remaining crumbs to the world’s populace.  Depending on where you are, your social status and economic ability will dictate how many crumbs you are going to be “allowed”.

Millions will die, even billions (in my opinion) as we tear out each others throats in our insatiable quest for “more”. Our sense of entitlement is unbelievable.  For most of us, we have really never known anything different and instantly challenge the very question.  It’s outside of our realm of experience, but contrast that to most of the rest of the world.

The opulence and splendor regaled by the truly rich is what a lot of people seem to be focused on, but it is much more base and fundamental then this.  The right to simply exist, and have the means in which to do so, is at extreme risk for millions upon millions of people, who have the very same dreams and ambitions any of us can lay claim to.

We are nearly entirely removed from this daily struggle (almost), but not for long. That struggle is now (truly) beginning within America. The million plus confiscated (foreclosed) homes just last year is a stark reminder that our way of life is crumbling very fast.  So is the growing awareness that governments and States are utterly broke and they are no longer able to keep up their promises to us, or meet their obligations.  And we’re “upset” because of this fact, but we’re still not connecting all the dots together and understanding how this is going to play out (here).

It’s maddening at times to try and convey this viewpoint and information.  Just today, I was reading in a printed copy of Wired how our stock market is now being totally run by computers, which are making millions of decisions per second.  The flash crash (sudden stock dips) that occur are found to be caused by computer programs (algorithms) reacting to other computer programs literally trying to outmaneuver one another in nanoseconds, causing stock prices to instantly dip or rise.

Entire fortunes are being made and wiped out in virtually seconds by these programs (really).  None of this has anything to do with the real value of the companies and their stocks being traded and sold.  No real inventories, capital assets or values are actually changing in these times scales (mere seconds), but the computer programs that now control our stock market aren’t working from these facts, they’re competing with one another in a virtual world (make believe), reacting to trades, buys and sells and “stock news” that is scanned for billions of bits of information in mere seconds.

Anybody that thinks the “market” is where it’s “at” is absolutely nuts.  They’re living in a dream world where they will remain the willing victims of supercomputers and market manipulators who understand that they can make billions and billions of dollars off gullible victims who think they’re “investing”.

It is of course, much more complicated then all this, but the Western world and of course, the Eastern world puts a lot of stock into the markets (no pun intended).  Yet the real world continues to grind on and grind down the individual lives of billions of people, who eventually, cannot take it anymore.

Americans are incredibly slow to react to any of this, whereas other countries and other peoples are not.  The reason is clear, we already have a standard of living and expectation that is considerably higher then everywhere else (notwithstanding other first-world countries who actually live better then we do — but they’re not rioting either).

We also have the most highly controlled media in the world. We make Communist China / Russia look bad.

I’ve harped on these themes many times before.  You can go on believing the deceptions and the lies to keep you ignorant and helpless or you can wake up and realize that there really is nobody in the control room looking out for “you”.  You have to do this for yourself, and the sooner, the better.

Back to work (here), I am being bombarded with orders and emails, so forgive my “break time” expenditure.


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