I’ve finally come to realize that the many decades that I have now spent publishing words, stories, research and articles online has been an enormous waste of my time and my life. That is not to say that it hasn’t been informative, entertaining, educational or even appreciated – by me and by readers, which it has been. But it has come at an enormous cost of “life spent” that will never be gotten back.

When we are young, we see a long life ahead, and we’re not particularly concerned with how we spend this life. We’re doing what we want to do for the most part. But when we age, we’re looking back on the life that has been spent – and what life remains. Our perspectives and opinions change, having gained a great deal of experience and hopefully, more then a little wisdom along the way.

My goal, as it were, when I began to write, was to help elucidate and educate, to say something that was worth sharing and even more so, worth reading. But I’ve come to realize that what is online is not anything like what is written in books. Books and the words that they contain, are much more immortal then bits and bytes displayed on a screen. Words online die almost instantly, swept off the screen and off the memories with the very next post. Facebook has become the social platform of choice for people to receive their daily dose of news, but it’s an absolutely horrible platform for finding out information. Nobody will remember what you said last year, or ten years before, even with a Search function plastered on every page (stats show this is rarely used). If it requires two-seconds of effort, well, that’s just too much for people to bother with.

Our brains have become just like this – voraciously consuming ‘news’ and screen shots, short blips and video clips and remembering only what fits our particular social economic political bias filters. This is why people appear to be so incredibly stupid these days, they have no context, no understanding of actual facts, history or events, and generally believe whatever they’re being told.

It is this sort of attitude, laziness and disinterest that conveys how we are losing our only home, Planet Earth. People just don’t have the time anymore to be involved in something as simple as caring about what happens on this planet. They remain more easily manipulated and distracted then ever. When people don’t care (or object), this paves a super-highway for the planet wasting polluters to keep on destroying the biosphere, faster and faster in their insatiable quest for profits. We’re just too ‘defeated’ to think we can be bothered to engage where it will count. And that message of being ‘defeated’ is part of the propaganda that has brain washed millions of people.

So people turn to ‘saviors’ like Donald Trump, who is rapidly accelerating the destruction of the planet. Millions honestly believe that this man was ‘sent from God to save America’ but this claim is beyond the absurd. Their refusal to examine the man, his past, his policies, his words and his actions have created some very dangerous conditions for the entire country and the world. But of what is even more important is this: these people have abdicated all sense of personal responsibility and culpability, allowing themselves to be manipulated.

It’s a choice. We don’t have to be stupid. But millions upon millions choose exactly that. They don’t want to think, they just prefer to accept and be dictated to, being told what to think and how to act and what to believe is far easier then engaging in your own thought processes and decision making. This refusal to responsible, thinking human beings is what has driven a deep divisive wedge into this country, or more aptly put, millions of stakes right through the heart of America. The country is fracturing, dying – a slow inexorable death, taking down honesty, decency, truth, responsibility, guilt, justice and fairness.

The stunningly huge divisions now between ‘Americans’ has become so vast and so divisive that all sides are shouting, shoving, pushing, screaming and talking past each other. It’s like a million different conversations at once, a cacophony of noise, belligerence, anger, racism, xenophobia and paranoia. Common sense? Gone. Decency? Gone. Respect? Gone.

And it’s not coming back. Not in Trump’s America. Yeah, he has a great deal to do with this – including his fawning, rabid sycophants who continue to exhibit all of the above character flaws and more. Talk of civil war, murdering the opposition, arming America for the coming riots / war, deporting millions, demanding non-conformists Americans to leave their own country – the rhetoric is already at an absolutely insane level.

This ‘noise’ is America, and American – we’ve seen it before. But we’ve also seen just how incredibly easy it is to brainwash hundreds of millions of people, exposing them to endless propaganda and conspiracy fear mongering. Some of you may not recall, but I do. I lived through it and did many of you. The Vietnam era was overflowing with lies, propaganda and brainwashing that threatened to tear this country apart. I recommend you watch The Vietnam War: by Ken Burns (the entire series or you will miss critical stories). What happened then is happening now, and it shows just how easily governments lie, cheat, manipulate the political process and how millions choose to ignore the facts, tearing the country apart.

I still advocate that we as a nation need mandatory education on important subjects. Knowledge is the cure. Connedspiracies, paranoia, xenophobia, hatred, racism, hated of science or even the media – all these things flourish with a lack of knowledge and awareness. They dissipate with education and exposure to real facts.



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