Musings – Part II

I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I have not registered with any party for several decades. I don’t support any party either.

I’ve been studying up a bit on 5G networks and their alleged ‘wonderfulness’ and the endless hype about how great this is going to be. And 6G networks. Uh, no, I don’t think we need this to be honest and I’m not a supportive fan at all for more privacy invasion, unneeded technology and the associated health effects this is going to cause. But they claim they’re going to roll this out no matter what.

I’m glad I live remote. Hopefully I can keep some of the intrusiveness of the world at bay, at least until I’m dead. Then it’s the problem of those who still want to retain some control and independence over their own lives. Just like it is now.

The constant rushing force of pushing technology upon the world’s populations is not in agreement with me. I’ve lived long enough and done enough to realize and believe that nothing comes for free, there is always a cost, and oftentimes in hidden, unexamined ways. I’ve seen the development of color televisions, push button phones, microwaves, the Internet, cell phones, electric bicycles, electric cars and every single generation of the personal computer, beginning with the IBM XT. Most of these technologies didn’t ask me to sign away my individual rights and liberties with arcane “end user licensing agreements”, but that’s now all changed.

I still prefer things to be “hands-on” and simpler. The remote on my television is handy, but not necessary, except for the fact that they’ve now removed manual button selections so I’m stuck with the remote if I want to use it. I prefer a cell phone over a land-line so I can stay in touch with family, but I don’t care for smartphones very much. A simple, cheap cell phone with real buttons works just fine. I don’t like text messaging. Surfing the web on a smartphone can be handy, but it’s not a deal-killer. You’re either going to support local businesses or price shop them out of existence by checking billionaire websites like Amazon. As I said – there is a price that comes with every technological development and adoption.

I’m still having to wade through dishonest websites and fake news during my Internet connection times. That’s never going to change. But I’ve long ago realized that nothing published online has any real relevancy to me.  It’s mostly just endless distraction and pervasive, intrusive monitoring of ‘me’. My reading and buying habits are nobody else’s business, but the only ‘answer’ to that is to disconnect myself entirely and go dark. I’ve done that, several times and there is a huge peacefulness that comes when you’re no longer plugged in. But you will probably go through withdrawal symptoms, I did.

I wonder what all this technology is going to mean for my grandson. Will he know how to build a fire? Cut firewood? Fix a car? Rebuild an engine? Weld with a torch? Or will he be yet another zombie added into the world, 100% dependent on other experts and skilled people to keep him alive? I’ll definitely have a lot to ‘say’ about all of that.

So far, despite constant censorship of my online efforts and commentary, nobody has actually managed to shut me up. But how much longer is that going to last? Will private websites continue to be tolerated? Or will they just drop them out of the globally controlled search engines and relegate them to non-existence?

Dissent is one of the highest forms of real patriotism, but you’d think that dissenters were terrorists by the way they are portrayed in the media. Opinions are being flattened and molded to be ‘uniform’ and ‘socially acceptable’. Well, fuck that. I’ve got something to say and I’m going to say it. I just did.

I’m not interested in conformity. Yes, that’s gotten me in trouble before. I’m not interested in social acceptability. Hell, I’m not interested in most things in the modern world. I pick out the pieces and parts and participation that I like and ignore all the rest.

I don’t want to be a zombie. I would like to exercise my brain and my thoughts and my belief systems and learn through self-education and the work of others what is worth paying attention to, what is worth knowing, and what is worth pursuing.

I self-elected to study climate change, global warming, civilization collapse and the future of mankind because I found these topics quite interesting and relevant. Nobody pays me to write anything so I’m not being persuaded to put any kind of a ‘slant’ on my commentary and observations. What I ‘see’ ahead for mankind does not align with what most people see or think will happen. I’m totally ok with that. We all have the right to choose what we want to believe, even if it doesn’t make any sense, and as long as it does not harm anyone else.

But there’s the real rub – wrong beliefs on important topics that affect everyone can actually harm everyone just like bad politicians do. Climate change and its causes are one of these ‘beliefs’. As a topic and as a subject, holding the wrong beliefs here has a percolating effect that remains blind to both causation and harms.

I don’t believe that mass ‘awareness’ however changes outcomes very much. Slowly, yes – this can happen. But overall, the changes are indirect, sometimes misguided and don’t have a huge immediate effect which is what is often needed. We got out of the Vietnam war, finally, after lots of people protested (hundreds of millions all over the world) and lots of people died, but also because our Presidents back then got exposed for the crooked liars that they were. Meaning, the protests alone didn’t cause the war to end.

I think it is like this in everything we protest and object to and want to see changed. Our voices count for nearly nothing, it’s designed to stay that way. We’re constantly being defrauded, lied to, cheated and stolen from. Most people accept all of this as being quite normal and have an entirely different definition of what this actually is. I don’t think they recognize their own slavery and the chains that they wear so lightly.

People are waking up, but in part because some of the old dinosaurs are dying off. But it’s a pattern. Every ‘new’ generation thinks they’ve found some kind of revelatory ‘truth’. It’s not particularly true. We’re all products of our civilizations and culture and even the times we are born into. I’ve seen enormous changes in my lifetime, most of them had big impacts on the times in which I’ve lived. But our own objections and concerns about them didn’t amount to that much, they happened anyway.

I don’t think we have what it takes, which I’ll call ‘commitment’ to effectively change the world unless it’s highly profitable to do so. If this component is absent, then forgetaboutit. Modern humans in first world countries only ultimately care about money when making life choices and decisions. When it starts costing them too much, they either stop or switch to something else or demand it all back, if they can get it.

This emphasis on personal wealth, ‘stuff’, comfort and convenience has long been identified as the best means of control and profits by the world’s corporations and businesses. This is why businesses that don’t cater to these things languish and fail, and why we have a endless plethora of ‘choices’ of which widget, whatnot, do-dad and shiny thing we want to own, eat or play with. We don’t much really care how we get it either, or at what cost. Being in debt is ‘normal’ now for billions. Throwing away our useless junk that we’re still paying on is also considered normal.

And this is why the world is so seriously, forever fucked up. Greed rules. Profits come first. Personal wealth and comfort over preservation and protection. Hell, we’re even willing to sacrifice our own sons and daughter to ensure that the gravy train continues to run. We’re not really willing to take a stand on much of anything if this is going to ‘cost’ us something in comfort or false ‘security’.

The only changes we see forthcoming are those that are directly and indirectly tied to more profits. Having monetized our very existence, life itself and even the air we breathe, this has become just more exploitable ‘commodities’ that somebody is trying to profit from. An entire world-wide multi-tentacled apparatus is at work 24/7 to try and find ways in which to exploit everything.

We now live in the era where not only are humans profitable and treated like commodities, we’re also expendable commodities. But it’s always been that way in reality. Loyalties switched from tribe to kingdom to nations to corporations. By design.

But what is new in this day and age and with our ubiquitous use and adoption of technology, is even our habits, beliefs, ideas, relationships, and desires are being leveraged for endless layers of profit-making opportunities without our knowledge or approval. We have become exploitable robots, completely programmable with corporate messaging and commodities. You cannot go anywhere on the planet and not see this.

It’s kinda hard to get the zombie-robots to even perceive any of this. They’re programming prohibits them from critical self-examination. Like Assimov’s Laws Of Robotics, “A human-bot may not self-examine it’s own programming”. Almost nobody objects because they can’t.

We’ve lost our identity and sense of self, including real pride, integrity, mindfulness and honesty. Nobody is surprised when the President lies. Everybody lies. So does every corporation. We are now completely molded into their own image. The corporate creature connedsumer of the future. We stupidly and proudly wear their emblems and logos, fully identifying to their creations.

Families are now the off-spring of connedsumer culturalism. Identity and independence is the corporate brands you endorse and support. Your ‘job’ as it were, and that of your children, is to consume as rapidly and as fully as possible, thereby making your contribution and participation into society complete. You are them, and they are you, and the rubber-stamped sign of approval is how well adjusted you are to the corporate monoculture of connedsumerism.

If you want to move ‘up’ in this world, you are required to sacrifice more and more of yourself and your humanity, turning a blind eye to abuse, deception, lies, dishonesty and cheating. You come to know that a totally different set of ‘rules’ applies to those higher up the ladder, but your desire for more drives you higher and higher. You want the privileges and excesses that they have and it doesn’t particularly matter what the cost is. It’s an easy step since it’s been programmed into you from birth.

If you’re really ‘successful’, you’re now totally inured to the crimes and abuses and coverups that are part of the ‘success’ you have achieved. The suffering masses are just dirty gravel under your feet, all that matters is the next rung on the ladder that still stretches to the sky before you. All your wastes and shit and excesses that pour out of your activities is flowing down over the earth but you’re still surfing the waves of profitable glory high above.  You think you ‘matter’ and that you’re someone important and that what you do is ‘helping’ the rest of us who should be happy to choke down on the shit you’ve left behind after you’ve taken the lions share for yourself.

Your decisions are for you alone and how much more you can get and how much higher can you go. You’re barely human now, only in shape and appearance, but within you’re putrid, vile, rotting and disgusting bag of bones. You used your wealth to serve yourself and blind ambitions and falsely believe that you ‘deserve’ all that you have. Your reward is to sit at the pinnacle of human suffering and greed, crowned with the glory of gluttony and thorns. The slightest gesture from you could make an enormous difference to the peons below, but that isn’t your focus. There’s always another rung on the ladder to achieve, more wealth to accumulate, more greed to consume.

You’re not changing the world. The world is the same as it was before, just a bit worse. The exchange of personal freedom, liberty and independence for technology, control, surveillance, rampant pollution and waste, and convenience isn’t an ‘improvement’. Every nation on Earth is now less free then before, but you have to stop using dishonest metrics to understand this. None of us are free to do what we want now. Everything has a price-tag. If you can pay the price you can have it. If not, then you’ll learn to do without.\

Nothing is free, not even freedom. Freedom doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with patriotism or nationalism or any other ism. If you want any shred of any kind of personal freedom, you’re going to have to fight for it, because they sure as hell don’t want you to have any of it. Only zombies are compatible with a sick society. Human-bots don’t want freedom. They want comfort, so don’t expect their help, or understanding, ever.

Yeah, I like simple. Life is more understandable, palatable, real. I miss the days when life was simpler. That’s a common feeling. Most people don’t do anything about it because they’ve been programmed not to.

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