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Ho hum… there has been a lot going on since the last time I bothered to weigh in on climate collapse. Vast swaths of California are still burning, as is my own region, and in British Columbia. The air so thick with smoke here, visibility is down to 100 yards, and the most of the fires are hundreds of miles away. But the real news is the useless discussion going on about a New York Time’s article, “Losing Earth“.

Real Climate has weighed in on this, as have many other sites and authors. If you bother to read through it all, you’ll see why I’ve labeled this another useless discussion. Humans are very adept at pontification and posturing, but really, really poor at tossing all the dross aside and getting down to brass tacks. In this urgent hour, it’s still the same kind of discussion that has been going on for years and years. And it’s absolutely fucking ridiculous. This is apparently, the best we’re going to get.

I am not a climate scientist. But I understood, early on, after simply reading the published materials then available, that a future habitable Earth was in severe peril. I’ve held this position for nearly two decades since first becoming aware. Since then, I’ve detailed many articles and sources of news covering this topic, even assembling several articles series to stop with the whitewashing (and sometimes green-washing), dishonesty, scientific reticence and overall “denial” that continued to permeate the scientific literature and assessments about catastrophic climate change.

It was more then obvious that the truth about planet Earth and the future habitability for humans, for wildlife, for fauna – was not being told. And to put it bluntly – I was right, about all of it. My own attempts to gain some traction on this most critical topic ultimately failed to generate much interest and I eventually stopped trying, as have many others. I was frustrated, disappointed, broke and discouraged. I closed this blog, several times, out of “self-preservation and sanity”. I just couldn’t take it anymore. And I was in good company, most of the good blogs and websites on this matter also disappeared – for the same reasons. America didn’t care and it didn’t look like it ever would.

But climate change isn’t about feelings, or “belief” or politics or anything that we humans can imagine. It’s a physical process that is unfolding faster and faster because of human behavior. It doesn’t have anything to do with whatever idiot is sitting in the White House, or what the screaming “narrative” being plastered across the news feeds might be. Catastrophic climate change is immune to human beliefs, but it is humans who are now being directly impacted by what is turning out to be very real, very deadly and quite unstoppable.

You should read the New York Time’s article linked above. And if you want to waste more of your time, the useless discussion over on Real Climate. I stopped being amazed at their stupidity a long time ago.

As a side note: I’ve lost ALL of my former stomping grounds now by the way – places where I grew up, played and enjoyed. Every single one of these places has now burned to the ground (just in the past two years). There is virtually nothing left of these localities, but this pales in comparison to the billions of dislocated and homeless people that catastrophic climate change will “liberate” upon the world.

If it is not obvious – and it may not be – nobody really knows what to do. Oh, there are some half-baked “ideas” that have not been proven to scale, and many more that have been tested and examined and discarded. But at this point in time (still), the odds of humanity “solving the climate crisis” remains quite dismal. Part of the reason for this is we still don’t grasp it’s significance and seriousness, and we are trying to hold onto our present civilization no matter what. Neither position is defensible, and our insistence on these things pretty much guarantees our continued failure.


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