There is nothing “normal” about modern living. It is all 100% contrived, fabricated, phony “reality” that lulls humanity into a false sense of being and enormous life-wasting exercises from birth till death. First off, understand that our species never lived in large enclaves. Even “cities” were larger extensions of tribes (until they weren’t). Groups larger then 20 rarely existed. The perfect size community for our species is 7 — 12 individuals living together. That’s impossible to find today as every individual is now entirely dependent upon the larger community to support their very existence, without which, we would simply die.

But this is not how we evolved as a species. Cities are abominations to evolutionary conditioning and social skills developed over millennium, and so is consumerism (connedsumerism) where we spend upwards of 66% to 80% of our lives “shopping” for essentials that we cannot produce for ourselves anymore, seeking out mindless entertainment and distracting brain fluff to waste our life clocks upon. This is most decidely not normal, it it a highly contrived and controlled conveyance of wasting lives in exchange for profits by design. Buy it all, own it all, control it all, and keep repeating the mantra, “We are free”.  Free to do what? Die? Because even that isn’t free anymore, nothing is.

The mental and emotional conditioning that surrounds this life sentence imprisonment is all-inclusive, most humans barely even notice the bars of their cells and are quite easily distracted whenever necessary. They even find it difficult to imagine life being anything else, preferring to remain totally dependent and manipulated even in their very thoughts. They cannot even conceive of anything else and are so fully conditioned to seek to emulate everyone else and search out the empty promises of a better life if only they had more.

All of society and civilization is engaged in crowd control which outlaws every attempt to escape and to punish those that dare to try. There are many outlets for personal expression of independence, but they all disguise the long leash we must still drag around all the days of our lives. Legislation, laws, regulations, permits, licensing and constant monitoring and surveillance ensures that your “freedom” is the bread-and-butter of your handlers. Yes, I totally understand that this is all necessary now, but nobody questions civilization itself and how this all came into being because of what we built. We could have done it much better, but didn’t, and now we can’t. We’re locked into a death-spiral with the very structure that was supposed to enhance us (but didn’t), support us (but falters) and engage us (another miserable failure imo). We’re left with a caricature of empty activities that do nothing but empty our pockets and waste our lives, all in the “pursuit of happiness” and what human survival has come to mean in the modern world.

Nothing about the modern world is normal, it is all artificial and contrived. Society, which is really us, now depends and demands even more of this control over individual lives, never regarding the true cost to the human spirit and our daily existence, or what it might mean for our species in the long-term to manipulate the minds, thoughts, actions and beliefs of billions on a constant birth-till-death basis. Outliers are branded outcasts and illegals for threatening the dependency and status-quo of Earth’s “owners” and profiteers and the enforcing armies they employ.

Not many people seem to recognize that most of what we have as a civilization is actually all being employed to manipulate, control, monitor and brain wash everyone else. These “services” are disguised as essential elements of this society (partly true, now), but in reality, they’re really just leaching off of the rest of us.

We’re far too big now for our own good and as a result, we’ve had to employ millions of people to quite literally watch over us and our incessant bad behavior. The solution was always obvious but never discussed or considered. I call it “less” — less of everything. Stop with the “more” and the greed and the profiteering and the growth. Engage the whole of society with less, less people, less resources, less energy, less profiteering, less growth, downsize “us”, deliberately and conscientiously.

Humanity is now so brain-dead as to imagine themselves as living the “best” kind of existence humanely possible on this planet, while breathing down toxic poisons and living on top of trash heaps. We’re expected to cheer and applaud the most deplorable elements within society and reward those that try the most with the least (teachers for example). We exemplify what is greedy, excessive, destructive and controlling as “good for our society” when it is actually the exact opposite. We march lock-step towards our own destruction, quite incapable now of real change even as we see the habitability of the planet decline towards oblivion.

Quietly, we recognize that we have completely lost control over our very lives and we recognize that that govern our existence are literally insane, but we can do little about it now except bitch and complain. We lack critical thought, awareness and essential skills on how to extricate ourselves from the permeating madness that has overtaken “civilization” and all the chains that keep us in place. We know we are in for a rough ride and ultimately, it’s not at all certain that we will even survive this escalating madness as a species. Add in the destruction of the biosphere and habitability of this planet and it’s just too damned much to pretend we’re going to be ok. We’re definitely not ok, not even close.

It’s all depressing and easier to just ignore, or console ourselves that “we’re making a difference” when this is only barely true and inconsequential in the larger scheme of things. But knowing this, we are still forced to settle for what we can get because it’s the best we can now do, having lost this race for a sane world long ago. Honesty forces us to admit it, but nobody really does, because we’ve become really adept at lying to ourselves and everyone else.

Our reality is in fact, a horror-show strewn with wrecked lives and damaged people literally forced to compete for their daily existence in the prison we designed. Adapt to this ungodly forsaken hell or die — that is the reality. So we do, as best we can and the lies about what life is, what it offers, and even what it means continues because we must at the very least, cling to our sanity for as long as we can.


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