Morons Unite!!!

Someone sent me this link, knowing that I’d not be able to ‘resist’ a reply. They’re right. But as I’ve said before, nothing I write is permitted to be published anywhere else, so here you are.

If you want to read some (more) ignorant moronic crap from Michael Snyder, check this out.

Of course they won’t publish my comments, but virtually everything written in this article is a total lie. There is NO shortage of food. There is NO rush for orders. There is no September panic. There is NO rush for gold. This is simply yet another ploy by desperate fools to fleece the idiots among us.

Website that are desperately trying to stay in business are doing everything they can to fake you out. They’re anxiously trying to fabricate a fear-following of fools who will support their claims and buy their overpriced shit.

What I truly hate about Snyder and this website in particular is the incessant lies and deceptions that they keep posting. Infowars does exactly the same thing, year after year, article after article.

NOTHING these sites claim EVER comes true. And it is about time that they are held accountable for their deceit (stop buying from them, stop reading their shit, stop supporting the fools that keep lying to us all).

Let’s have the truth – food sales are SO SLOW that I have not even bothered to even reopen my website for the past several months. That’s a widely known FACT. I have been in constant contact with the major food suppliers while keeping the website and prices up-to-date – they are experiencing the SAME THING. There is no rush. There is no shortage. Everything Snyder wrote and those morons over at shtfplan published is an absolute lie.

The “prepper” arena is now so saturated with fools, idiots, charlatans and religious morons that it is now impossible to get away from their knee-jerk reactions and deceptions in this industry. NOTHING they fear has occurred. After several DECADES of spreading rumors, fear, lies and deceptions, they’re now so damned desperate to make a sale that they will write up virtually anything. I’ve caught them in these lies before, such as the fake “Homeland Security” letter.

Snyder appears to have gone off the deep end, but it’s been a long while since I read any of his crap. Maybe he’s always been a religious nutter.  But it’s about time to put this crap to rest (after 2000 years, ya think?).

If you want a good primer on the “biblical truth” that is being leveled against you today, there is a series on Netflix you can watch called “Bible Secrets Revealed” from the History channel (watch each episode). It’s not nearly as good as the research published by Richard Carrier and many others, and does not cover the truly despicable depths of deception, but it’s definitely in the right direction. Since most people won’t bother themselves to read books on biblical research, I’ve done it for you (I spent many years as an evangelist).

Those of you that are “awaiting” the End Times, Rapture, Second Coming or “prophecy fulfilled” claptrap are in for a long, long wait because it is simply never going to happen, because none of these stories about the “End” are true, authentic, accurate or accurately foretelling the future of humanity on this planet. Not a single one. This is a well-known fact by religious scholars and theologians all over the world. The bible contains many stories, parables, anecdotes and moral teachings – but it is NOT a book of history, actual events or “prophecy”. It fails miserably at these latter points as historians well know. It is almost entirely a book of fiction.

EVERY September (and the months preceding) has always led to a religious fervor (for various reasons, including Rosh Hashannah), but as we’ve all seen, every September nothing religious ever happens, not for 2000+ years. Nothing ever will because September holds no more “meaning” then December or April or any other month in reality. Religions put extra significance upon various dates and times, but other then human reactions and response to our interpretation of dates, that’s about it. It’s something WE do, within our perspective, and in this case, religious perspective which is contained (isolated) from the rest of the real world.

In other words, it has nothing to do with anything as far as humans need to be concerned. It’s not something “supernatural” or divine. It is our interpretation that gives dates and times any meaning and significance, but we need to remember that our interpretations are not reality. This September will be just like last September, backwards through time.

SOME humans may do some pretty stupid things this September, but that remains to be seen and it needs to be understood correctly for what it actually is, not some “meaning” we’ve arbitrarily “decided” according to a particular religion. This is why the “Mayan Prophecies” failed. Some humans interpreted “meaning” that simply wasn’t there and had virtually nothing to do with anything humans were doing anywhere (except acting irrationally). It DID signify a galactic alignment of planetary bodies, which is notable because the Mayan knew this fact. But it did not mean the end of the world as was widely (but wrongly) interpreted.

Despite telling many people this, and giving them the actual evidence (research) that proved it – I often found myself disbelieved, with thousands of people completely scared and making life-changing decisions because the “end” was about to happen. No amount of assurances or proof would convince them otherwise. Obviously, 2012 came and went and none of these people ever bothered to apologize for their actions. What I’ve found is when ‘fulfillment’ isn’t realized, most people just move on to yet another fantasy and expectation. The Mayan “prophecies” may now be defunct, but hey, there’s still the Bible!

Religion and religious superstition, manipulation, distortion and interpretation of the Bible is being used against billions of people on this planet for evil gain. Religion has been used to suppress knowledge, education, science, medicine and the development of mankind for thousands and thousands of years, killing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people and inflicting unimaginable levels of misery and oppression upon BILLIONS.

Think of the “ISIS” insanity we are witnessing now in spades, practiced by nations throughout the world upon ever country imaginable. This is what REALLY happened when religion took hold. Death, torture, execution, hanging, beheadings, beatings and oppression, human beings, mothers, children, fathers whipped with chains, sticks, clubs and more. Burned alive, having their eyes ripped out, their stomachs torn open, their spines pulled apart and their arms ripped from their bodies. Rape is even endorsed against the “unfaithful” unbelievers.

Won’t happen again? It’s happening RIGHT NOW. AGAIN. America is turning against itself in self-loathing and religious FEAR. Pretending to be “righteous”, it’s advocating a return to the Dark Ages by embracing stupidstitions and end time fantasies again.

Religious “leaders” threatened by an erosion of the “faithful” from their lofty perches of pampered privileged, have long devised various threats and mechanisms to browbeat the people of the world to bend to their despicable will and presumed authority. They are constantly being threatened by the developing knowledge of mankind in science and medicine and the quest for the truth innate to our species. Virtually all major human developments throughout history have resulted in blood-soaked religiously inspired wars in a desperate attempt to suppress the truth and to hold humanity in layers of darkness. This is exactly what we are now observing in the Muslim world, but it’s just as true in the Christian world too.

Uneducated and unread people throughout the world are being deceived into a blind acceptance of a horribly distorted “truth” being leveled at them to fleece them eventually from their money and to control what they think, know and believe. That is the summary of the world’s best researchers, scholars, biblical experts and archeologists. What “end timers” think is going to happen simply never will, because these stories are fiction, what people have embrace about this fiction is not true and never has been. There is no such thing as the “End Time”.

Snyder and many, many others of his ilk seek to leverage the general ignorance of history and facts in such a way as to promote sales and advertising revenue. It is an extremely common theme today, particularly within the prepper / survival movement, which is why I hold nothing but absolute disgust for these ignorant morons and their fear-mongering tactics. Fools and idiots will go on supporting these men – but you know what they say about fools – a fool and his money are soon parted.

I remember many years ago being instructed to “take a survey” in my town that was a thinly disguised attempt to find out who wanted to have bible studies. Since the “survey” itself was an obvious lie (nobody was going to even read the results, nor did it even matter if the survey was completed), I simply asked “Would you like a bible study?” which was the real goal of the “survey”. I was told by the ministry at the time that this method (of deception) was “better“. Convincing themselves that lying was okay, they clearly failed to regard the Bible that they claimed to support.

Little did I know that this was only the beginning of a pattern of lies and deceit. The disregard for truth, honesty and integrity was VERY common in the church and during my years in the ministry. Liars, deceivers, cheats, thieves, adulterers, addicts, pedophiles, spouse abusers and many many more evils permeated the ministry itself.

There was of course, much more then this going on, such as why no biblical prophecies ever came true, or why “healings” and the many miracles claimed were really faked, or why the corruption within the ministry was just as bad (or worse) then the corruption within the laity and “the world”.

Eventually I went off on my own, starting my own ministry, but I was deeply troubled by all that I had seen and experienced. It was then that I began to read the research of bible and ancient language experts and historians. The knowledge of actual facts, events, history and translations I read was more then startling to me – it was truly earth shattering because it revealed an incredible pattern of lies going back thousands of years. It rocked the very foundations of my own world to the deepest core of my being.

This is why I closed my ministry. I had been lied to on an unimaginable scale which has deeply impacted me to this day (which is why I truly despise with disgust and loathing the liars that pray [sic] among us). Either the religious were right and the experts and historians were wrong, or the experts were right, and religious were all wrong. I had to find out.

It became quite evident to me in time that it was the ancient historians and experts who were indeed right – and the church world was not only wrong, but deliberately practicing and teaching wrong. They knowingly knew they were wrong (having had their mistakes pointed out to them) but continued to preach and practice their lies and deceptions to this day.

I tried for some years to educate others, but eventually I learned it is far better to let people discover all of these things for themselves at their own pace. You can’t break religious indoctrination anymore then you can turn a Republican in Texas into a Democrat. People have to want truth. They have to have the good sense (and the common sense) to recognize that something is desperately wrong with what they’re being told and begin the effort to resolve the discrepancies they’ve noticed (if they notice).

You’ve heard this here many times before, they have to try. Try to educate themselves. Try to wade through the lies, deception, deceit and distortions. Try by finding experts in the fields you are learning about and read their research. Don’t rely upon websites, comments or the StupidNet morons like Snyder to “educate” you on anything. Get off your fat, lazy asses and take some self-responsibility for the junk and distortions you are carrying around in your heads.

I do not care – not one bit – what people think of me or Survival Acres. It’s utterly irrelevant and always has been. This blog has never been about fame or recognition. It’s always been about speaking as much of the truth as I know. Although I have rarely written on the topic of religion, it’s way overdue. Religions have a place in this world for those that find comfort in their structures and moral teachings – but it is NOT to be used to suppress knowledge, practice lies or distort the course of human history (which is ALWAYS where you will find it).

NOTHING “religious” is going to happen this September except the over-reaction of the indoctrinated few idiots that are trying to create “prophetic fulfillment” themselves. I’m hoping they’ve all got a suicide pact amongst themselves – the rest of us will be better off without them.

Just like the ridiculous and over-hyped Jade Helm bullshit you’ve all read, this too will pass into the dustbin of history as another “non-event”.  Remember the endless martial law claims? The American Civil War – Act II? The 2012 Mayan Calendar hoopla? Or Y2K? Hale-Bopp? For years I have been trying to tell the morons of this world to GET A GRIP ON REALITY (before you utterly ruin it for the rest of us). Infowars, Gordon Duff (Veterans Today), Brandon Smith and many, many others, including Snyder have been LYING to you. Mark these men as DECEIVERS who cannot be trusted to write anything with honesty, integrity or truth.


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