More War, Less Life, Less Planet

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As expected, that idiotic monkey in the Whitehouse has announced the following:

The White House has proposed slashing the overall budget for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by 17% and eliminating funding for research programs overseen by the agency.

Similar proposals have been sent to the Environmental Protection Agency, which could see its funding cut by nearly 25%.

President Trump has said he plans to increase military spending by billions of dollars and pay for it by cutting funds for domestic agencies and departments.

The outline sent to the Commerce Department, which oversees the NOAA, includes drastic reductions to funding for grants and research.

NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research would lose $126 million, or 26%.

The largest cut would be to its satellite data division, which would lose $513 million, or 22%, of its current funding under the proposal, according to the Washington Post.

Trump administration proposes massive funding cuts for NOAA, the primary climate change research agency

So this is no surprise, and a lot of morons are actually all for this because they don’t bother to educate themselves on what it’s going to mean to try to survive on a dead planet. Nor do they care.

Overheard a conversation today that took my breath away. The fellow talking was convinced that Trump was going to “save America and the world” (somehow) but in the same breath, denied there were any problems Trump could not fix. Moving on, I heard yet another conversation about how we’re “returning to Constitutional government” (as more Executive Orders are being passed).

It is astounding how stupid people have become. It’s as if they’ve stomped their foot down on the gas and forgot what what it even means to be behind the wheel of a fast moving dangerous object, or the responsibilities that come with it. Civilization is on a trajectory for disaster and it’s rushing towards us all faster and faster.

I’ve yet to see a single valid argument made for hacking away at NOAA. Or even the EPA. Americans have forgotten what it means to have polluted skies and water and unregulated industry. The EPA may not be doing the best job, but replacing this with State oversight will create a morass of differing rules and regulations (or none at all, leading to the same problems of the 1970’s, only worse). And yes – it will be worse, because blinding the country to the escalating devastation sought after by this Administration and even shutting down the satellites is a move beyond stupid. It’s suicidal. But it’s all part of the plan to manipulate Americans – you should understand that by now.

This is the rape and pillage “pussy-grabbing” agenda Trump has always practiced in throughout his life. He made no pretense that was what he intended to do when he ran for office. The man has no respect for anything, not even himself, but his vanity and thin-skin is legendary. Trump hates science because the man is an ignorant moron. He hates having anyone around who is smarter then himself. He doesn’t even pretend to not hate science either. But his empty promises on how hating science is for our own good, and turning the country away from critical knowledge that will affect planetary survival is absolutely insane.

So expect more war. Where is anyone’s “guess”, but I’d bet on North Korea (smaller then China) and of course, the Middle East (because there’s not enough dried blood there yet). Don’t worry though, Americans are safe at home (most of you) while our Dear Leader blunders his way through his first year in office.

Sigh… not much point in publishing what America does not want to hear (and never really did). Others may find it worthwhile, but I honestly don’t. I’m not giving up, but hey, the country is lost. Only more so now, more then ever. I’m seeing a lot of talk and activity that hopes to return America back to the Dark Ages. Most of the climate denialist (extinctionists) websites are salivating at the prospect (after they kill the scientists of course).

The whole of civilization seems to be forever wedded to the drunken groomsmen that continues their insatiable march into the depths of Hell. There’s no divorce and no real desire to get one either. I see no reason to whitewash any of this. Filed under “Collapse” because this will all help accelerate our decline.


NOAA Cuts Could Stymie Research, Put Lives at Risk

“Any weakening of our technological, scientific, and human capabilities related to weather and climate places American lives and property at risk,” Marshall Shepherd, director of the atmospheric science program at the University of Georgia and a former president of the American Meteorological Society

The proposal “is opposite to the ‘leave it better than you found it’ philosophy. This is take the money while you can, and let someone else in the future put Humpty Dumpty (aka NOAA) together again,” David Titley, director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Penn State and a retired rear admiral in the Navy, said in an email.

“Make no mistake — the proposed policies are designed to deal a body blow to climate science, and associated climate policy, that will be felt long after this administration leaves the White House,” Kim Cobb, a coral expert at Georgia Tech who receives some NOAA funding, said in an email.

And more Trump Administration stupidity here:

EPA Withdraws Request for Methane Data

The Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn an Obama-era request for methane emissions information from 15,000 oil and gas companies nationwide — a decision the Trump administration made after 11 states said the request amounted to “harassment.”

The withdrawal on Thursday is a sign that the EPA under new administrator Scott Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general who has expressed doubts about established climate science, is beginning to reconsider and possibly reverse the Obama administration’s efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

The “Plan” as it were, is to keep scientists blind, censored and unemployed while the Trump Administration and all of the global-polluting industries of the world rape, pillage and plunder “making America great again” (for the rich) who won’t live long enough to see the horrifying global destruction they’ve caused.

There is now ample evidence that Trump and his Cabinet don’t give a rats ass whatsoever about Americans or our future. It’s stunning how many people are still drinking the Kool-Aid however.


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6 thoughts on “More War, Less Life, Less Planet

  • March 5, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Admin – thank you for posting that Rich Roll book. Thanks to this blog I stopped eating red meat about a year ago. After reading the Rich Roll book I have decided to go vegan. Right now I am reading Meat is for Pussies. It’s pretty entertaining but these guys seem to get the ideas you have put forth in this blog and share many of the concerns about what we’re doing to the environment and our own bodies. It’s very inspiring.

    • March 5, 2017 at 11:10 am

      Your welcome! I’m still reading “Mad Cowboy” and definitely recommend everyone get their hands on a copy of this. I know that we are all responsible for the planetary destruction and how climate change is accelerating, but this book will reveal much, much more then that. It’s an easy read too.

  • March 5, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Bush I: “The American way of life in not negotiable.”

    Clinton: “The economy has never been better.” (And I did not have sex with that woman.)

    Bush II: “Our enemies hate our freedoms.” “Weapons of mass destruction.” “Mission Accomplished.” “Sleeper cells of terrorists.”

    Obama: “Hope and change you can believe in.” “The economy has never been stronger.’

    Trump: ‘Make America great again.”

    It’s a pity George Carlin is no longer around to critique the thing that now occupies the White House.

    Dow Jones Index 21,000. Hmm?

    The current hiatus must surely end soon, and then I’ll become very ‘interesting’.

    • March 5, 2017 at 12:19 pm

      Slogans sell propaganda. I’m seeing a LOT of business failures (locally and in the snooze). America certainly isn’t going to be great again, we’re still heading towards serious disaster.

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