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I’m suspicious of this one: Fuel Vapour Technology Produces 92 mpg Sports Car

According to their website, the fuel is “vaporized”, which is supposed to be different the then atomized fuel process we use now. No car runs on “liquid fuel” as their website feebly attempts to claim.

Fuel efficiency increase is only 10% – 20%, which makes no sense compared to their mileage claims and “180 horsepower” engine.

I declare it more vaporware like the vast majority of techno-promises that seems to be spilling out onto the cracked sidewalk.


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One thought on “More Vaporware

  • July 16, 2007 at 6:15 am
    Agreed, yet another plausible-sounding ‘magic bullet’ scam designed to bilk gullible investors and distract the uninformed masses/attention from the problem (Steorn’s orbo perpetual motion machine comes immediately to mind). Techno-optimism bandied about yet again.

    A little digging found that the “ale'” is actually a lightweight (500lb) plastic bodied 3-wheeled motorcycle. MOST motorcyles already get 60-90 mpg, and fuel tank fuel vapor scrounging is already S.O.P . in most current and late-model (example- 1995 Ford Ranger 4-cyl) production vehicles. They’re just taking this approach further and playing with the compression ratio (long stroke cylinder), but based on the claimed mileage there is very little added benefit in such.

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