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There is so much wrong with this story it boggles the mind. The myth of Al-Zarqawi resembles the 9/11 coverup. Who actually was killed? And did Al-Qaida actually “confirm” his death?

A Google search of “Al-Zarqawi fabrication” turns up 38,400 hits. Not all of them are valid in the story of the Al-Zarqawi fabrication, but some of them are.

According to a story dated 4 March 2004, Zarqawi was killed when the US bombed the HQ of the Ansar al-Islam where Zarqawi was hiding out, in the north in April 2003.

???None of the former Ansar members remembers ever seeing or even hearing that Jordan-born Abu Musab Zarqawi was in Sargat, or anywhere else in the small Ansar enclave. Washington accused Mr. Zarqawi ??? whose leg was amputated in a Baghdad clinic in 2002 ??? of being Iraq’s prewar link with terrorism.??? [5]

And indeed the US itself is not sure about the role al-Zarqawi allegedly plays in the ‘global terror network’ as it has up- and then down-graded his role and responsibilities a number of times.

The propaganda/disinformation campaign built around al-Zarqawi was launched by Colin Powell at his notorious and totally discredited UN presentation in February 2003 designed to justify the impending invasion,

???Last winter Zarqawi was supposedly working with explosives and deadly toxins at a terror camp in northeast Iraq. US Secretary of State Colin Powell warned the United Nations Security Council of the dangers he posed in a presentation in February last year. Powell claimed that Zarqawi and Ansar al-Islam were Saddam’s link to al-Qaeda. The ???evidence??? behind Powell’s assertions proved as empty as that on WMDs.??? [6]

The nature, location, allegiances, even Zarqawi’s very existence, has also changed over time depending on the circumstances hence,

???According to US administration pronouncements, Zarqawi was first a ???close associate of [Osama] bin Laden???. Then his relationship to bin Laden became ???uncertain???, before he was back to being a ???close associate???.

???An official US statement declaring Ansar a terrorist group claimed that Zarqawi was a ???senior al-Qaeda operative???, but later he was only ???suspected??? of being some kind of affiliate. Until two weeks ago, he was considered the leader of Ansar al-Islam. Now he is thought to head a Jordanian extremist group called al-Tawhid, and only linked to al-Qaeda and other groups.???

???Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has had a long-standing connection to senior Al-Qaeda leadership and appears to be highly regarded among Al-Qaeda and a close associate of Osama bin Laden and (his top henchman) Saif al-Adel,??? the State Department said last October.??? [7]

The most damning evidence of the US relationship to ‘al-Zarqawi’ is the US connection to Ansar-al-Islam based in the north of Iraq in a Kurdish area, a ‘protectorate’ of the US since 1991.

The first question one must ask is why the US allowed this alleged ‘branch’ of al-Qu’eda to maintain its headquarters in the US-Kurdish controlled area where it carried out assassinations and attacks on the Kurdish PUK (apparently with the assistance of the Iraqi government).

Like most of the spin emanating from the White House these days, nothing can be accepted at face value. Unlike Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi has “apparently” served his purpose and is now “officially” deceased. Funny how that mastermind of terrorist himself is still running around. But America’s quest for Empire isn’t over, nor is the War on Terror hardly even begun.

Bush is already spouting his promise to continue the campaign of war and genocide in Iraq and asking for “our patience”. At a time when his public perception is at an all-time low, the alleged success of decapitating the al-Queda leadership comes just in time, eerily similar to the timing of the capture of Saddam Hussein when support for the war was falling.

We’re not taught to look at patterns and examples, or to follow the money and find out who is benefitting. But the sordid history of governmental lying, fabrication, coverup and distortion involving everything that this particular Administration has been involved with cannot be overlooked or forgotten. The spin regading Al-Zarqawi is whirling faster then ever.


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  • June 8, 2006 at 6:30 pm
    What I don’t understand is how people expect these people to stand around and do nothing to protect their country and way of life. If our country was invaded many Americans would fight back to save our way of life here, just as they are.If people think this
    administration is godly, then the beast has you eating out of his hands already~

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