More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots

The profit in chief [sic] spins out more lies: (oh gee… looks like the profit in chief got his Youtube account deleted for multiple violations)

Somebody silence this moron. While entertaining (if you’re bored), he’s doing a lot of damage to Americans. Selling fear and incessant propaganda, Jones has become the bottom-feeding standard by which all other hucksters and charlatans hope to obtain (including similar riches). He who shouts loudest, is the most belligerent, outrageous and ridiculous “wins” while deluding millions and getting rich in the process.

Americans don’t seem to care much that this media pig is always wrong. He’s polluted the survivalist movement for years and years and is one of the primary reasons many Americans are distrusted by their own government. Fabricating everything from unnamed “insider sources” and “highly placed military insiders”, Jones has created a micro-media empire supported by thousands of devoted fans whose gluttonous frenzy of fear has reached gargantuan levels.


I’m not the least bit envious. He’s serving his masters a useful purpose, especially on his website, which is gathering the names, addresses and IP locations of visitors and fans from around the world.

Many years ago, Jones approached me for help during a conversation we had. His website was ‘lacking’ (to say the least) and he was looking for someone to take it on. I turned him down because it was easy to see even then that he was a total nutcase. I moved on and so did he. Since then, his many antics, predictions and media appearances have only reinforced this opinion. The guy is a total clown. But he represents something that has gotten completely out of hand in this country, and that is the so-called “survivalist movement”.

I call them connedspiracy theorists because most of these types are also self-prescribed ‘survivalists’. They’ve been conned into believing a lot of useless shit and from there, they string together endless levels of conjecture, straw arguments and fear to advance a new theory of impending doom. They’re full of shit because very little of what they believe and embrace makes any real sense.

The lack of critical thinking skills is ever present. While some points are valid, many others are not – and rarely, if ever – does the claims add up to their wild conclusions. Jones exemplifies this sort of stupidity in spades. He’s considered a laughing joke among people who are serious about survival, serious about world affairs and serious about what is actually unfolding. His name is synonymous with “stupid”.

Whatever. I find Jones a total waste of space and air. The rest of you that think he’s “offering something” need to examine his track record (and his behavior). This is the standard by which all spokespersons / writers / authors / media personalities and leaders should be measured. Jones is full of endless amounts of hot air, and it’s really hard to sort through his spews but root out what you can (if you even bother) and check it against actual facts, and events. Has he ever been right? Not to my knowledge. None of his predictions have ever come true.

There are many, many other personalities that are trying to emulate Jones or carve out their own niche of deluded followers. I’ve known several of them. I abandoned virtually all of them years ago because like Jones, they wove together endless stories and conjecture, making up wild claims while denying actual reality. They’re still doing it to this day – and nothing they’ve claimed has ever happened.

We’ve all heard the term – “A broken clock is right twice a day” – which simply means that sooner or later, it will tell the right time as indicated on the hands.  Sooner or later, the doomsayers might be right – but so far, they’ve ALL been wrong, thousands upon thousands of times, decade after decade. Fans and followers however have a very low standards of expectations from these men and women. Being wrong doesn’t seem to matter, which should tell every reader something. Virtually anything can be claimed if you have a large-enough cult following, it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, lay claim to it anyway and damn the results. Just shout a little louder, the sheep will have to listen.  Sales are up, so who cares?

But isn’t that exactly what these clowns are speaking out against? The deceptions and lies of government, media and industry? The irony is that they are doing exactly the same things themselves and nobody ever holds them accountable. It’s absolutely crazy. The lack of accountability – and even ‘self-accountability’ by every fan of theirs is appalling. Why follow a clown and a complete moron who lies and lies, year after year? Yet the numbers of deluded fools keeps going up, which is a clear sign that the dumbing down of Americans continues unabated.

But crazy does describe the modern “survivalist movement”. I watched Doomsday Preppers and several other shows. What a joke. Anyone that doesn’t see through this propaganda needs to go back to school and seek an education.

The modern survivalist movement as shown in the media today is nothing more then a bunch of wanna-be “preppers” who are arming themselves to the teeth for the “end of days”. Religion plays a huge part in their decision to abandon life and dreams while stockpiling their bunkers and awaiting a magical rescue from an invisible diety. While I totally understand the need to be prepared, what I don’t accept is the identity of survivalists and what motivates them now. It didn’t used to be this way.

I’ve written on this before. Professional survivalists know that survival is getting back to civilization. But the modern survivalist movement is not just about “bugging off into the woods“, it’s about rejecting all connections from society and civilization except those deemed “acceptable” (which doesn’t include a very long list of people). Most see this as a necessity, but those that do, fail to realize that it’s quite ridiculous and it won’t work. Nobody is going to survive long when they abandon everything. Stuff breaks. Food runs out. People get sick. Everyone will need to be connected.






This isn’t going to change. Ever. Humans don’t survive long independently. They can’t. They require community, cooperation, continuity and the labor pool that groups offer.

The current global refugee movement with millions now displaced (instigated by climate change – a fact that many “survivalists” totally reject) shows just how dependent humans are on each other and civilization for their daily survival. Tens of thousands millions are now encamped on shorelines around the world. None ran off to the wilds. Why didn’t they just go “live off the land” as oft-claimed? It’s because they, just like us, need civilization and all that it provides. We can’t live without it.

We need civilization whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not. But the survivalist movement has other ideas. Their dream is to replace the current civilization with another “better” one of their own making, choosing their own leaders, government and industries. This will be horrible nightmare for everyone because many of their ideas are deeply backwards, self-defeating and for everyone ‘else’, a return to the Dark Ages of religious intolerance, persecution and oppression. And that is exactly what many of them want.

No, that is not the answer, it’s a nightmare. But it is exactly what many preppers are hoping and preying for [sic]. They desire a world where only their views are tolerated and accepted, using bias, intolerance, bigotry, racism and ancient superstitions. They’re hoping to ‘right all of the wrongs’ by force and by decree during the collapse they’re longing for, making America and the world a religious dictatorship that rejects science, knowledge and human development while endorsing intolerance and ignorance. That is not a world I can accept.

There is nothing different about this many members of this group (not all, but quite a few) then what we are now seeing with ISIS. The only thing missing (at the moment) is the beheadings, all the other factors are already there.

It’s been tried before, again and again, with miserable results and countless failures, and incalculable human suffering. For whatever reasons, humans refuse to learn from their past mistakes, stubbornly clinging to their ancient fears and superstitions, again and again versus abandoning the fears and growing in wisdom. I know what is behind this and why, but it is so far out of the realm of acceptable knowledge that is remains categorically rejected.

I hope their fantasy world doesn’t happen, but it just might. As the world deals with climate collapse, civilization will contort and feed upon itself with escalating levels of violence and depravity creating numerous pathways for virtually anything to happen.

Here’s another new(ish) idiot on the block that is projecting yet another “September Surprise” sort of claim. This one, like most, contains religious “meanings” fabricated from nothing more then false information and gross inaccuracy:

This sort of fear-mongering bullshit has REALLY gotten out of hand. The goal isn’t to prepare people as claimed – the goal is to herd all the sheep into a stampede of self-fulfilling ‘proficy’ [sic]. They WANT this shit to happen – and they’re trying very hard to MAKE it happen by spreading this kind of propaganda.

Religious fools are poisoning the minds of people all over the world with their make-believe bullshit. Like Jones, they’re always wrong, again and again and again and they need to be held accountable for their lies and deceptions. When is it a crime to stampede thousands of people into making life decisions that prove to be utterly false? Do these people even care about the damage that they are doing to fathers, mothers, children and families? No, of course not. All they care about is spreading their ridiculous propaganda and profiting off of your fear.

The Shemitah claims in this video are of course, total bullshit (and wildly inaccurate). This is yet another wanna-be ‘prediction’ / production based upon junk information, fear-mongering stupidity and prophetic imagination (look it up).

Complete fools and utter morons will believe in this crap. The video is simply a slick propaganda piece. Propaganda aside, only facts matter, not hype, fear or wishful thinking. The video is just more of the same religious knee-jerk reactionism and fear-mongering bullshit we’ve seen from every profiteer for the past thousand years.

I (still) find the recommendation made for Bitcoins a pathetic joke. Bitcoins are plagued with problems, scams, theft and fraud to this day, and yet this ‘financial expert’ endorses them. Bitcoins are an alternative currency, but Bitcoins are certainly NOT ready for mainstream adoption or any kind of ‘refuge’ in times of crisis. What do you think will happen if there is a financial collapse? People will suddenly start widely accepting Bitcoins? There is absolutely NO logic to this. This is strong evidence that this man is not the financial / profitic [sic] ‘seer’ claimed.

Mankind is all-too often intensely stupid. Fabricating a ‘reality’ that makes their daily fears more acceptable, men throughout history have laid claim to numerous falsehoods. Fearful, afraid, superstitious and manipulative, it is humans and not God that are seeking to bring about a ‘fulfillment’ of their many claims. They desperately need validation to vindicate and prove themselves and their theories. And yet after all this time, it never happens. Have you ever wondered why? The why is obvious! It is because the claims are false. The entire paradigm is false.

It’s obvious as hell – this guy is part of a well crafted propaganda exercise to prepare millions of fools into accepting more end-time propaganda. Conjecture and straw arguments are offered as the  ‘proof’ of ‘something will happen’. September 15, Jade Helm, Walmart (unbelievable), numerology, bogus prophecies, etc., etc., ad nauseum… The FACTS do not EQUAL the CLAIMS being made. Reality isn’t going to change because of bogus prophecies or claims.

This clown joins the many, many other false ‘profits’ [sic] that have been 100% WRONG every single year. Like Jones, it’s dogpile time (again) to ‘fleece the flock’ of deluded fools as fast as possible, while claiming to offer ‘help’ and ‘instruction’. We know what to do – just listen to us!

Sigh… this shit needs to stop so we can address the REAL issues facing humanity. But clearly, it won’t – so therefore, I ‘predict’ that mankind will just get stupider and stupider because of the stranglehold religion and media now has upon the minds of billions.

In the meanwhile, real issues of importance and urgency will remain unaddressed, as usual. You can thank the connedspiracy idiots and fools for their role in helping to keep Americans and the rest of the world uninformed and distracted with useless bullshit. They join the ever-swelling ranks of media whores, presstitutes and talking heads that are ensuring that you remain as clueless and uninformed as ever.


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