More Reasons To Not Be Concerned

Maybe I missed this elsewhere, but here is some really huge news: Greenland Ice Sheet Is Already Gone

The quick explanation: A 100% reduction in human emission today (globally), would still mean Greenland ice sheet will still disappear (we can’t save it no matter what now).

It is already likely that the entire Greenland ice sheet will melt as a consequence of the current human-induced climate change.

My own climate predictions indicated this too — but came from an entirely different set of reasons.  Looks like the scientific reticence is opening up too:

Now we say it is twice as bad as twice as bad.

I’ll say. Greenland melt will raise sea levels by at least 20 ft or more. Bear in mind that this will also mean that other ice will melt too… (it already is).  The Arctic and Antarctic news is quite bad.

We’re already there, right now, at the temperature rise ‘requirement’ (1.6 C) for this to all to happen:

We are already there. We just don’t feel it yet. That inertia is the real climate killer.

‘Thermal delay’ takes a few decades, but oops, too late already…

And they’ve found a new way to identify human-caused CO₂ from fossil fuels, versus natural causes, by Carbon-14 dating. Seems like over 60% is “ours”, even in winter. So much for the non-anthropogenic “its natural” crowd…

And there’s this – the rise of extreme weather events:

Don’t forget the 15,000 warm weather records broken (just last month too).

And speaking of pictures, this one is pretty – a picture of the the CO2, methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide over the Southern Hemisphere:

And finally (but by no means all) – the Arctic is burping methane directly from the water now. This, along with methane hydrates found under the ice and deep on the ocean floor in many parts of the world, virtually ensure a positive feedback. As in hugely negative for all life on Earth.

There are now very large areas where the sea is virtually “boiling on the surface” so much gas is being released.

But not to worry! It’s not real, the anti-science, anti-fact denialist crowd has confidently assured us all that not a single one of these measurements and observations are actually happening, and that there is no reason for alarm or concern.


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