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I could write on this subject for weeks (but won’t). Few people are truly aware of the insidious plot to track everything via biochip implants. Most are aware of the pet tracking technology, but don’t seem to think that this will apply to them.

Building you up to the real facts, is this story regarding biochip implants on every livestock animal in America (including fish):

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting a system that would have farm animal owners and livestock handlers attach microchips or other ID tags to their furry and feathered charges so they could be monitored throughout their lifetimes by a centralized computer network. The National Animal Identification System, as it’s known, has been in development by the department since 2002, with help from an agribusiness industry group that represents bigwigs like Cargill and Monsanto.

There are tons and tons of articles and information dealing with biochip implants, which I hope you take the time to read (Google biochip implants). Technology such as chip implant and satellite tracking is being heralded as the “salvation” of many of our problems.

Who’s problems? Not mine surely. I’ve never had need for my catfish to be implanted. Nor my dog, cat, neighbors or myself. So who’s “need” are we trying to address here anyway?

That answer is self-evident. The Controllers who seek to control every nuance of life itself believe that they “need” to have this level of tracking technology so that your chicken fillet only comes from an authorized source.

I doubt that the critters they hope to tag really care (I haven’t asked them), but I care – very much because I know what this means. The final nail in the coffin of liberty will be pounded down if they manage to get these kinds of programs implemented where they now track humans. You will be branded and managed like so much cattle. You already are, but most people don’t complain, never realizing their slave status.

ALL of the resources will be locked up and available only to those who are tagged and tracked. Want a Pepsi? How about a hamburger? Or a roll of toilet paper?

Controlling the ability to buy and sell is the manipulators wet dream. What a great way to get extremely filthy rich. And what a great way to weed out those nasty no-good dissenters that are still able to blend in right now.

Biochip satellite tracking technology will answer a great many issues, not the least is that irritating “privacy” question that some American’s seem to still cherish. Every nuance of your life will be recorded, monitored and managed. Buying too much fuel? Liquour? You might discover a “sin” tax automatically deducted from bank account.

Technologies such as this and a soon to come Terminator blog article, only emphasis my points what the future holds for human kind. Mixed in with these Orwellian power grabs are the global climate changes, declining resources and unsustainable populations all seeking an answer. That answer will be fascist control of everything, with even the areas you live in falling prey to the corporate controllers.

Bioregional living zones with every resource controlled will be the ultimate outcome. Will you join one of these (forcibly or not) and be a part of the the death of liberty? Or will you resist and learn to live without the authoritarian dictatorship?


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