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I hope everyone is paying attention. The news regarding Citigo being dumped by 7/11 because of Chavez’s comments about Bush is indicative of rampant nationalism and blind ‘patriotism’ (to what, I have NO IDEA).

What is so scary about this is Bush-bot businesses are blindly lining up behind the Liar in Chief. We’ve seen this before with the incredibly stupid “Freedom Fries” hoopla.

Are they going to stop selling chips, soda and booze to anti-Bush customers? Don’t bet they won’t. Attacking the “terrorist-enablers” who do not support the Prez and his incredibly stupid blunderbuss policies is already happening. This guy, got arrested for simply making a simple statement (of truth no less) by Cheney’s henchman.

Expect a LOT more of this heavy-handed bullshit from the radical right. Soon enough, these troublesome “terrorist-enablers” will be led off to the gulags.


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