More Headlies On How We Are Going To Save Civilization

Climate Central has an article title Can Business Save The World From Climate Change?which was reprinted from here.

Go read it if you want to read more absolute garbage and lies. It’s a pathetic attempt at pretend.

It’s futile to speak the truth these daze, on any subject, but I keep trying. This gets the False Narrative tag and Truth tag for obvious reasons:

This article contains a headlie – and many other lies. Business consumes energy; generates fossil fuel emissions (even if using ‘alternative energy’); perpetuates all of the destructive practices of capitalism; pollutes the environment; fosters constant growth and expansion; escalates the damage and destruction and rape of the worlds resources; drives more species to extinction; and so on.

Business will never be the answer, because business supports everything that is destroying the planet and the livable biosphere. Business is a heat-engine, a voracious, all-consuming monster that seek to place economic value upon every known element and resource, including life itself.

A profit-driven model can never be “good” or healthy for the environment because it always place the priority upon economic opportunity. The claims that business can save the climate is purely a shell game of semantics and an effort to redefine the words with new adopted and useless meanings.

Their goal remains exactly what it always was – remain profitable; grow and seek new opportunities and avenues of revenue; consume more of the planetary resources while pretending to be ‘green’ and ‘caring’.

So far – business has actually done NOTHING to stop it’s planet-destroying activities in reality. And business never will because it refuses to commit suicide – destroying the biosphere comes first, always.

Corporate America HAS in fact followed suit on the Trump decision. To date: no corporation has stopped its consumption, depletion, pollution or contribution to greenhouse gasses. Am I right? Of course I am. It’s all just a play upon words for the weak minded to accept that “something is being done” when the reality is very, very different. It’s still and always will be – business as usual.

It’s a f’n joke.


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