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No mention of deep water ports being lost to rising sea levels in this article – Who pays the enormous cost of moving all our stuff?

But you will read a happy note:

“Not anything within a year or two, but within a decade or so we could see very interesting stuff,” says Rodrigue. “A lot of vehicles will be self-driving, dropping stuff automatically at some specific, pre-set points, and the loading and unloading will be somehow automated, and people will just need to pick up their stuff.” The reduced energy costs of automated vehicles and optimized routing and deliveries could mean we’ll need fewer energy-sucking vehicles on the road to get all the stuff we need.

This is the typical disconnect from reality that passes for news these days and a point that I’m going to keep bringing up. You. Are. Being. Lied. To. By. The. Media.

If we assume that climate change does not wreck absolute havoc upon sea shipping, does not devastate economies, factories and production, does not impact resources, and does not affect spending for consumer products (by some imaginary miracle – but check the Baltic Dry Index for a reality check) – we can still know that most ports around the world will need to be replaced due to rising ocean levels.

Who’s going to pay for that?

You are (of course) – while you struggle for daily survival and sustenance. Meanwhile, this type of ‘thinking‘ (insanity) is still being proposed.

I need to add a “Stupid Human” category to this blog.


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7 thoughts on “More Happy Hopium

  • December 29, 2015 at 9:43 pm
    “I need to add a “Stupid Human” category to this blog.”

    NO blog is big enough
    … fuck, the planet ain’t big enough
    … to ‘entertain’ even a fraction of them.

    And don’t forget, “You can’t FIX stupid”.
    But you can ‘solve’ problem on an individual basis.
    Start with straightjackets and antipsychotics and if that’s too much bother, ‘git-er dun’.

    Let’s lean heavy on the Intelligent side of chasm and leave the stupid apes to their own diabolical devices … until they extinguish each other.
    off course, the downside being they take everything larger than yeast with ’em.

    “Ah Humans! Arrogance AND stupidity in one package. How efficient !” ~ Centari Amb. Molari, Babylon 5

    “Humans: viruses with shoes” – Bill Hicks

  • December 29, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    ” History may not repeat itself. But it echoes itself. Human nature, after all, is constant. We will react no differently from those who went before us ”

    Referencing the ” possible ” depopulation plans any elites around the world might be considering in the event of severe collapse and the mass social unrest that would go along with this, you wrote admin that you were glad that I brought it up. I am wondering if you have done a post of your own opinions of this subject before, or if your comment meant you might be thinking of doing a missive about it at some point. The climate meltdown situation will just overwhelm everyone’s plans, including those of the elites, precipitating its own worldwide depopulation far surpassing anything the elites could try I think. If you have discussed this before admin perhaps you can direct me to that post, and if you have not, I would be interested in what you think on this subject.

    • December 30, 2015 at 10:51 am

      The rich and powerful well know (through experience and the employment of experts) that humans are herd animals. They know exactly how we can be most easily controlled and manipulated – this is why they always single out the individual that stands out and refuses to comply, there is a LOT of effort expended on this as we have all seen. They try to prevent this knowledge of non-compliance and awareness from expanding into the herd.

      The rich and powerful control the resources, but connedspiracy theorists forget that humans are as much as a resource as anything else is. The goal is not depopulation as assumed, it is continued control and manipulation. The herd will do exactly as they are instructed through powerful messages like ‘patriotism’ and religion and ideology. Cattleman don’t wipe out their herds to gain short-term riches and neither do the elite. They need the herd operational, functional and working – that’s how they stay rich and powerful.

      Destroying the herd through a ‘depopulation agenda’ has never made any real sense. The reasons given by connedspiracy theorists don’t either. They’ve always been wrong with their theories and expectations, literally thousands of times and they’re dead wrong about climate change too (as the evidence clearly shows – on both points). They are not credible sources for this sort of information because their thinking and efforts are polluted by their own ideology and failures. Yes, I’ve singled them out many times now on this blog because they are doing incredible levels of damage while championing themselves as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘patriots’ and other such nonsense. Most of them are complete fools.

      What they infer from documents, case studies and experiments on humans (which did happen) is not a depopulation ‘agenda’. A lot of research has been conducted – without our consent, but it does not mean that they’re going to ‘wipe us out’ as claimed. No – they’re going to continue to manage the herd and control us while we continue to be their subjects.

      There IS a movement to lower population levels – which I support. I see no valid reason for humans to overpopulate the planet. If you think it’s bad now, imagine what 9 billion or 11 billion will mean for quality of life, food production, environmental destruction and so forth (to say nothing of climate collapse). What we’ve already done, population wise – is insane. This is where behavioral control is already at work – educating people to stop overpopulating the planet. This is not a ‘depopulation agenda’ however, it’s the awareness that we are in overshoot and need to get a handle on this.

      And this is where many of the connedspiracy theorists err so greatly – they can’t tell the difference between essential and ‘diabolical’. Wiginton mixes this one up all the time.

      I’ve no doubt that megalomaniacs exist in the Whitehouse and the Cabinet and in the Senate or as the leaders of other countries and many places elsewhere, but it’s quite unlikely that they’ll ever go so far as to employ a depopulation program. This is not 1825 – we are not displacing an entire continent of people to gain the resources. Instead, it’s far more acceptable politically speaking to manipulate those resources already here (humans). It could be that some diabolical leader would arise into power someday and do this, but that’s just pure guesswork on anyone’s part. I thought George W. Bush would. Now he’s hiding his head and afraid to go to Europe because they want to arrest him on the spot and try him for the war criminal that he is. I hope it happens.

      Climate change will depopulate much of the planet. It’s astounding to me that so few believe this or are even aware of how serious it already is, but the brain washing of the American people is really, really pervasive here. If we can’t survive this, how can our agriculture? Very few people realize that starvation is coming first as we run out of food. Already happening in the most severely impacted regions of the world. So ‘there’ is your depopulation for starters (there will be more events, not just this).

      There will be major refugee centers – right here in the United States – filled with Americans. That is a article I intend to write. And of course, the connedspiracy fools will spin this as ‘internment camps’ and probably even execution chambers. Fucking morons is what they are, stupid as shit. They’re simply making all the wrong connections and assumptions, using endless conjecture and straw arguments to try and bolster their connedclusions – and they’re wrong as the historical record now shows. Anybody that doubts this should just read their published history or listen to old broadcasts. Virtually EVERY claim they made never happened. Look at the crap that Gordon Huff at Veterans today claimed about Ebola in the United States, or the arch-idiot, Alex Jones. These fools are forever wrong about everything.

      What I don’t “expect” is aerial spraying or a biological weapons release or “human cattle cars” (already proven to be totally false), etc. These are the domains of the connedspiracy fools and promoters who are getting very rich off of the ignorant masses that fall for this sort of crap.

      If you are paying close attention – take special note of “who” and “what” gets promoted now in the so-called ‘alternative’ movement and media. For several years now they’ve been getting bolder and making more outrageous claims (acts of desperation imo). The loudest voice is often wrong. It’s a tactic to overshadow common sense, reason and real evidence.

      Yes – virtually “anything” could happen as I’ve always said – but it is simply not reasonable to expect this because it lack credibility. I’d rather be prepared for what is foreseeable and known versus reactionary conspiracy b.s. which is what feeds these connedspiracy profiteers. I categorically refuse to live in fear. Fear makes for a shitty life and bad decisions. Just walk away from the fear mongers – and get your life back.

      It’s really odd – they point out the ‘elite’ making trillions off of us as being bad, but turn right around and make millions themselves shoveling ridiculous theories and claims. Humans are truly stupid and will fall for anything.

      • December 30, 2015 at 7:12 pm

        I suppose you might have asked your question because of this perspective –

        I just read it and do not agree. Too much conjecture and assumption, drawing the wrong conclusions. Of course, he might be right too – but that’s just guesswork at this stage.

        a) The assumption that the elite ‘need to create space for themselves’ makes no sense (they already have it and if not, they can certainly buy it and the guards to keep it). I pointed this out years ago. They’re already doing it.

        b) The reference to a 1948 document is invalid and certainly, obsolete. Think about it – it’s been 68 years. How old are you? (that’s rhetorical question just to prove the point). The architects of this document are dead and gone.

        c) The 1956 reference was made during the Cold War and anti-Soviet propaganda McCarthy era – not particularly relevant today either.

        d) Anthrax mailings are not really anything new – it happened in the wake of 9/11 (and no, I do not believe the official narrative on this or Kennedy or Pearl Harbor, etc.) But this doesn’t prove anything either, certainly not any “proof” regarding a ‘depopulation agenda’. It’s more straw arguments and not very good ones at that.

        e) ‘When money doesn’t matter’ – you mean when hell freezes over and everyone is dead. Money will always matter as long as there is a civilization and human activity. Until then, the endless claims that money will be ‘worthless’ is factually baseless. Even in collapse, life goes on – and so does economic activity. Everyone thinks its all “over” – but that is not true. It’s over when there is nothing of value left and no humans to trade with. Collapse is taking years to mature, but the economy and the value of money will continue (examine this point in collapsed countries from history – money ALWAYS mattered). It’s also already evidence that “global collapse” will not happen as some thought – migration to survivable habitats and regions means economic and industrial activity. This was covered in my collapse series.

        f) there have been many claims before that the population will be wiped out – none proved to be true. Ignore that for a moment (because it is not proof of what the future may be) but inquire as to why none proved to be true. What did they miss? McPherson is making the same mistakes as all the others that have claimed this. He’s not questioning the narrative – he’s just going along with it.

        g) the narrative – as shared above – makes no sense. There is nothing to be gained and everything to lose by unleashing a bioweapon (by the elite). They’re just as likely to kill themselves in the effort. This of course, does not apply to terrorists or suicidal maniacs that may get their hands on such a weapon, and that’s an entirely different scenario with a different plausibility.

        h) we’re facing a global refugee problem (worsening daily) and yes, this does mean conflict and war. But hasn’t it always? The scale and scope will be larger this time (by far) but the results will not be unfamiliar. Also covered in previous articles here.

        I spent many years in the preparedness movement and rubbed elbows with a few of the so-called luminaries there. They’re quite simply nuts. The crap they spout is without facts and without merit (most of the time – but not all of the time). It’s always the same conjecture and straw arguments, again and again. I eventually realized this and walked away. The depopulation agenda claims was a primary fear-tool they trotted out regularly to keep up their fan base. And that was over twenty years ago, it has showed up several times since. As far as I can tell, there has been no new evidence to support this claim. That Austin does bears examination. Austin does not strike me as credible – excitable, yes, and easily influenced, yes, but credible, no. Can’t believe Guy aired his material.

        In the end – it makes absolutely no difference “what I believe”. Everybody is going to make up their own mind. I actively discourage “followers” to encourage this point and the need for everyone to figure it out for themselves. There are too many lemmings around. What you believe is all that matters in the end. But do you believe in the facts, or the fear? There’s a world of difference – and how it affects your daily life.

        I can’t save anyone. Nobody can save you – not even you, actually. Whatever happens, happens and there is scant little you can do about it except decide how comfortable you want to be as we go through it together – which we will.

        These discussions that plague the forums and discussions on the Net are generally worthless. They have NO relevance to today or even how you should live your life. I despise the fear-mongering this fosters because it is causing thousands upon thousands of people to make really bad decisions and miss out on a lot of life that is still left to them. Why do you think I shut down my company? Because I got very tired of trying to be a spokesperson for preparedness to an audience that refused to educate itself. I’m free of that now and finally have the literary license to say what needs to be said.

        I’m glad Guy is out there, but I do not agree with him on everything. And that doesn’t matter, because it is irrelevant who is “right” and who is not. We’re all looking ahead, trying to figure out what to do, and even if we have any role at all in any of it. I chose mine several decades ago and it’s only changed where I had to discard what was incorrect. I firmly believe that this is what each person must do too – change, adapt and persevere as long as they can. But what the fear-forums are “saying” is just so much bullshit that ignoring it is generally safer, healthier, saner and will give you a better quality of life then getting sucked into their vortex. I’ll keep saying that until I discover otherwise.

        • December 30, 2015 at 8:01 pm
          “It’s [vastly] easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain
  • December 30, 2015 at 7:53 am
    A “Stupid Human” category?

    That will require way too much bandwidth.

  • December 31, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    Thank you for your thoughts admin on this depopulation subject. My question was related to the video link that I posted, which you gave a brief response to. Even though I am concerned of course about the way the world is going, and try to learn what I can about these developments, I also too enjoy my life very much, my family and friends, and the valued time that I get to be out in nature.

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