More Fun Times Ahead

New studies reveal: Soils could release much more carbon than expected as climate warms

A 30% – 34% increase in carbon release from warming soils was measured in a test plot. This represents a huge increase in carbon release into the atmosphere, if applied around the world it’s an amount equal to 30% annually of all human emissions.

And to add to the joyful fun ahead, Computer models show possible impact to world’s oceans of four major stressors due to climate change

The four main stressors are – pH level (more CO2 makes the water more acidic), primary production (availability of food), and water temperature and oxygen levels in the water.

“The model predicted that within just 15 years more than half of the world’s oceans will be reacting to more than one of the four stressors—by 2050, that number will jump to 86 percent. These estimates were based on the status quo, meaning emissions levels remain at current levels.”

Which of course they will. But the article digresses into hopium, with Paris agreement “pledges” – which if enacted would only delay that time frame calculated by 20 years anyway!

So, in my best valley girl voice – Whatever….

The world is not going to listen to anything that details doom no matter how accurate the measurement are or the models. It’s like talking to a room full of hostile people these days when topics of life, future, food, survival, climate come up (like I just so happen to do all the time).

There is virtually no interaction, laughter, camaraderie or interest “out there” (anywhere but here). I can’t even imagine how these researchers must feel in such a hostile and ignorant environment. I’d probably be thinking about a different career…

And if that wasn’t enough (and it won’t be) to perk some ‘interest’ in the whole carbon bomb thingy headed our way and about to go SPLAT right on our dumb fucking heads, there’s this too: Trees’ ability to store carbon in doubt after groundbreaking Australian study

Not all forests will have the ability to increase their carbon uptake. In fact, quite a few forests won’t increase their carbon uptake due to poor soils. So soil health is going to be a big issue, which puts the whole soil warming question into view again.

“There’s an assumption that carbon in the subsoil is more stable and not as responsive to warming as in the topsoil, but we’ve learned that’s not the case,” says Torn. “Deeper soil layers contain a lot of carbon, and our work indicates it’s a key missing component in our understanding of the potential feedback of soils to the planet’s climate.”

Many parts of the world are losing soil at an accelerated rate – especially where farming occurs. But it’s also happening from erosion and desertification, both on the increase. Monumental rainstorms are expected to only increase and dry regions are expected to get drier causing even more soil and nutrient losses. All in all, it’s going to be another issue for how the planet absorbs more of our carbon.

And how the world plans on eating. Increasing levels of carbon are going to reduce plant yields and nutrition, while heat stress and water stress will also factor in significantly. And just in case it didn’t occur to you what the top links really mean, and how the four stressors will be a huge food factor – they will. It means the oceans will DIE. Higher PH levels, declining oxygen and increasing temperatures mean that much of the world’s sea life will simply vanish. This is actually already well-known, yet the warnings about this are still going mostly unheeded.

As I said, more fun times ahead. The world is not making any significant plans or changes to adapt or mitigate for these issues. The primary goal in the United States seems to be “deny, deny, deny” (while appointing absolute morons to heads of Agencies) and pretend it’s never going to be a problem, a position / claim that does not even remotely line up with reality.

There’s a war on science – and on your mind. Much of the “fake” news being pumped out today is all about making sure you’re fat, dumb, uninformed, biased and poorly fed. No, I’m not digressing. What I’m trying to tell readers is you are being played for fools. All of you. If you are not keeping yourselves abreast of the real news that actually matters and how it is going to affect you, your life, your future, your family and your very survival on this planet, then you are allowing yourselves to be part of their shell game.

I put up links to help readers stay informed. But asswipes like Matt Drudge puts up headlies of irrelevant shit like this: NFL ALL PILLED UP on a daily, even hourly basis. He’s got millions of readers. I have almost none.

It is this kind of distractive irrelevant crap being bombarded upon the global populations online (and on television) that keeps people uninformed on important news and developments. On occasion, I receive a phone call and if the topic swerves towards climate or sea level, I quickly realize that the caller has absolutely NO IDEA what is unfolding. Why? Because the media whores that help control the minds of billions of connedsumers are a bunch of skanky prostitutes only interested in publishing whatever generates advertising revenue.

Think about it. The real “power” then isn’t actually in the media who sold out long, long ago, it’s in the money being spent (and made) by the corporate advertisers and manufacturers. Their also the lobbyist who are manipulating government and writing our country’s legislation. And it’s clear as day to me that their only real interest is in keeping people uninformed and distracted with utter irrelevant bullshit while they fleece your pockets and turn your brains into mush. Our government is very much in league with these brokers of death and destruction. The new Administration fully intends to keep as many people as uninformed as possible on truly important matters that will affect your very life.

There is no reason for people to be uninformed like they are today. The complicity with this Faustian bargain needs to end.


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4 thoughts on “More Fun Times Ahead

  • March 10, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Yes, all of the above. A dumbed-down society of uninformed slaves to the corporate machine, manipulated and managed by bought-and-paid-for politicians and opportunists, and lied to constantly by the mainstream media: an entire system beholden to the almighty dollar.

    The consumption machine isn’t accelerating enough: toss another baby or an almost-extinct species onto the fire.

    There are pockets of sanity and resistance to the madness, few and far between.

    I have recently been in contact with a friend who has quit his unrewarding job and is spending time with his aging parents in England. Amongst other things he wrote this:

    ‘It really feels like being in the belly of the beast here. Consumption on an overwhelming scale. When you see the volume of houses in the towns and cities and then consider the ‘stuff’ that is in them all it’s bonkers. Then there’s all the trucks delivering the shit all over and that’s nothing to the amount of cars everywhere. Mad.’

  • March 10, 2017 at 11:01 am

    The majority of people think that this civilization, with its insatiable greed, lust, wealth, accumulation of stuff and activity is “normal”. It’s anything but. It’s actually an abomination, a destructive, sick, deadly ‘skin’ infecting the human race. A lot of people seem to like city life, wearing it like a second skin (for protection). I can’t.

    When I look at a city I can only feel disgust these days. I don’t hate the people living there, I hate the city itself and what it represents – what it has done to all the lives within its maw, crunching and devouring dreams, ambitions, work and the essence and connections of life itself, a gigantic machine with wide-open jaws gobbling up everything. Definitely the belly of the beast.

    Life is different in the rural world. I watched another documentary of immigrant coal miners from Nepal who illegally encamp on the outskirts of some cities (India, although I don’t know the name of the town). The law basically ignores these peasants who live like 14th century slaves, digging holes straight down into the rocks and dirts (by hand) and shoveling out the coal from the veins found deep in the earth.

    Their lives are brutally hard and they receive no attention or support from anyone. They’re tolerated because they produce something the rest of the region wants, cheap coal. But they pay with their lives with coal dust sickness, injuries, early death, or a cave-in.

    Exploitation of the nature world and cheap human capital seems to be the endless goal of the species. Indifference and apathy is a defining characteristic.

  • March 10, 2017 at 12:55 pm

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