More Evidence On Doing the Wrong Things

Two “observations” to share:

Modern life fails to intrude on Djibouti’s ‘White Gold’ miners

Earning just .40 cents for 25kg of high-grade salt. $20 monthly “income” can feed the family of three for a month. But it’s all being imperiled now because of industrialization, in this case, a Chinese mining company.

A lot of people on this planet work enormously hard for the barest of living. But even that is being threatened. This is sad, because traditional ways of life are still being destroyed. These low-energy lifestyles have been replaced all over the world with highly destructive, pollutive practices that benefit only the companies that invade these traditional methods, while displacing huge numbers of people and their lifestyles. Then once the resources are gone, they pack up and leave, leaving economic ruin in their wake.

Most people don’t care and never will because their own lives are either not affected, or they indirectly benefit from the short-term industrialized exploitation (cheap salt in this case).

Pedro Prieto: many solar panels won’t last 25-30 years, EROI may be negative

I’ve brought up the topic before that there is no such thing as “green energy” or any energy production that isn’t fossil fuel based. It’s true. So here is an article that points out the fallacies of solar panels. They may not even have a positive EROI (energy returned on investment) to justify their construction and use.

Their EROI is also incredibly low, at just 2.4:1, and to get THAT, you have to pretend that the cost of inverters and metallic infrastructure were ZERO.

In other words – solar power isn’t going to power or save the civilization we have today. If you read the article – they’ve been deliberately fudging the numbers for YEARS.

Basically, everyone is lying about alternative energy and how it’s going to work out for us. All the time, money, effort, resources and energy being expended to prop this up as a “solution” versus powering DOWN civilization (use less, not more but I’m the only one who is saying this) is going to prove to be a HUGE folly for mankind while we go on pretending that we’re “solving” the energy consumption issue. Our capacity for self-deception is absolutely stunning.

The reason why these truths won’t be permitted to be widely known is because it’s profitable to lie about them. Like everything else we cannot seem to fix or get right, if it serves the interest of profits (to include power and control), that’s what will be tried and done.

It’s very frustrating to constantly have to repeat basic truths over and over again, year after year. It’s like a plague of denial has infected the human race, which I suppose it has. It’s no longer shocking, just disappointing that we cannot have an honest conversation about our problems and predicaments. Looking forward to just a short amount of time, it means that we’re still headed as fast as we can towards disaster and collapse.


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2 thoughts on “More Evidence On Doing the Wrong Things

  • March 6, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    I’m both saddened, upset, frustrated and fearful. It’s impossible to convey any kind of truth anywhere now. Every topic, perspective, point of view or even facts are either highly distorted, manipulated, suppressed, deflected or lied about. Political leadership is completely co-opted and incapable of even remotely addressing any topic with any kind of accuracy. Media sites and sources endless parade propaganda posing as information.

    Just today I caught another media source ( engaging in censorship to yet another article of gross dishonesty and misrepresentation.

    Books seem to the only place where facts can now be found. Online articles, opinion, essays and especially commentary online seeks to obscure, confuse and deny global audiences. The non-interactive nature of books doesn’t allow this type of public disassembling and distraction of facts.

    But nobody reads anymore.

    Any websites, authors, or self-publishers documenting our escalating crises can only survive by self-funding or desperate pleas for support falling on consistently deaf ears. None of it makes any difference in the end. Eulogies for mankinds rampant stupidity and indifference.

    I find myself pondering the future a lot. I reach the same conclusion no matter how much information I read. We are going to fail, spectacularly. And much sooner then we’re being told.

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