More Evidence Of Massive Overshoot

A few more recent (and relevant) articles depicting our global emergency:

Nations are overusing natural resources faster than they are meeting basic human needs

For at least the last 30 years, not a single country has met the basic needs of its residents without overconsuming natural resources, according to new research led by the University of Leeds.

If current trends continue, no country will do so over the next three decades either, perpetuating human deprivation and worsening ecological breakdown.

I don’t know why they stopped at 30 years, but whatever. We don’t have 30 years left from all the evidence that I’ve seen.

Groundwater in California’s Central Valley may be unable to recover from past and future droughts

Groundwater in California’s Central Valley is at risk of being depleted by pumping too much water during and after droughts, according to a new study in the AGU journal Water Resources Research, an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on hydrology and water resources.

The new study shows storage recovery has been dismal after the state’s last two droughts, with less than a third of groundwater recovered from the drought that spanned 2012 to 2016.

Under a best-case scenario where drought years are followed by consecutive wet years with above-average precipitation, the researchers found there is a high probability it would take six to eight years to fully recover overdrafted , which occurs when more groundwater is pumped out than is supplied through all sources like precipitation, irrigation and runoff.

However, this best-case scenario where California has six to eight consecutive wet years is not likely because of the state’s increasingly hot and dry climate. Under a more likely, drier climate, there is less than a 20% chance of full overdraft recovery over a 20-year period following a drought.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, or a climatologist or even an ecologist to understand what this means. California is in SEVERE trouble with no viable solutions in sight.

One of the points I made early on (for climate survival) was to be situated where this is plenty of water. This is critically important for those who intend to survive a few years into the future. The other point I made was being able to survive fires: Fires in the Sierra Nevada likely to grow in frequency

Flooding will also be a major issue as increase temperatures increase evaporation which will eventually (somewhere) come back down in the form of rain or snow. Biblical level rainfall has been widely reported around the world as this increase in atmospheric moisture dumps over land, wiping out homes, bridges, buildings, crops and even livestock.

There isn’t anything anyone can “do” about the weather, but you can choose to live where you will be more likely to survive it when things turn apocalyptic, which they are and will continue to do in increasing frequency.

To understand the world, you need to develop a worldview that isn’t human-centric. Our civilization was built under the presumptions of a static climate, static sea level and stable seasonal weather patterns, however all this isn’t true (and never was in reality). Cities and towns and villages built where they could endure spring runoff are now being washed away in a single extreme rainstorm. Roads, bridges, railways that were designed to be traversible year-round are being demolished in just a few hours. Mudslides wipe out entire towns and homes.

Where you build and where you choose to live are important choices like never before. Coastal areas are all subject to rising sea levels, which are now unstoppable world wide:

Antarctic ice sheet destabilized within a decade

Dr. Zoë Thomas, a co-author of the study from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, then applied statistical methods to the model outputs to see if early warning signs could be detected for tipping points in the ice sheet system. Her analyses confirmed that tipping points did indeed exist. “If it just takes one decade to tip a system like this, that’s actually quite scary because if the Antarctic Ice Sheet behaves in future like it did in the past, we must be experiencing the tipping right now,” Thomas said.

According to Weber, “Our findings are consistent with a growing body of evidence suggesting the acceleration of Antarctic ice-mass loss in recent decades may mark the begin of a self-sustaining and irreversible period of ice sheet retreat and substantial global sea level rise.” When we might see the eventual stabilization of the is unknown, because it will depend significantly on how much future climate warming occurs.

Humanity will never again see a period when the world’s ice sheets re-stabilize, I’m certain we will all be long gone before then. We actually already know that ‘future warming’ will be downright hellish eliminating any possibility of a livable habitat for humans, but this is typical comments from science article these days, they won’t tell us the whole known story.

An example of scientific double-speak is found here:

‘The end of coal is nigh’: Expert assesses the results of the World Climate Summit in Glasgow

Prof. Marotzke, are you satisfied with the outcome of the World Climate Change Conference in Glasgow?

At the end of the day, I am quite satisfied. Of course, there is still much that hasn’t been achieved. This conference has not decisively brought us to the 1.5 degree target. But some things are moving in the right direction. This is the first time that coal, coal-fired , and fossil fuels have ever been explicitly mentioned in a UN document on climate change. That is a huge step forward. Even in the scientific status reports I am involved in, the term ‘‘ does not appear. And when it was once almost accidentally included in a text, Saudi Arabia immediately made sure that it got removed again.

I’m not impressed. Mentioning coal and fossil fuels in a UN document on climate change doesn’t mean diddly. Why it does to Jochem Marotzke is unknown (and also irrelevant). Since NONE of the so-called ‘agreements’ are either enforceable or binding in any way, it doesn’t even matter what they ‘say’. It only matters what they do, and by now, every reader should fully understand that what they are doing is to renege on all of their so-called promises and commitments for the past 40 years. That’s all that actually matters.

You can read the rest of the article for more fluff and nonsense if you like, it still means diddly squat. Jochem Marotzke is unversed in the physics of climate change and what it means to exceed bioligical thermal maximums, dangerous wet-bulb temperatures and the decline in food and crop habitat world wide (that’s why “young people who very specifically believe that in the foreseeable future they will no longer have a chance of surviving climate change”). They’re not stupid, but apparently some professors are.


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2 thoughts on “More Evidence Of Massive Overshoot

  • November 20, 2021 at 1:35 am

    I keep seeing little snippets that tell me catastrophe is here and now, and not at some vague point in the future that the powers that be like to present.

    I’m sure there are thousands of examples, but I see that Lake Mead has dropped a bit more. Okay, not a huge drop, but nevertheless a new, all-time record low.

    And, ‘Thousands gathered in central Isfahan, outraged over government mismanagement which has allowed a key river to dry up completely. “Footage broadcast by state television and dozens of videos circulating on social media on Friday showed a sea of farmers and other people standing on a huge barren strip of dirt where the major Zayandeh Rud River used to flow,’

    Iranians Hold Huge Anti-Government Protest After Key River Completely Dries Up | ZeroHedge

    “Precipitation had decreased by almost 50 percent in the last year, leaving dams with dwindling water supplies to fuel the country,” an Associated Press report from last summer emphasized’

    Christmas is cancelled for a lot of people. That is not a bad thing, since it is an entirely phony festival, and any spiritual meaning it ever had was largely swept away long ago by the tsunami of commercialism and ostentatious consumption.

    But methinks not so much commercialism and consumption this year.

    • November 20, 2021 at 10:17 am

      Yeah, I see the same things. Just scanning headlines and reading the subtexts makes it very clear that it’s falling apart right now. It’s like a rotting building, pieces are falling off everywhere.

      Re: “consumerism” – it’s still VERY rampant here. I find it mind-blowing to be honest. Collapse of social structures, politics, economy, resources, environment and connedsumers blithely unaware of the severe peril they are in. Example: cars (new & used), are selling like raw meat at a cannibal festival. I can not make any sense of it, this defies explanation other then the zombies that inhabit this country are still gobbling down the media lies.

      Wonder if the Iranians think that they can force their government to wring water out of a dry sky. Aljazeera reports droughts have plague Iran for decades, only getting worse in the last decade. Jordan is also in severe water crisis, as are most Middle-east countries. The Dead Sea is drying up VERY fast now.

      Frankly, I think it is clear that the “masses” will never really catch on to the man-made crisis’s unfolding. They often blame the wrong thing in ignorance. This herd also bleats like sheep, unable to grasp the basic fundamentals of what sustains life. The ‘good old days’, whatever that means to those still alive are gone, forever. The unfolding world of droughts, disasters, failures, frauds, schemes and lies is here to stay, also forever.

      We’re saddled with ineptitude, indifference and self-destruction, which is absolutely certain to destroy the world and everything that we know. The crazies, zombies, murderous, morons, fascist, fools and incompetent are also here to stay. Whatever ‘battle’ has been fought (which wasn’t much), it’s been lost.

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