More Bad News For Gold Bugs

I have publicly taken a strong position against gold and silver as being “investments” for specific reasons already covered on this blog several times. Here’s yet another reason — those of you that don’t believe it will be confiscated need to pay close attention.

They just did.

I can’t imagine how the “investors” must feel. Ripped off, angry and pissed off beyond measure.

There should be NO DOUBT about what our slave masters intend for us. I am daily running across articles that demonstrate this fact.

There are several very serious ramifications to this raid which do not bode well for anybody.

a) Gold and silver are not the “protected”  investments everyone thought they were.

b) Gold and silver are worth what they say it’s worth.

c) Non-physical assets such as silver certificates and gold certificates are worthless if the bullion backing them has disappeared or is never delivered.

d) The ability to convert gold and silver into tangible assets you can actually use can be easily controlled by raids / rules / laws that prevent their exchange.

e) The “law” is also what they say it is. It makes no difference whatsoever if this is “illegal” or not, they’re doing it and they’re likely get away with it too.

f) Investors may discover that they have no protection of any sort, potentially losing everything they’ve invested in.

The outcome of this latest tyranny will undoubtedly play out in the days ahead, but I reiterate my firmly held position – gold and silver are not the protection everyone thinks they are, nor are they even as worthy an investment as other tangible and usable assets.

This is wrong on so many counts I can’t even spit straight.

Recall that I recently argued that they would control the “choke points”?  Chalk one up — they just did.


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19 thoughts on “More Bad News For Gold Bugs

  • November 15, 2007 at 5:11 pm
    I personally don’t bother with metals myself. When it comes to preparations I tend to think in terms of addictions, as far as tradable commodities. Of course this only goes so far because most people’s addictions are not in any way related to survival.

    Alcohol will probably be the most valuable commodity in the early stages of the collapse. There are plenty of people who will gladly drink themselves to death rather than do what they need to survive, but what will they have that’s useful to trade? Physical labor is what. The tables are about to be turned on the people who refuse to do physical labor. I’m 37 years old and still do physical labor almost every day, (concrete business), and the people who I work for sometimes look down on me for performing physical labor, as if it is beneath them.

    The whole hierarchical system exists only because there are people who refuse to do physical labor, and convince other people that they are so important that they don’t need to. Civilization is based on moving matter, after all, and the ones who move more, and move it more efficiently are generally considered the more advanced.

    I say collapse of this system is the best thing that can happen, and I gladly embrace it. I have some tweaking to do still as far as my own lifestyle goes, but feel like I am basically prepared and adaptable. Collapse presents many opportunities to those who are prepared.

    I’ve been lurking for a while and just wanted to give my two cents, enjoy your blog. Peace.

  • November 15, 2007 at 7:59 pm
    My first thought after reading the letter was there is a scam going on here- better surf for news of the FBI raid. Can’t find anything at this time. If you see a follow up anywhere can you post it?
    I buy my PMs privately, and sure as hell don’t keep them around the house… There are a couple of things that won’t fit in a bug out bag if I am forcibly displaced from my mortgage free farmstead – two hundred pounds of silver coinage or a six months supply of canned and freeze dried food. But if displacement doesn’t occur, PMs to pay the county taxes on the place is good, and a full root cellar helps me sleep at night. So I’m not really a gold bug per se – nor do I think that stocking up will guarantee security in the hereafter.

    I looked into the whole liberty dollar thing and had a bad feeling about it. Didn’t seem above board in some way. Glad I heeded the inner voice on that one.

  • November 15, 2007 at 8:10 pm
    you can Google FBI Raid Ron Paul
    someone took down the web site
  • November 15, 2007 at 9:52 pm
    It’s a currency, it’s money, $20 dollars on the face of the coin with a $, paper money that looks like a currency …

    This is pure stupidity, begging for trouble, a FBI magnet. Anyone stupid enough to make or buy these deserves the financial Darwin award they just won. Dress up like a gangsta, put something heavy in your pocket, and go skulk around a nice neighborhood at nite, see what happens. Same deal. Plus the liberty babe is ugly. Morons. Somehow I’m reminded of that woos who threw a tantrum at the Kerry speech – he was purposefully looking for trouble. Yeah the police overreacted, but the way he handled himself discredits anyone who complains about the police, muddying the waters (intentionally?). I wouldn’t be surprised if both he and these liberty morons are all government plants. How’s that for a conspiracy theory. Haha. What a joke.

    You guys are so frickin serious. All this doom sh*t is all in your mind. Pinch yourself an wake up. Your living a waking nightmare of our own making.

    Yo admin, all of your points above are exaggerated. What is doing is very different from owning simple silver and gold bullion. The Feds always confiscate everything in a raid because it is evidence. We’ll have to see if they keep it, give it back, or what. They’ll probably find some way to keep it. Just like the RICO laws, nothing new here. Move along, hehe.

    Look, if at some point the gubmint wants your gold, I am sure they will just give you the going price – a wheelbarrel-ful of dollars. Get your buts in shape and run that sucker down and buy some land or food with it. If they plain out confiscate gold, the country is so fucked anyway, it will be in economic meltdown, because there are many things much more important in the modern world to confiscate than gold.

    Does anyone think about how to die honorably? What won’t you do to survive? I think this is something to plan ahead for and develop the discipline necessary to carry it out when the time comes. If you wait until the bad times arrive to become a principled person, it may be too late, you’ll be too weak. There have to be things more important than survival, or we are all just animals.

    Jason, so you’re going to survive and thrive in the crash by feeding people’s addictions? This is pretty depressing, I hope most people don’t behave as you, or we are all doomed. Why don’t you learn to grow food efficiently and teach others how to do it? Comments like yours are going to turn me into a doomer. I hope you aren’t dreaming that a crash will bring some justice for manual laborers. Read some history.

    If this raid really even happened, it could be the beginning of the Ron Paul smear campaign.

  • November 15, 2007 at 10:00 pm
    I always thought that gold was way over-valued. We don’t use it for anything (unlike silver), you can’t eat it… the value is just in people’s heads.

    But even so, I realize that the idea that gold and silver have a high value is a very widespread one — a global idea, not confined or beholden to to the US. I was thinking that gold and silver are at least better than dollars in that if (when) the dollar crashes in value, they could be taken to some other country where they could be exchanged for the local currency at full value.

    And gold is very dense in value — a handful of coins is an enough to live off of for a year or more, at least until food prices skyrocket. 😛

    Of course, I always worried that it’d be uber-suspicious to be caught at the airport or border with a bag of gold coins. Even though it’s perfectly legal, they’d probably be stolen by the DHS thugs. It’s depressing. 🙁

    But I don’t know what else to do. I sure as hell don’t want to hold onto dollars, but I don’t have any place to stash a big food supply. If I understand correctly, it’s something like 640 lbs per year. :-/

  • November 16, 2007 at 12:21 am
    Gold was over $800 in the early 80’s and I was in the mountains prospecting and mining then. I didn’t have access to the news,but the word we got was that the feds got worried about the price of gold and dumped some of their reserves on the market to bring the price down. Gold dropped to below $400 dollars suddenly,that I’m sure of. The feds are still sitting on a mountain of gold and could do it again. Once they drive the price down they’ll be able to buy it all back at half price. That’s good government,I mean good business,Ah whats the difference in this fascist regime. Offcoarse you will have lost half your investment,as many did before. I would never buy it,but I know glaciers that have been spitting it out every year and with glaciers receding from global warming. Ground is being exsposed that has never been worked in the history of man. There’s some scary aspects of this too. A large deposit has been discovered up here. The developer is called Pepple mine and they propose building the a large damn to hold back toxic wastes from getting into Bristol bay. This is earthquake country and bristol bay produces 60% of the worlds silver salmon. They have also applied for a permit to use sodium cyanide. I have hualed this stuff, and when I pickied up the load I was handed a box with a syringe in it that I was supposed to plunge into my heart if it got wet. When I looked this stuff up in hazmat tables it said 1 pound of it would kill every thing within 10 kilometers. 40,000 pounds of this stuff scares the hell out of me,but if you can’t comprehend this think what will happen to your gold investment when this mine starts producing. The value of Gold is also based on a lot of other factors such as the history of killing and dieing to get it. I know it scares our government, why I’m not sure,but there’s a lot more to this story than we know.
  • November 16, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    I learned that the Couer De Alene location was also raided, taking stamping dies and other records.

    The article said that it was a “nation wide raid” conducted by the FBI, so it was a highly coordinated affair.

  • November 16, 2007 at 6:04 pm
    Still no hard news on this, just repetition of what was stated in the email. Realk vague “alleged” stuff.
    Laugh my ass off if ol’ Bernard von NotHaus pulled a fast one. Buy more ammo if he didn’t…
  • November 17, 2007 at 5:28 am
    Hey, this means the dollar dropped to 1/10th it’s value against the ‘Paul’ silver dollar currency 😉

    As a result of the raid, prices for the silver coins have skyrocketed, with Ron Paul silver dollars, which were available from Liberty Dollar at $25 on Wednesday, selling for $220 on eBay.

  • November 17, 2007 at 4:10 pm
    The Ron Paul smear campaign is already being implemented in full force. He and his supporters are being depicted as “domestic” terrorists who are equal to the likes of Timothy McVeigh, who are evil anarchists “in bed with the Islamofacists” in their common desire to”tear this country apart”. CNN and Fox have obviously been given their latest propaganda assignment and are desperatly marketing this crap into millions of large yuppie homes, in hopes that they’ll buy it like they bought Proaxil for their E.D. I don’t think it a coincidence that all this talk in the corporate media about domestic terrorism just happens to follow the recently passed HR 1955 Bill titled the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. I also don’t think it a coincidence that not long after the passing of Bill HR 1585, which authorizes plans for martial law, FEMA is right now in Oregon and Arizona practicing for their next terrorist attack. When the PTB do decide to attack us next, I wouldnâ’t be at all surprised if they make it look like anarchist Ron Paul supporters were responsible and used gold liberty coins to fund it. Then they can pretty much seize anyoneâ’s personal assets by simply claiming they fund domestic terrorism (donated money to Ron Paul). Yes this is purely speculation but unfortunately it is not that far-fetched.
  • November 17, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    It’s pretty apparent that the 2008 (s)election is already decided. Marginalizing Ron Paul was a foregone conclusion. Can’t have the natives getting restless.

  • November 26, 2007 at 7:38 am
    Just a side note – Why the FBI?
    The US Secret Service (which has jurisdiction in matters involving “counterfeiting” and currency), and/or the US Treasury Department (connection should be obvious) were not involved? WTF?

    Besides, if I want to manufacture and sell monopoly money, and use it in private business transactions, how is that any more illegal than buying and selling virtual game assets, casino chips, arcade tokens, airline miles, or actual fake money?

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