Monsanto “donates” 475 tons of seeds to stricken Haiti – Local farmers object

Monsanto’s donation of 475 tons of seeds to Haiti may seem like a good idea — but it’s not.  This would effectively neutralize Haiti’s ability to farm food — unless they bought more seeds (every single year) from Monsanto.

Monsanto’s 475-ton seed donation challenged by Haitian peasants

If it say’s “Monsanto”, or if it’s from Monsanto — RUN.

This company has been well-documented as being behind the global effort to patent food stocks by creating hybrid seeds that corrupt heirloom varieties. Genetically-modified seeds (GM) are one of its hallmarks — and a strain of seeds that keeps farmers chained to the giant corporation.  Monsanto’s Roundup “ready” seeds are specifically designed to flourish only with the heavy application of yet another Monsanto product, Roundup.

Any farmer, field, region, nation or country that permits Monsanto to dictate how their food is grown is in peril.



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