Monday News

I do not have time today to comment on these, orders are pouring in faster then I can type.  All I can say is ‘panic, panic’ is hitting the hearts and minds of Americans.

Mystery fever in India’s state of Uttar Pradesh kills 256 people in just a “˜few days’

Harvest Shocker Rattles Wall Street

420 banks demand 1-world currency

Fed Resumes Money Printing

China Currency Reserves Hit $2.5 Trillion

US Dollar Struggles to Avoid Currency War

Huge Parts Of The World Are Drying Up

Agricultural Output Of Russia Nosedives


We are no longer #1 (where it counts at least) and haven’t been for a very long time.

U.S. Ranks 108th place in “bank soundness”
U.S. Ranks 46th for female life expectancy, 49th overall.

U.S. Ranks #1 for Prison Population (by far).

U.S. Ranks #1 for Arms Sales (by far).


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