Millions of Refugees

Millions of refugees – I’ve been warning about this for years and years, yet it has never been picked up. And now it’s here.

“Population growth, climate change, desertification, wars, famine in Somalia and Sudan. These are the factors that are forcing people to leave.”

Millions of Africans’ will flood Europe unless it acts now, warns European chief, as Paris evacuates huge migrant camp

Of course, these are almost all caused by climate change. Desertification, wars and famine are caused by climate change.

Europe is going to be toast in other words. As will every other habitable country / region. If you can survive there – so can others, and they will come.


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  • August 6, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Acres, these people are being brought into Europe. There’s a huge trafficking operation that operates with the consent of the European Union. The movement of these people is elite policy.

    I’ve tried to upload an image of the kind of raft we’ve seen migrants using. These rafts can in no way cross the Mediterranean. Also, you can see in the picture—there’s no women and children there! Curious, isn’t it, that they are all military age men?

    What happens is they travel outward a bit and then one of fifteen NGO ships pick them up and ferry them to Europe. See here:

    people trafficking | Gefira Channel | YouTube

    What the hell is going on?

    I have come to the conclusion that the European migrant crisis is not an accident of fate. It is being engineered by certain elites.

    My understanding in a nutshell is that elites recognize that resistance to globalization comes from a strong sense of ethnic identity and national identity. But if you globalize the respective population of each nation with wildly different ethnicities, cultures and nationalities (religions, too), then there’s no sense in resisting globalization since, in a very real sense, you no longer have either a people or a nation.

    This is going on throughout the West, although it is as yet more severe in Europe due to the savagery of the European Union and the especially alien cultures of their immigrants: Muslims and sub-sharan Africans.

    As the image should reveal, these rickety inflatable rafts can’t make the trip. They journey several miles off shore and are picked up by one of fifteen ferrying ships run by elite NGOs.

    Then they are brought to Europe and unloaded. Rinse and repeat.

    A fortune is being spent to transport them. Naval vessels from any nation could easily intercept them and stop this.

    Why hasn’t that happened?

    Obviously, elites want this.

    Europe’s elites are engaged in a “de facto genocide” against their own people. Break down ethnic identity, break down the nation-state, and an unaccountable EU government, answerable only to an inside clique of supremely wealthy bankers, financiers, corporations, and billionaires is able to rule unimpeded. How can EU diktats be challenged if internal balkanization has neutered any hope of effective resistance?

    Another piece of the puzzle is revealed when we learn that our elites entirely knew that ousting Gadaffi would open up the floodgates of Africa:

    Gaddafi: Europe will ‘turn black’ unless EU pays Libya £4bn a year (31 Aug 2010):

    All known in advance. None of this a surprise or unexpected.

    So what is happening is not an accident. Look at those ships on the GPS. Those people are being brought in—an entire fleet of western ships, costing a veritable fortune, is doing it.

    That’s right: someone or someones are paying fortunes to bring these migrants in. Could you afford a fleet of fifteen ships working 24/7 for year after year?

    It is, has been, and is being made, to happen by the western elite.

    This also explains why there is no effective resistance within most European nations. Their politicians and media are all owned and controlled by those self-same elites.

    Think of the American Revolution, by comparison. You have one group of elites leading a revolt against another. But in the present situation, all the elites are on the side of European “de facto genocide” or “replacement” (call it what you will if you don’t like those terms).

    It’s an agenda.

    • August 6, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      The picture you shared is meaningless. Look closely. It’s staged, every bit of it.

      Everyone is looking rearward. Everyone is clean. Everyone has on a life jacket (that’s pristine). This picture was entirely staged – and proves absolutely nothing.

      The “con” is the picture – and the subtext included.

      Now – getting to the video link. Read the video text links for more information.

      You can’t just broadbrush away the effects of climate on this topic. It’s not all “elites orchestrating this”. There are real, on the ground effects occurring that have triggered the migration.

      Lots of the people had jobs – but gave them up thinking they could find a better life elsewhere. This is well known. They are taking advantage of the opportunity that has now appeared (not discussing right or wrong here – just another reason why they are doing this).

      I also do not subscribe to the globalization paranoia. Most of the information on this topic is another false narrative (inaccurate) and xenophobic. Rabid rantings from the right are normal on this topic – but you can tear apart their claims pretty easily. Globalization is happening – irregardless of what the paranoid “want”. End of story. It’s not even worth discussing.

      Nor do I subscribe to the notion that “Europes elites are engaged in de facto genocide” against their own people. The notion is ridiculous. It is European’s that are inhabiting and paying for all of the infrastructure in Europe – shooting themselves “deliberately” in the foot like this claim does makes no sense.

      The “non-resistance” is not true either. There has been tremendous resistance to immigrants with numerous acts of push back and violence. As for being “non-effective” that is nothing new either. Look at how groups here in Amerika are co-opted, subverted and deflected from getting anything done. Very common in developed countries. This only means that they are ineffective – nothing more.

      No, none of this is an “accident” – it’s humans responding to changing opportunities and environmental collapse, ie., it was going to happen no matter what. I’ve pointed this out for years – refugees and immigrants will vastly increase, everywhere. There is almost nothing that can be done about this because the root causes are not being addressed (and never will be).

  • August 6, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    There are plenty of photographs of inflatable rafts exactly like that one available on the net. Google “African migrants rafts”. Are all these pictures staged? These rafts can in no way cross the Mediterranean.

    In these pictures, while some migrants have no life jackets, many migrants do indeed have nice, pristine life jackets. I don’t know who is supplying them with rubber rafts and life jackets, but obviously, someone is footing the bill—exactly as with the ships. And keep in mind they only have to journey a small number of miles offshore before they’re picked up.

    Surely, they’re simply looking in the direction that they are being approached and photographed from.

    (What happened to that image, btw? It’s gone now.)

    It’s been proven that it’s much, much less expensive to care for these migrants in Africa than in Europe. It’s also been proven that they’re overwhelmingly men. Why so few women and children, hardly any? I don’t doubt there’s an ecological catastrophe coming—but if it’s their motive force for migration, rather than economic reasons, why would they leave their women and children behind to die in a presumed ecological nightmare?

    >>>>You can’t just broadbrush away the effects of climate on this topic. It’s not all “elites orchestrating this”. There are real, on the ground effects occurring that have triggered the migration.

    Well, of course. But these people have been told that there is passage to Europe, so they come. They have been told that there is money and a European lifestyle. They know ships are waiting for them once they get into those rafts and sail out.

    If there weren’t ships picking them up and taking them in, word would get out and they would stop coming. They know they can’t swim across.

    >>>>Nor do I subscribe to the notion that “Europes elites are engaged in de facto genocide” against their own people. The notion is ridiculous. It is European’s that are inhabiting and paying for all of the infrastructure in Europe – shooting themselves “deliberately” in the foot like this claim does makes no sense.

    Elites waging war against their own population is nothing new. It’s not ALL Europeans shooting ALL Europeans in the foot. It’s the European elites that are shooting the European non-elites in the foot.

    Look at the way the European Union handled the Greek debt crisis. They fudged the accounting to get Greece into the European Union, got Greece into massive debt (we know where the money went—flushed through the system back to French and German banks), and then imposed a brutal austerity on the Greek people.

    You may respond, “Well, that makes no sense! Why would Europeans drive one of their own countries into the dirt like that?”

    Europeans didn’t. But the EU, driven by the greed of French and German banks, did. You’d almost think that austerity was the actual policy! And why not? It’s been practiced against third world nations often enough. Isn’t it logical that the beast would turn against its own population?

    The Euro itself has been proven not to work. If a Eurozone country has a mismatch of higher imports to lower exports, it can’t then deflate its currency to make its exports cheaper because it has no currency of its own to deflate. It can only sink deeper in debt until the austerity bill comes due. But the European Union holds fast to this savage system. They are either monumentally incompetent or monumentally savage or both. I, myself, believe they know exactly what they are doing; my verdict is, therefore, well on the “savage” side of the quandary.

    I don’t, and never have, denied the reality of climate change. But I also can’t deny that the war between elites and their populations is a reality. In concert with this view, I take the intentional ferrying of massive numbers of migrants into Europe as something beyond mere incompetence or do-gooderism gone awry. I think it is an intentional maneuver to change the demographic composition of Europe into highly balkanized internal populations that will weaken EU member states, weaken internal resistance to EU domination of Europe, and increase the power of EU bureaucrats and the elites they serve.

    The resistance to this, of course, is coming not from elites, but from the people, as they rally behind “populist” and “nationalist” political candidates, such as Marie LePen and Geert Wilders. You can call it xenophobic if you like, but the accompanying crime epidemic cannot be denied. The elites themselves, however, yes, they are still pushing immigration, especially the EU.

    I should also add that while I despise the “right” for their unrelenting plutocracy and ecocide (I don’t think the present bunch of Republicans even believe in pollution anymore), this does not mean they are wrong on everything. The “left” has its catastrophic flaws too.

    On another note, have you ever heard of the 1973 novel “Camp of Saints” by Jean Raspail? Raspail prophetically wrote of a migrant crisis very similar to what we’re now seeing. I read it back in the early nineties. The blogger “Black Pigeon Speaks” mentions the book before going on to excoriate European elites for betraying their own populations.

    And, oh, yeah—last time I posted here on SA, afewknowthetruth asked of me why I hadn’t mentioned Gaddafi’s plan for a gold-backed African currency? Well, Black Pigeon doesn’t forget to mention it. It’s 2:23 into the presentation.

    Crisis in Calais: The Jungle | Black Pigeon Speaks | YouTube

    That four billion Euros a year doesn’t seem too expensive in retrospect. Of course, just not permitting those fifteen NGO ships from operating would go far.

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