Military Mutiny?

This sounds like a mutiny to me — but I’ve no idea if it is true.

WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. However, elements of the Air Force, supported by U.S. intelligence agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of the nuclear weapons and the mission was aborted due to internal opposition within the Air Force and U.S. Intelligence Community. Lost B-52 Nuke Missiles Were On Their Way to Middle East For Attack On Iran

Original source is the Wayne Madsen website, not known for accuracy or full disclosure (imo). Too many wolf cries, if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, this is interesting.

Update: Michel Chossudovsky’s U.S., Nato, Israel Deploy Nukes Directed Against Iran


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One thought on “Military Mutiny?

  • September 27, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Stories like this make me wonder if there might be more honor and accountability within the military than I generally acknowledge. After all—they all have families and they are our neighbors. They are us.

    I notice thereâ’s confusion about one missing bomb. I wonder if it is being withheld for some reason. Could there be more at play here than meets the eye?

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