Militant Moonies?

Holy cow… just when you think Americans could NOT get any nuttier with their runaway stupidity: Militant gun church just bought a 40-acre compound in Texas. What could possibly go wrong?

These may be Moonies, but this type of faketriot worship of patriotism, firearms and training isn’t unique to this cult. Christians all over America are still preparing for civil war.

I think these journalists are lazy, they could have just as easily taken photographs of a more mainstream Christian cult that showed armed members in church. They should sit through a few Sunday propaganda sessions too.

Nearly all militant groups, militias and clandestine organizations forming around patriotism, freedom and anti-government activism are based on religion. Specifically, Christianity. The Moonies gravitation towards firearms and anti-government activism isn’t anything new, but they’re definitely not alone.

And for the record, the Bible does not authorize anyone to pack around an AR15. That interpretation is entirely fabricated.

Just another notch in the rise of American Fascism.


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4 thoughts on “Militant Moonies?

    • May 28, 2021 at 8:14 pm

      Maybe it’s not visible from the Land of Fee, Home of the Slave? Just shows “Video Unavailable” black screen.

      • May 28, 2021 at 10:12 pm

        The video is about the tragedy at Waco Texas, in which about 70 people died in an armed shootout involving federal ATF agents trying to enforce regulations with respect to firearms, and there was also suspicion of possible sexual abuse.

        The Branch Davidian complex, containing armed men, women and children went up in flames shortly after military tanks were used to penetrate the defenses.

        The leader claimed to have a direct line to God and claimed he was doing God’s work.

        The whole thing was handled extremely badly by ‘the authorities’, following and extended siege.

        Here’s a wiki link:

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