Midterm Election Further Demonstrates Need for Revolution

Worth reading – Midterm Election Further Demonstrates Need for Revolution.

For those that support a political solution, DeGraw is advocating reform (read the first linked article first to put this all into his context).

But it is a real wonder to me why he would do this, knowing just how utterly impossible it is to change the system within.

I do not support ‘political reform’ for this reason.  It is my personal opinion, it cannot be done.  The hallowed halls of power will protect themselves brutally and without hesitation.  We’ve already seen this behavior for decades now.  While I have often enjoyed reading what DeGraw writes, I am puzzled by this tactic — it’s been tried countless times before with miserable results.

The alternative has always been staring us in the face, and we don’t talk about it openly and dread to even think about it.  But the ‘calls for Revolution’ that DeGraw writes about are on our minds and for some of us, we’re using an entirely different definition of the word.


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